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[REL|MP] Max Payne: Restorations Pack

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  • Jeansowaty

    My music's my favourite music ever.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Could be. After all at that time companies kept reusing sounds from each other. Just take a look at the Descent Into Cerberon song by Sonic Mayhem which was used in Quake II. It samples a trance track from GTA1.

The Eddo
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 3 weeks ago.

There was a church level (not the Ragnarock one!) that is not in the final game, it stayed in the game for quite a while, but it was cut later on, probably during the transition from E3 2000 to E3 2001.


I saw it in the "Special" E3 2000 trailer, here's the video:






Also, there's a text entry for "Part II, Chapter Six" in the game files, so I guess Max was meant to go to the church after killing Angelo Punchinello and then ran into Nicole Horne?

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The Eddo
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 3 weeks ago.

New BETA stuff found! And it's cool enough to be posted in a different post, so sorry for double post.


I found an amazing video of MP1 E3 2000, PS2 version:



Two noticeable things are that the subtitles appear at 0:35 and the junkie clothes are different (white instead of green), the video's audio is misaligned though.

Aesir HQ level is also shown in one scene, and a large sign of Aesir Corporation can be seen hung high up on the steel wall.


Damn, so many changes! But why Remedy? Why did you cut all of this?


Found this amazing video at: https://assemblergam...ta.59779/page-2.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

New BETA stuff found! And it's cool enough to be posted in a different post, so sorry for double post.


I found an amazing video of MP1 E3 2000, PS2 version:



Two noticeable things are that the subtitles appear at 0:35 and the junkie clothes are different (white instead of green), the video's audio is misaligned though.

Aesir HQ level is also shown in one scene, and a large sign of Aesir Corporation can be seen hung high up on the steel wall.


Damn, so many changes! But why Remedy? Why did you cut all of this?


Found this amazing video at: https://assemblergam...ta.59779/page-2.


Cut MP5 appears twice in that PS2 video. As for the church, It could of been a part of Ragnarok map/level or could be separate level related to Jack Lupino, hard to say.

The Eddo
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 3 weeks ago.


New BETA stuff found! And it's cool enough to be posted in a different post, so sorry for double post.


I found an amazing video of MP1 E3 2000, PS2 version:


(insert video here)


Two noticeable things are that the subtitles appear at 0:35 and the junkie clothes are different (white instead of green), the video's audio is misaligned though.

Aesir HQ level is also shown in one scene, and a large sign of Aesir Corporation can be seen hung high up on the steel wall.


Damn, so many changes! But why Remedy? Why did you cut all of this?


Found this amazing video at: https://assemblergam...ta.59779/page-2.


Cut MP5 appears twice in that PS2 video. As for the church, It could of been a part of Ragnarok map/level or could be separate level related to Jack Lupino, hard to say.


Yeah, it could be Ragna Rock's BETA version, but if one thinks it's the cut "Chapter Six" of Part II, then it can't be related to that since Lupino dies at the end of Part II.

Moreover, I once saw a screenshot where an E3 1998 Max is standing in the possibly same church, equipped with a Sniper Rifle and since the Sniper Rifle is first obtained in Part II, that pushes the level more closer to the fact that it was a Part II level.


Did you know Lupino's original name was Vinniy Gognitti and had a noticeable typo? Meaning the Vinnie Gognitti you chase in the final game had a different name.


More noticeable things in that video are:


* Michelle, Max's wife, makes a different scream, the sound file still exists, it was probably cut because it's too disturbing.

* HUD looks AWKWARD.

* Different alarm sound in Project: Valhalla's test facility.

* A guy saying "INGRAM!" in the background when Max shootdodges over an Ingram, picking it up.

* Shiny M79 barrel.

* And more.


As soon as B_Smiles provides me with the MP1 iOS files I'll start diggin' head on.


So let's begin another BETA hunt?




Turns out I misread it, PS2 doesn't have the BETA graphic novel but sure, it's good to look in the other ports of the game as well.


And one more random thing:


I think I unearthed the BETA test levels :whistle::


Click the link on the page it takes you to.

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The Eddo
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 3 weeks ago.

Update, image below says all:




* Restored unused Beretta shooting animation as seen in E3 2000, this animation is now used by all Max skins and their AI-controlled versions.

* Restored unused Beretta shoot sound.

* Made Max's pants grey quite like in E3 2000.

* Also fixed a slight bug on the jacket texture provided by The_Silver.


Now I merely need to change the jacket color to dark-blue...




OP to be updated soon, be on the lookout.




More changes:


* Removed Max's 100 health, now it's 60 like in the original game.

* Bullet Time regeneration behaviour reverted back to the original game's one (which is apparently non-generating).

* Shootdodging's Bullet Time requirement behaviour reverted back to the original game's one, now it requires and deducts Bullet Time.


OP updated.

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  • B_Smiles


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Posted 3 weeks ago

@the eggo Found the goddamn ios files! Of all the places they had to be was in tmp. I'll send it once I come back from work (with needed .ldb tools)
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The Eddo
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Posted 3 weeks ago

@the eggo Found the goddamn ios files! Of all the places they had to be was in tmp. I'll send it once I come back from work (with needed .ldb tools)

All righto. [cracks his knuckles] Let's get to some SERIOUS work :evilgrin:.


And thank you very much.

The Eddo
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 3 weeks ago.

I opened the levels in x_devmode.ras available from the link I posted, there are many .LDB files of several test levels in the .RAS, they come with .LVL files, which is a level's source file and can be loaded through Max-Ed (level editor for MP1) and then you can edit and export it to .LDB, making it playable and uneditable.


There's also a level containing the outside area of Punchinello Manor, it was probably used in the graphic novel.


But unfortunately, the game crashes while that manor's outdoor level is loading and loading the .LVL file of the level causes Max-Ed to crash, I couldn't see it.

A level containing the street outside Punchinello's Restaurant also exists, but like the manor outdoor area level, it crashes both in game and Max-Ed.


I also saw Ragna Rock's BETA variant, the level has only one room, some textures look plain bad, it feels like they're from early BETA.

Also, the graffiti that normally reads "duck the cops" in the final Ragna Rock level has it's "D" replaced with an "F" in the test level, as in the game originally had more strong language.


Other levels, such as "level_items.ldb" for example, includes an "un-leaveable" room from Punchinello's Manor with four tables which have weapons and ammo scattered on them.

Oddly, there are two Desert Eagles instead of one, and there's one Ingram instead of two.


Meaning, Dual Ingrams are an afterthought and Dual Desert Eagles were cut?

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The Eddo
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Posted 2 weeks ago

So, I dug through the iOS files and I found the complete changelog of MP1:

// Max Payne: Framework\data folder
// Copyright (C) 2001 Remedy Entertainment Ltd.

 - added [PlayWithParentalLock] to dialogtexts.txt/[DialogTexts]/[MainDialog]

 - updated shootsawedshotgun*.kf2 anim files (pelvis rotated forward)
 - moved two decontamination*.wav's from sounds\bunker to sounds\ingame\misc
   since they need to be translated.
 - Stringtable and input.txt updated 

 - changed ambient,car_alarm_loop sound priority/falloff to be smaller <-Kim
 - updated explosion_grenade_character, no more blood
 - increased mast_creck sound falloffs in penthouse.txt <- Anssi
 - reduced maxpayne and young_maxpayne skins "dodgeforward" (and dodgeforward
   diagonals and 2-handed) movement vectors slightly (was faster than running
   in NYM mode...)
 - added menu.txt/[properties]/ControlSeparatorString which is used
   in the middle of alternative keys in cofiguration instead of hardcoded ", "   
 - added stringdefines.h/GCID_SEPARATOR " or " for above
 - modified tips in stringtable to be better sentences (now that above allows it)

 - updated enemy_max_payne* skins to have same deaths as player,
   and no death screams.
 - updated part2 and part3 GN pages
 - added a "maxpayne_gamemode->a_playsound(story,empty);" to maxpayne
   skin's ondeath block, this stops all player 2D narrations during
   the level (they always use sound channel 2, as does that empty)
   if the player dies.
 - removed empty from weaponpriority.txt's bestweapons list
 - updated P2L1 (hotel II) so that player automatically gets the
   baseballbat at the end of the cinematic.
 - updated death randoms on the player skin (no more wimpy deaths)
 - lowered volume on two Hotel2 Max speaks
 - flipped P3L2_007 and P3L2_008 GN pages in graphicnovelpages.txt
   (008 comes already in Cold Steel A, and 007 is the loading
   screen for Cold Steel B)
 - updated end_succeed_split4.wav (cop sirens added)
 - updated part1 GN pages with pixelbugs fixed (I hope..)
 - updated P2L1a_Max_13 wav
 - fixed a typo in stringtable.txt <- from Kim
 - fixed ColtCommando aim animation problem (hands not holding
   the gun properly) for few skins (mercs, killersuits, cops)
 - updated four skybox textures and one kf2 file
 - changed "dynamic, cop_siren_loop" and "dynamic, cop_siren_stop"
   FrequencyScaling to FALSE
 - added "GiveTimedModeBonusForKiller" variable to all skins

 - updated gognitti (body_133.jpg) texture to have blood
 - fixed junkie double talk by adding a "stopAll3DSounds(head);"
   one frame before junkies start their idle talk. This also
   fixed the lack of randomization.
 - flagged lots of ingame speech as adult
 - flagged sound "enemy, mobster_alert" as adult
 - removed death_stomach from maxpayne and young_maxpayne skins
 - reduced volume from p1l1a_max_15, p1l1a_max_16, p1l2a_max_04
   voiceovers <- SamiJ
 - removed max_get_painkiller_03.wav from being used <- SamiJ
 - adjusted subway\inspection_wagon_idle sound to have smoother
 - darkened the gun_env bitmap (desert eagle now so candy
 - removed env_map from baseballbat level item (was removed
   from the weapon earlier already)
 - reduced reload_deserteagle volume and moved the sound
   5 frames earlier
 - removed automatic tip from sniper level item
 - reverted back to "always graphic_novel theme" during GN.
   This affected graphicnovelpages.txt, graphicnovel.txt
   and menu.txt
 - added toggle for maxpayne and young_max_payne skins to
   turn off bullettime for shootdodges and reloads/weapon
 - removed intro.wav and ragna_rock.wav from musics
 - Edited the Tutorial tips to have ( instead of [
 - added MENUID_TOGGLE_BULLETTIMEAID to menuid.h and menu.txt
 - changed painkiller and empty weapon to have bigger maximum
   shootingfrequency than defaultshootingfrequency (empty weapon
   crashed release build in slowmotion)
 - HUD's timed mode time left is now sharp in 640x480
 - GN's 'paused' text is now sharp in 640x480

 - moved tenements b backplane to 130m (was 70) and darkened
   fog to (12,12,12) was (16,16,16) from Aki's request
 - fixed a pickup issue with beretta and ingrams
 - lowered docks skysphere to not float 200m in the air...
 - updated generic fire_death scream to be shorter
 - added this->a_stopall3dsounds(head) to maxpayne.txt
 - reduced frankie's shootrate to 0.35 (was 0.5)
 - updated first graphic novel page to fade slower
 - changed "Carrying:" inventory text to empty string and moved the lower
   inventory prints higher. SamiJ's request.

 - changed Rico Muerte's shootrate to 0.4 (was 0.5)
 - misc weapon + projectile mesh + texture updates
 - misc sound updates
 - fixed killersuits not shouting generic mobster death screms
 - fixed jack lupino not shouting generic mobster death scream
 - fixed few gn sync problems still
 - fixed some generic aiming animations, now two-handed player aiming
   and enemies shooting with a desert eagle work ok.
 - fixed C2_Out_Dyson gethit sound (was using death in ondhanded)
 - added "this->ps_stopallemissions(head);" to player ondeath (no winter
   breath when dying in streets)
 - updated mickey_helper (tenements laundry skin) properties (health 1),
   wounded idle talk reverts always to normal idle talk.
 - fixed Boris dime end GN page
 - added CanPlayerSwitchToThisSkin variable to all skins

 - removed the player speech from first painkiller pickup (will be done
   from the map, so player won't get the speech in Hotel II etc)
 - changed hell difficulty "HealthGainedImmediately" to 2% (was 0%).
   This fixed getting fully healed after getting 90% damaged and the
   stand animation healed the player fully with the regen.
 - added clear tips to levels startup messages
 - updated foostep volume to 0.3 (was 0.2)
 - cleaning up sounds from database
 - updated debris_blue_sign projectile (breakable subway signs)
 - updated GN pages (some pixel visible edge fixes)
 - added exe\savegames folder with "Where are my saved games.txt"
 - changed difficulty.txt endofgamemessages to use printTipAlways
 - fixed level geometry detail smoothness tooltip
 - re-centered menu quit messages (stringdefines.h)
 - adjusted startup, nightmare and drug trip level difficulties so that
   those levels never change the difficulty up or down
 - increased ps: [electronic_device_break] items to cache from 1 to 4
 - increased ps: [glass_shatter_window_1x1] items to cache from 1 to 2
 - increased ps: [debris_crash_large] items to cache from 1 to 10
 - increased ps: [ceiling_debris_falling] items to cache from 1 to 9
 - changed ps: [ceiling_debris_falling] available in detail levels from
   all to medium_or_high
 - added a string with variable #TOTALTIME# to the stringtable for 
   printing the total time after completing timed mode 

 - removed tesselation from water and water_bottom
 - removed unnecessary usage of placeholder.wav in sounds\story.txt
 - updated some misc sounds
 - moved GN UI tooltips finally to stringdefines.h
 - cleanup for data\graphicnovel folder
 - added console alias "getBulletTime"
 - increased grenade and molotov enemy alert radii
 - reduced "timedmode" end counter sound volume
 - added skin tutorial_guy (didn't want to break anything existing skins...)
 - database cleanup, removed all rendudant .kf files from database\weapons
 - more kick to baseballbat: updated characterhit sound effects, made the
   bullet_baseballbat projectile cause a shotgun death (randomizes the deaths
   as enemies usually die to the explosion damage)
 - updated adult content textures, also moved them to database\sharedtextures
   instead of the database\levels\ root
 - updated legs_203.jpg (fixed the stripe-legged ossi problem, the
   jpg was grayscale earlier...)
 - updated generic loading/saving screens to (tm) versions
 - updated some dynamic sound falloffs/volumes from Samppa
 - updated some breakable sound falloffs/volumes from Samppa
 - adjusted particle effects timeouts (Tero's list)

 - changed falloff/volumes for a few ingame speeches (manor, hotel2)
 - updated shoot_animations (shorter length, should help a bit on how AI
   hands look when running after shooting)
 - removed double-decal from bullet_baseballbat
 - updated baseballbat hit sounds
 - updated ammo box level items
 - updated all particles
 - fixed transit_cop death/idle things in skin and subway level
 - changed transit_cop, scientist and mickey_helper skins to not be autoaim
 - added "empty" weapon to the getbestweapon list in weaponpriority.txt. This
   should only affect that Max will autochange from empty to baseballbat in
   the beginning of Hotel II.
 - changed wording from "Two Day Ago" to "Two Nights Ago" in Subway hudprint
 - changed wording on "New Game\Fugitive" tooltip to fit George's comments
 - moved "Tutorial" above new game in menu.txt
 - added pause text variables (font etc) to graphicnovel.txt (needed also 
   string in string defines, because it's not a hud print as game modes pausetext)

 - changed the pause camera to use a tip
 - updated all footstep sounds (memory usage should be roughly the same)
 - split sound characters.txt\run_medium to two footsteps (left and right),
   split the precache values by two.
 - made footstep decals use the left/right versions
 - corrected info in the Options dialog tooltips (dialogtexts.txt)
 - adjusted text positions for the HUD to make sure the texts appear crisp in
   640x480 resolution.  tips are printed in yellowish color again
 - removed AI aim-lower variables from all skins

 - updated worldspheres
 - increased ingame speech volumes slightly
 - changed "slowMotionBonusForKiller" to 0.12 (was 0.15) per skin
 - fixed pumpshotgun (pats oneself on the back)
 - added proper "send at end of game" messages to difficulty.txt and
 - updated all death/gethit screams
 - updated skeleton/skin death randomizations
 - changed printing ZSpacing
 - changed printTip YSpacing to be to "correct direction"
 - added loading and exiting screens
 - updated main menu bg bitmaps
 - removed all gangsta_shootberetta* anims from all skins (never worked due
   to upper body rotation and bad pelvis/torso rotations in the anim data)
 - lowered printTip volume
 - updated sounds\level_items and added "level_items, pickup_ammo_full"
 - moved all death and gethit sound properties to a few SOUNDID_DEATH and
   SOUNDID_GETHIT defines in soundid.h
 - added pickup texts for all gun and ammo types to stringtable.txt, removed
   lead pipe texts (as we don't have a lead pipe level item)
 - modified guns and ammo scripts to print type specific ammo full texts
 - sound effect (level_items, pickup_ammo_full) is played whenever ammo is full
 - corrected #BULLETTIME# tips in stringtable.txt (were printing the dodge key)
 - adjusted molotov particle effect timeouts
 - changed enemy_weaponname projectiles to use defines from projectiles.h 
   for ricochet values
 - edited per level difficulty settings according to difficulty analysis   
 - removed obsolete MENUID_??? things from menuid.h
 - added HardcoreHealth, HardcoreDeaths and HardcoreTime variables into
 - added GM_ResetPerformanceMeasurements() message call to New Game and
   Tutorial items in menu.txt

 - checked that all gethit and death sounds are not streaming
 - updated again lots of GN screens
 - moved player death music from "ondeath" to the animations so it won't
   start until the animation starts playing.
 - removed tip from painkiller levelitem
 - updated lots of GN screens
 - added tutorial to menus (and preliminary texts to
 - deleted obsolete database\levels\loadingscreens
 - updated all autosave (same as loading) screens
 - removed hud.txt/[note] (obsolete)
 - adjusted dummy projectiles and particle effects items to cache to match
   whats needed for shootdodging
 - added maxpayne_gamemode->gm_changegamespeed( 1, 0 ) to
 - added a "IgnoreDodgeImmortal" flag to the P_Explosion messages used by
 - edited the startup dialog's "Options" menu content and finalized tooltips

 - adjusted projectiles items to cache values according to playthrough dumps
 - adjusted particles and sounds to cache values according to playthrough dumps
 - added globalconfig/[Gamemode]/QuickLoadQueryText and a string for it into
   the stringtable   
 - Increased the AI interest time from 15 secs to 30 secs 
 - Made bosses use Killer suit reaction times etc. (with the exception of Gognitti
   who shouldn't be touched)
 - Added Boss interest time (300) so that bosses won't lose interest in player
 - added a new custom skin mickey_helper (for tenements)
 - updated lots of voices, gn pages, loading screens
 - removed all references to bullethit_light from decals, ingram weapons,
   skeleton, projectile sounds. Removed bullet_ingram_light from projectiles.
 - updated misc sounds
 - made misc fixeds to bullethit particle effects (wrong material categories
   on some weapons)
 - made menu tooltips, texts and headers consistent
 - added secondary tooltips to all key configurations
 - removed all unnecessary entries from stringdefines.h

 - changed skin AIAimLowDistance to 10 (was 5)
 - changed skin AIAimLowDistance to 15 (was 7) 
 - updated lots of misc sounds
 - updated all skin datas
 - removed old placeholder voiceovers from db
 - made bullet_chaingun to use proper decals and effects for Penthouse
 - added bullethit_chaingun for the chopper fire
 - updated decals with some size / material fixes
 - updated all particle effects
 - updated pause.kf2 camerapath to loop to frame 1 (hudprint in frame 0)
 - changed projectiles.h ricochet limits for clips and cases from 2 to 3
   so that empty shells don't start sliding down garage slopes 
   (was causing tons of ricochets at least w/ bad framerate)
 - changed console macro "Resurrect" to take away and return player controls
   so that the code won't need to.  removed the console toggles from it as
   it will almost always result in reloading the previous savegame

 - updated string table
 - removed "end_credits" and "exit_level" from levels folders,
   levels.txt and menu.txt
 - updated intro animation to a newer placeholder
 - added a pause text hudprint to the normal pause camera 
 - added "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_changegamespeed(1,0);" message to
   globalconfig 	[DOExitMessages]. Earlier on shootdodging into
   a player collision trigger (which launched a cinematic that
   teleported the player) left the player in continuous slomo.
 - updated C3_all_junkie idle speech sounds
 - removed numberofplayers from levels.txt (obsolete)
 - removed all recoil things and spawnlevelitem from weapons (obsolete)
 - removed keepmomentuminexplosion from projectiles (obsolete)
 - changed itemstocache in particles to be per material inside particle 
   instead of particle type
 - changed the following sounds to stream to save memory:
	250k	subway.txt/[rail_3_starts]
	297k	subway.txt/[inspection_wagon_starts]
	79k		subway.txt/[small_debris_falling]
	100k	ambient.txt/[pole_clank]
	121k	ambient.txt/[storm_loud_loop]
	118k	ambient.txt/[storm_muted_loop]
	109k	ambient.txt/[storm_sea_loop]
	171k	ambient.txt/[street_noise_loop]
	83k		ambient.txt/[wind_subway_loop]
	150k	docks.txt/[container_truck_start_up]
	85k		dynamic.txt/[car_driving_loop]
	207k	dynamic.txt/[cop_siren_loop]
	104k	dynamic.txt/[Police_Wail_Siren_Close_Loop]
	139k	dynamic.txt/[chopper_blades]
	68k		dynamic.txt/[lift_hum_loop]
	79k		dynamic.txt/[toilet_flushing]
	110k	dynamic.txt/[fire_large_loop]
	76k		dynamic.txt/[fire_large_loop]
	94k		dynamic.txt/[fire_large_loop]
	96k		dynamic.txt/[fire_small_loop]
	152k	dynamic.txt/[fire_small_loop]
	181k	dynamic.txt/[fire_small_loop]
	70k		garage.txt/[car_idle_revving]
	60k		garage.txt/[car_skid_crash]
	72k		garage.txt/[car_starts_off]
	92k		garage.txt/[van_pass_by_garage]
	50k		garage.txt/[van_revving_loop]
	48k		garage.txt/[van_revving_garage_loop]
	49k		garage.txt/[van_start_off_outdoors]
	230k	nightmare.txt/[baby_crying]
	123k	nightmare.txt/[michelle_crying]
	242k	penthouse.txt/[debris_plummeting]
	105k	tenements.txt/[siren_loop]
	77k		penthouse.txt/[mast_falling]

 - updated C7_in_killersuit skin
 - added maxpayne_hudmode->mphm_enablehud( 1 ); to globalconfig.txt
 - removed STRING_BUNKER_SCIENTIST_DEAD from stringtable.txt
   (redundant, now a proper narration in place)
 - added new skyboxes, removed all old placeholders
 - updated misc enemy sounds, removed unused placeholders from db
 - updated p1l2b level
 - updated misc animations
 - updated misc skins
 - reduced hud tip sound volume
 - added definitions for "Task Switching" radio button in Advanced Dialog to

 - updated observation_04 level to have the new AIExit block messages
 - updated multiple misc sounds
 - updated a few more triggers to observation_06 test level
 - fixed "pumpshotgun not reloading fully with shootdodge" with
   adding 7 c_reload messages to maxpayne skin. Kludge but it works.
 - fixed "not regenerating healing when standing or crouching" for
   maxpayne and young_max_payne skins
 - updated misc merc animations
 - updated misc projectile bitmaps (saturation tuning)
 - added a small tooltip font for menus and graphicnovel
 - updated observation_09 level
 - updated observation_04 level
 - moved all chopper sounds to be non-timescaled
 - added "STRING_STAIRCASE_KEY" to stringtable.txt
 - inverted weapon order (per slot) in weapon inventory in hud.txt
 - inverted per slot order in cycleweapon list in weaponprioritytext
   _DODGEMODIFIER handle the both parts of bullettime separatedly)   
 - added empty [EndOfGameMessages] blocks to difficulty.txt
 - Added NY Minute time beeps

 - updated all max_payne skin movement fixes to young_max_payne also
 - updated player death camera
 - updated death_falling sounds
 - fixed diagonal jumping (one and two handed) animations and
   the movement vectors
 - made molotov "broke here" fire to cause damage
 - made molotov "flying fragments landed here" to cause small damage
 - made burning characters to cause damage
 - made burning characters to smoke for 30s after death
 - above molotov changes related to many files in projectiles/weapons
   and decals
 - updated a few animations (fire deaths, idle_max_listen_thru_door)
 - updated bb face to have more saturation
 - updated hud weapon bitmaps (dual berettas etc)
 - moved hud tip printing higher
 - tweaked case_9mm ricochet values a bit (should now stop sooner on
   all slopes)
 - enemies dropping "unarmed" grenades when dying make a different
   sound from the live ones
 - small tweaks to footstep and landing particles
 - running on stairs causes footstep sounds
 - landing on snow/water effect should not be offset anymore
 - reduced player land "groan" pitch random
 - updated chopper_chaingun

 - reduced menu font space width by 5 pixels
 - changed shootdodgetip and bullettimetip amounts to 3 in globalconfig
 - updated Alex face
 - Fixed a typo in the tips (Simultanously => Simultaneously )
 - reduced the Aesir debris projectilecounts to 100/level and 20/room, maybe that'll help FPS a little

 - updated testlevel07 (material test)
 - changed testlevel08 to have all game skins in it
 - changed mipmap bias slider to have 10 ticks
 - added "gm_resetshootdodgebullettimecounters()" message to new game init

 - added custom animations for bb and alex
 - updated misc menu bitmaps
 - updated painkiller level item + texture
 - updated some menu item positioning
 - changed misc wordings in stringdefines.h and stringtable.txt based on
   George's feedback
 - made tooltips instant in menu.txt
 - changed globalconfig.txt FallingDamageExponent to 2.1 (was 2.0)
 - updated all "glass_bulletproof" decals to be same as "leadpipe hit on glass"
   so it's easy to notice you don't get "holes" in the bulletproof glass
 - updated foam decal and projectile (it had some debug spark particle effect
   in it...)
 - removed sniper bullet lod
 - increased sniper bullet damage to 70. It will now kill all "non special"
   enemies with a chesthit in the "normal" mode highest difficulty.
 - added a tip to use the use key for zooming when getting the first sniper
 - commented out "sniper zoom" key in the menu.txt
 - updated test_level_09 to a proper falling damage level (5m is ok,
   10m should be leathal always)
 - added Crouching shake (sniper) variables to weapons
 - rearranged savegame slots in menu.txt, added second quick save slot
 - added GameExitScreen to globalconfig.txt/[loadingscreen]

 - updated frankie and bb skins
 - changed "Advanced..." button to say "Options..." in startup dialog
 - changed rat idle sound to appear less often from skeleton, changed the sound
   randomization to 100%
 - updated docks level
 - reduced volume from the player "death music"
 - removed death screams from finito brother skins (custom screams in level)
 - updated menu bg bitmaps
 - updated health meter alpha background
 - updated a few ingame sounds (p1l3)
 - updated rat .skd
 - updated c1_all_johnny .skd
 - updated dawn_candy .kfs and .skd
 - updated max payne face texture (shirt was gray instead of white...)
 - updated Normal/Hard Boiled/The Killer tips in stringtable.h with QA DB changes. 
   (now describes that the next gamemodes will be unlocked on completing the Normal mode)
 - Remove Alex Balder death scream from the skin (as per Anssi's request)
 - changed menu.txt mipmap bias ticks from 10 to 25

 - removed benchmark01 level from levels.txt (also files) and
 - updated bullet_leadpipe (is now much more effective)
 - changed progress bar height in globalconfig.txt
 - updated menu and loading graphics
 - made menu "restore to defaults" to default to "no" answer
 - re-arranged options in menu.txt
 - renabled "disable tips" from menu.txt which got lost in a merge conflict
 - commented out "framerate smoothness" and "object detail bias" from menu
   video settings.
 - made weapon change (lower right corner) bitmap fade out faster, fixed
   the multiple trails when using mousewheel in weapon selection hud.
 - added mission objectives to stringtable.txt
 - updated benchmark_02 test level to work
 - made small wording changes to menu weapon selection options (stringdefines.h)
 - updated death_shotgun* anims and a few talk anims
 - removed globalconfig.txt/[Projectile]/DetailLevelDebrisCreationProbability
 - Increased Rico's and Candy's Health (Rico now, Class_7 and Candy is Class_5)
 - added PageFadeOutTime, PageFadeMeshName, Background, BackgroundWidth and
   BackgroundHeight variables to graphicnovel.txt, removed BackgroundAlpha
 - added menu.txt/[InputConfig]/ActiveToolTip (shown when reconfiguring is on)   
 - added ShadowsEnabled variable to all skins
 - added DeathAngleAdjustingEnabled, DeathAngleHeadBoneName,
   DeathAngleLeftFootBoneName and DeathAngleRightFootBoneName variables to
   all skeletons

 - added a few "fauce_open" type particle effects
 - updated debris_glass projectile velocity/speed variables to reduce
   "striped glass decals" nearby breakable windows.
 - added rat skin (uses pigrat skeleton)
 - added pigrat (PigeonRat) skeleton
 - adjusted values for "radio_hum_loop" and "subway_train_loop"
   effects in ambient sound category. (made hotspots smaller mainly)
 - made "tunnel_dust_clouds_loop" particle effect in subway to use
   3 second InitialUpdate
 - added rat sounds under character sound category
 - reduced "death music" sound effect volume
 - reduced "eat painkiller" volume
 - changed damage_mine projectile to cause explosion death
 - moved bullethit_large particle effect to adultcontent...
 - fixed tooltip for mouse horizontal aiming in menu.txt
 - added female gethit/death sounds and made candy_dawn skin use them
 - added one more chapter to Part2 after splitting the Docks map
 - added sounds\characters\max_death.wav which gets played when the
   player dies
 - updated lots of speeches and misc sounds
 - updated lots of character animations
 - removed placeholder mobster and merc ingame speeches
 - updated merc ingame speeches
 - added "woden_alfred" skin (temporarily with also variations), variations
   will be removed once Henkka finishes the "inner cirlcle" dude.
 - changed part1 level naming to be sequential from "Chapter1" to "Chapter9"
   to reflect splitting of Subway and Ragnarock.
 - updated Part1 graphic novel speeches
 - updated/added hotel (p1l2) ingame sounds
 - updated player landing sound
 - Docks difficulty settings corrected
 - Added Baby_crying_2.wav to nightmare sounds
 - Split the Docks map into A and B parts (changed menu.txt and levels.txt accordingly)
 - added hud.txt/[PrintTip] block (tips are separated from normal prints)
 - added color variable to hud.txt/[Print] and [PrintTip]
 - removed [DebrisAmount] and [TipDebrisAmount] from dialogtexts.txt

 - changed subway game speech volumes
 - added gn page "P1L1a_008" which is used for SubwayB start
 - changed hud.txt [WeaponInventory] FadeOut time to 1.0 (was 5.0).
   Now the weapon hud goes away quickly after autopickup, so you
   don't need to wonder weather you need to click or not to get
   the new weapon.
 - updated multiple skins
 - changed weapon_lod_far value to 200m (sniping enemies
   in docks showed they had no enemies)
 - added skin "dead_baby" for Max's house/Nightmare
 - adjusted several animations
 - updated subway sounds

 - updated "quit jokes"
 - added "Metal_Outside" material for Docks etc
 - updated some particle effects and player landing sound
 - removed the aiming options from the menu when starting a new game
 - added a few entries to stringtable
 - added [RESURRECT] back into stringtable.txt for benchmark test levels to work
 - removed duplicate sound material from projectiles/bullethit_light/metal_hollow

 - updated rooftops level
 - updated young_max_payne, transit_cop, valkyr_junkie skins
 - added sakus new gn buttons to ss
 - graphicnovel.txt with all new things (tool tips, bitmapsizes etc)
 - made hud prints to be printed lower (now that black bars will make
   the texts to raise)

 - fixed P3L5a_010 gn page (was using black.tga instad of real image)
 - made GN navigation stuff inside the .kf2 files invisible by
   temporarily making the alphas black. This means the fading in
   background on the buttons and the part/chapter texts on the left.
   Those will be removed from the .kf2 files once the layout is
   final-final. (Now they can still easily be restored)
 - updated GN voive-overs for part2 and part3
 - added a few new particle effects and updated snow effects
 - made small tuning and tweaks to menu.txt (and stringdefines.h)
 - moved "you ran out of time" text from hud.txt to stringdefines.h
 - updated LookAt icon
 - added menu.txt/[general]/UnassignedText and a string for it into
 - added menuid.h/MENUID_SUBMENU_SAVE and made menu.txt to use it
   (menu will handle that id so that menu is disabled if can't save)   

 - added an "Ammo full" text to all level_items OnCantPickup
 - changed default skin "slowmotionbonusforkiller" to 15% (was 10%) and
   moved the variable to characters.h
 - updated all skin body/legs textures back to 256x256 (was 512x512)
 - changed maximum BulletTime to be 15 (was 10)
 - fixed menu.txt to have the "restore defaults" and "exit random jokes"
   etc stuff
 - updated "Leadpipe" and "Baseballbat" weapon bitmaps to have a space
   between the words
 - updated menu.txt with tooltips
 - rearranged database/characteranimid.h animation indices.  the pose and
   custom death 2 animation indices were overlapping

 - added lots of tool tips to stringdefines.h
 - added misc particles and sounds
 - added level names in levels.txt to use stringdefines.h
 - updated test_level_06
 - fixed a bug in bullethit_large rock material creating wrong looking decal
 - updated test_level_03, test_level_04 to have printdirect hud messages
 - added colors for hud slowmotion icon
 - added RicochetUntilOnGround flag to projectiles, used for projectiles that
   create level items (not stuck to the walls)
 - added SavingFailedHUDText to globalconfig.txt/[savegame] block

 - changed hud fade out time to 0.1s

 - updated some particles, will need to manually merge particles.txt when
   new build arrives
 - added MENUID_TOGGLE_ENABLETIPS to menuid.h (menu.txt, stringtable 
   modified accordingly)
 - added ActiveWithMouseOnTop bitmaps to gn-indicators
 - added CantPickupMessagesTimeout to levelitems
 - added [OnCantPickupMessages] to levelitems
 - removed LoadScreen, QuickLoadScreen, QuickSaveScreen variables from

 - added a lot of placeholder tooltips for menus
 - changed restore defaults to be yes/no menus in menu.txt (stringdefined.h)
 - added hud sound gategory
 - added hud.txt/[properties]/SoundPrintTip variable 
 - added ParticleDetail setting string translations to dialogtexts.txt
 - added AvailableInDetailLevels variable to particles.txt

 - added material category "leaves", affected also particles and decals

 - removed "exit game level" init from menu.txt
 - fixed all hudprints in ai_test_01 level
 - moved intro.mpg from data\intro_video to movies\
   (so it will never be .ras packaged)
 - moved load/save game related definitions from stringtable.txt to

 - changed InitialUpdateLenght to 5 for all snow particles
 - enabled fog for Docks

 - updated hud font to have full alphabet support
 - updated globalconfig to point to "intro.mpg" test
 - changed heartbeat sound

 - updated/fixed desert eagle bullet lod
 - changes all HUD printing related variables from globalconfig.txt to use
   string identifiers in stringtable.txt

 - updated hud.txt and sniper overlay bitmaps for new "spritewindow"
 - added misc particle and sound effects for mappers
 - updated a lot of sound scripts (cleaning up the soundid variables)
 - added intro.mpg for testing the intro anim
 - updated observation_07 to a crash test
 - updated garage sounds
 - changed garage level's "ainodecastheight" to 100m
 - added "MusicVolume", "MusicVolumeFadeTime", "HeartbeatSoundMessage" and
   "HeartbeatSoundInterval" variables into globalconfig.txt/[SlowMotion]
 - added stringtable.txt to \data\database
 - changed HUD printing from camerapaths.txt to use new MPHM_Print message
 - moved all strings from translations.h to stringtable.txt   
 - removed the #include <translations.h> from all level items

 - added materials "Drape", "Watertank", "Winebarrel"
 - updated testlevel07
 - updated hud
 - flipped P1L3b_006 and P1L3b_007 graphicnovelpages order
 - added CustomizedGame and PlayUnmodifiedGame script variables to
   globalconfig.txt/[Dialog Texts]/[Main Dialog]
 - replaced overlaysprite in hud.txt with free amount of spritewindows

 - changed console alias "mapperstatistics" to "showmapperstatistics"
 - updated a lot of particles
 - updated maxpayne's body and legs textures

 - changed player's footstep sound radius to be larger
   (was cutting off due to the decal sound optimization)
 - changed frankie's health to 150 (was 200)
 - changed grenade maximum damage to 70 (was 60)

 - updated sounds\penthouse.txt
 - updated observation_06 level
 - added AINodeCastHeight variable to levels.txt

 - removed detail textures from a few special material categories
 - changed level_items\beretta.txt to give dual beretta immediately
 - fixed weapons\berettadual.txt, now weapon mesh doesn't bug during reload
 - changed bullet_sniper maximum visibility speed to be always visible

 - updated subway_station noise track (less volume)

 - added bullet_berettadual projectile (dual beretta less accurate)
 - changed sniper shooting frequency to 1.0 (sounds need tuning still)
 - updated tracer_9mm bullet projectile
 - changed lab_junkie's RANDOMDEATH blocks to point to shotgundeaths
 - updated some GN pages and voiceovers
 - updated decals.txt (small tuning)
 - changed ragnarock sounds (background music) to not frequencyscale
 - lowered "entering bullet time" sound volumes
 - changed StartupLevelName to StartupVideoName in globalconfig.txt/[startup]
 - added [TimedMode] block under globalconfig.txt/[gamemode]
 - added [GlobalModeSettings] block to globalconfig.txt
 - added P_AlertEnemies() message to grenade projectile ricochet

 - updated lots of skins (kfs, skd and textures)
 - updated lots of misc animations
 - added c_animatetexture messages to deaths. no idea where/when they
   had disappeared
 - added console alias "mapperstatistics" for mappers
 - added removing (and returning) playercontrols to bullet_behind camerapath
 - added generic crouched damage anims
 - updated hud.txt and hud bitmaps (coder alias seems to fade out)
 - added a boolean parameter bIgnoreSender to P_Explosion message 
   (in projectiles).. true only in melee weapons

 - made game balancing changes to levels.txt and difficulty.txt
 - updated slowmotion start/end sounds
 - changed ammobox radius to be the same as weapons (0.75m)
 - made changes to player controlled slomo controls, now lauchable
   if any of it (0.1%) left and regen speed is extremely slow.

 - changed shooting grenades or molotovs to not alert enemies (like melee)
 - changed grenade to fly straighter
 - changed bullet_m79 to fly straighter and faster
 - changed molotov, grenade and M79 pocket size to 10 (was 5)
 - edited camerapaths.txt, sniper.txt and bullet_sniper.txt
 - added menuid and menu toggle for inverting mouse wheel
   (menu.txt and menuid.h)

 - updated all level loadingscreens, removed the loading text
 - changed level items pickup texts, made also all point to translations.h
 - updated some skins with custom idle anims
 - edited difficulty.txt, mainly made the "hardest" difficulty in normal
   game mode a bit easier (more player health, a bit more/faster regen)
 - added tool tips to dialogtexts.txt

 - added a bunch of detail textures and edited materials.txt accordingly
 - removed gm_setplayercontrol messages from most camerapaths (only left
   for the player_death camera and "reset" camera)
 - added a customdeath1 anim for c1_all_johnny skin
 - updated the hud
 - changed player's diagonal dodge forward's to use "jump" animations
 - added blood_bullet_small and blood_bullet_large projectiles and decals
 - modified bullet_* projectiles to use different sized blood bullets
 - added dialogtexts.txt under data directory (path hardcoded)

 - fixed shootingfrequencymultipliers (slomo shootrate) for all weapons
 - added a bunch of LevelOnInitMessages to globalconfig.txt
 - changed hud printing to have maximum of 6 lines
 - added BB skin
 - added SlowMotionBonusForKiller to all skins
 - added TurnOffPenalty to globalconfig.txt/[slowmotion]

 - changed "nocollision" material no be not blended when alpha test
   is used (most trees etc are in that category)
 - fixed formatting on materials.txt (tabs broken)
 - updated graphicnovelpages.txt and bitmaps

 - changed young_max_payne skins diagonal shootdodges to point to
   correct length animations
 - moved the detail textures to data\database\sharedtextures and
   edited the materials.txt accordily.
 - changed empty weapons slot id from 0 to 10 so that you can't select 
   it in hotel2 by pressing 1
 - changed DeadBodyCapsuleHeightMultiplier to 0.1 from default_skeleton

 - added hud.txt/[LookAt] block which defines a sprite to be shown
   whenever player is inside a lookAt trigger
 - added [gamemode]/[LevelOnInitMessages] to global config (global to all levels)

 - added "this->c_enableprojectilecollisions(false)" for nypd_cop skin,
   which was already invulnerable but now it won't show blood either
 - updated tenements.txt in sounds and tenements level
 - added blood_bullet projectile
 - updated fogging/skybox for some levels in levels.txt
 - updated nypd_cop skin
 - added menu.txt/[properties] ToolTipPositionX, ToolTipPositionY
   ToolTipDelay, ToolTipFont, ToolTipFontAlpha
 - added some tooltips to menu.txt (optional, can be added 
   to any kind of menu line)      
 - added BloodProjectile flag to projectiles (it only makes
   projectile to use same probability as debrisprojectile even
   if it is not debris)
 - added optional [CharacterHit] block to projectiles (can define
   creation of blood projectiles in there)   
 - added DeadBodyMidpointBoneName, DeadBodyCapsuleRadiusMultiplier and
   DeadBodyCapsuleHeightMultiplier to skeleton

 - moved "user painkiller" to "movement" (not logical still but
   perhaps better than under combat) in menu.txt
 - moved "slowmotion" key to "movement" in menu.txt
 - updated all skin body and legs textures to 512x512
 - removed additional "press use to ..." from death circle camera
 - fixed console alias "playmusic" to play a song in current db
 - added globalconfig.txt/[gamemode] (fadein/out times against gn-mode)
 - added materials.txt detail texture variables DetailTilesPerMeter,
   DetailColorTextureName and DetailAlphaTextureName. both or none of
   the names need to be specified (if none, detail textures are not used).
   only the opaque materials can have detail textures. full path should
   be used for texture file names (='\data\..')
 - added materials.txt variable BlendedAlphaTest, which can be used to
   fix rendering problems with alphatest materials (like trees). it's
   TRUE for all categories now (should create a category for trees and
   put the variable to FALSE for it). then AlphaReference can be used
   to control the roundness of texels without anything showing through.
   doesn't have any effect on non-alphatest materials
 - added a temp detail texture in \data\sharedtextures

 - added enemy_maxpayne2 and enemy_maxpayne3 skins
 - changed the format of GM_EnableGameLevel message in menu.txt/[OnInit]

 - changed bullet's default speed to 50 (was 100)
 - changed bullet's "MaximumVisibilitySpeed" to 45
 - the above changes are editable in database\projectiles.h and were
   made to have bullets always visible in slomo
 - removed the "expanding blood pool" below dead characters
 - updated bunker (part3_level3) and bunker.txt in sounds
 - updated shotgun and explosion deaths
 - added [slowmotion] block to global config
 - removed GM_SetDefaultDifficultyLevel() message from menu.txt
   (now integrated with GM_SetGameLevel() message)
 - removed PainkillerHitPoints from globalconfig.txt/[painkiller] and
   added HealthGainedFromPainkiller to difficulty.txt
 - added hud.txt/[SlowMotion]
 - enabled commented out slow motion configuration from menu.txt

 - removed character lands on ground sounds form CUSTOMDEATH1 and CUSTOMDEATH2
 - updated shootdodge jump height and slow-motion control in maxpayne skin
 - updated beretta lod0 (fixed barrel uv mapping for Advertisement shots)
 - added materials.txt variable WritesZBuffer (TRUE for everything else but
 - added TimeOutHUDText to hud.txt/[TimedMode]/[TimedModeSpecific]
 - added DeathFrequency, FrequentDeaths and [FrequentDeathMessages] to
   all game levels defined in difficulty.txt
 - added MENUID_SUBMENU_??? to menuid.txt 
 - menu.txt/[menu]/[properties] id is now taken into account so that
   are available only when corresponding gamemode is available.
   In developer mode all submenus are available

 - moved all difficulty level settings from global config to separate
   data\difficulty.txt script (path defineable in globalconfig.txt/[paths])
 - added [Difficulty] and [Timedmode] blocks into levels.txt
 - added GM_EnableGameLevel() message to menu.txt/[OnInit] to ensure that the
   normal game level is always enabled
 - reorganized the difficulty levels in menu.txt and added appropriate messages
 - added [Timedmode] block into hud.txt

 - made some more re-arrangements to the "Options" menu
 - made quite a lot of re-arrangements the "Options" menu
 - removed credits from the menu main level
 - added MENUID_TOGGLE_AUTOWEAPONSELECT to menu.txt under options/generic,
   this is saved to registry and is on by default
 - added graphicnovel.txt/[properties] EnableStopButton = false
   if the bg stop symbol is removed, we have removed stop button totally   
 - added hud.txt/[Objectives] which defines mission objective slots         
 - moved inventory font to properties in hud.txt (was in inventory block)
   because objectives also use it

 - added an "explosion_character" effect when a character is killed with
   a direct hit from M79
 - added a "bullethit_big-character" effect for weapons which create larger
   decals (desert eagle, colt commando)
 - updated glass_shards decal (broken glass on floor, made by debris_glass
   projectile when it hits the ground)
 - added placeholder graphicnovel speeches for part2
 - added console alias "CinematicMode" which puts on widescreen and
   hides the hud
 - moved all bitmaps from data\* to data\sharedtextures\*
 - changed sniper shooting frequency to 0.33 (was 0.2)
 - moved translations.h file from data\ to data\database\
 - fixed files pointing to translations.h
 - removed redundant testlevel ai_test_03.ldb, lvl, ai
 - removed redundant testlevel gallery.ldb, lvl
 - added to sniper weapon ShakeLength = 0.8 (in seconds i.e. after this 
   many seconds a new random point is added) ShakeStrengthX = 7.5
   (radius in cm / 25m, like projectile accuracy) ShakeStrengthY = 15.0
   all the other weapons have these values 0 because the shaking only
   happens when sniper zoom is on
 - added hud.txt/[PrintSpecific] and YSpacing and MaximumLines variables
   there (allows printing so that old lines scroll up if new ones are 
   printed before they fade out)
 - added MENUID_CONFIG_SNIPERZOOM to menuid.h
 - added MENUID_CONFIG_SNIPERZOOM to menu.txt
 - corrected MENUID_CONFIG naming (removed stupid _KEY endings, since the 
   id should not take a stand in whether its key or button or whatever)    

 - renamed generic mobster skins to have their Class number in
   the beginning.
 - health balancing changes:
   max_payne skin's health is now 60 (was 100)
   using painkiller gives now 15 points (25% of maximum health)
 - added "damage_50cm" projectile, hopefully I didn't break anything while at it.
 - added commented out [ConstantSprite] to hud.txt so that when needed 
   you can add "Take2 Q&A Version" sprite easily
 - added ai_calc.jpg, progress_bar*.pcx files into data directory
 - added [loadingscreen] section into global config

 - added some InitialPosition variables (optional) to the menu.txt
   to preselect medium difficulty level in new game menu
 - added RandomizeRotation boolean to projectiles. randomizes rotation
   around y-axis, used for empty shells so that they don't look like
   ObligatoryIndices.txt and skeletons\max_payne.txt
 - modified all projectiles which send P_Explosion() message to obey the
   new boolean parameter 'bGrenade' in the message

 - changed painkiller pocket size to 8 (was 10)
 - changed health from one painkiller to give 25hp (was 20)
 - fixed multiple clip dropping problems for weapons
 - added "MatchingWeaponID" to level items
 - added "PickupIfNewWeapon" to level items
 - added "PickupIfAmmoNotFull" to level items

 - added a "sniper" weapon
 - removed "sniper0x", "sniper2x", "sniper4x" weapons
 - the above changes affected about every file in the database
 - changed the characters "TurningTresholdValue" in globalconfig to 1 (was 2)
 - removed "NO AMMO" text from weapon hud, they print a - instead
 - removed "intro_level" (levels.txt, menu.txt, database\levels\intro_level.ldb)
 - changed P1L0_002 to be the default page in data\graphicnovel.txt
 - changed the order of [Developer] menu and [Resume Game]
 - renamed "HealthGainMultiplier" to "HealthGainedImmediately" from global config

 - fixed all enemy_* projectiles, no more getting stuck into walls (Bug 13)
 - added colt command clip to projectiles and the weapon to eject it (Bug 1)
 - fixed molotov, grenade and m79 projectile's explosions, no more
   bottles on the wall after throwing them (Bug 18)
 - removed usesSniperCamera from weapons (fov multiplier is used 
   to detect when camera uses sniper offset)
 - removed usesOverlay flag from hud active weapons (hud overlay
   is used according to zoom key)
 - added SniperZoomInSpeed to globalconfig.txt/[camera]         
 - added [RegenerationSprite] under [Health] block in hud.txt
 - added "HealthGainMultiplier*" variables to global config

 - commented out "gm_changefov" messages from Max's skin and sniper anims,
   now sniper mouse-sensitivity works again... (Bug 9)
 - changed "skybox" in materials.txt to be in all detail settings (Bug 11)
 - changed globalconfig.txt's [difficulty] ammofound multipliers to be
   easy=4, medium=2, hard=1. Edited the given ammo amounts to reflect
   the change. This was required to get any ammo in hard difficulty for
   weapons that gave 1 bullet at a time (painkiller, molotov etc)
 - edited all ammo pickup amounts in database\level_items.h
   ammo boxes give much ammo, dropped weapons give little ammo
 - added 8 level_items (ammo boxes)
 - added "data\translations.h" file which will has defines for texts
   printed to HUD.

 - changed music noise_tracks fadetime to be 2.0 (was 4.0)
 - removed modeswitch message from "Resume Game" item in menus (it's now
   hardcoded as it contains a condition depending which messages to send)
 - reorganized [savegame] variables in globalconfig to support save game

 - updated skin "doe_johnny" shootingfrequencymultiplier to be other than 0
 - updated lots of wavs to sound category story (all of part1)
 - changed metal and paper categories detailoffset in materials.txt back to 0
 - changed console width to 2 pixels (was 8)
 - changed maxpayne skin's AirborneMovementSpeed to 2.5 (was 3.0)
 - changed AITargetBone and AutoAimTargetBone to be "JBack" (was Torso)
 - changed Hud weaponinventory to be visible for longer time
 - changed weaponpriority.txt to list bestweapon and cycleweapon ids
 - added 'UsesLowerActivationGroup' variable to weapons script.  When set to
   true, shooting with that weapon causes the AI activation group 2 to activate
   instead of group 1.
 - added 'HealthRegenerateMultiplier*' variables to globalconfig

 - moved the skeleton shadow bitmaps under skeletons\sharedtextures

 - changed Boris Dime's hitpoints to be 300
 - added hud.txt/[weapons]/[painkiller] block that has the bg-sprite and
   text defined. Activation and visibility logic is the same as with 
   active weapon
 - added graphicnovel.txt/[properties]/TakeScreenShot = true   

 - updated Test_Level_03 to have a guy who falls out of the level
 - updated Subway level
 - updated part2, part3 graphicnovels, no more flickering in start
 - added globalconfig.txt/[Character]/FootShadowCharacterOriented
   and SingleShadowCharacterOriented flags 
 - updated part1 graphicnovel pages, not flickering in start anymore
 - added lots of sounds to "enemy" category
 - updated decals.txt and particles.txt so that molotov, grenade or M79
   hitting a character won't leave a burning flame/smoke in the air.
 - updated weaponpriority.txt, characteranimid.txt, obligatoryindices.txt
   to have the sniper weapons later in the WeaponID lists.
 - updated graphicnovel mode navigation bitmaps, "back to game" is back
 - updated skeleton's "shootgrenade" animations (also used for shootmolotov)
 - updated grenade and molotov weapons and projectiles, now throwing them
   low/high and sideways correction should be pretty ok.
 - changed "transit_cop" skin deaths to work correctly with Subway's scripting
 - added all Part2 ingame speeches
 - added lots of Part1 ingame speeches
 - added AIAimingTargetBoneName variable to skeletons

 - changed Max´s jump animation distance to 1.0m after code changes to jump
   airborne speed

 - removed redundant "ai_test_03" and "character_gallery" from levels and menu's
 - changed mp5 mesh to use a "Colt Commando" assault rifle.
 - fixed sawedshotgun reload ejecting empty shells

 - updated all graphicnovel pages to the finished script naming and order

 - added "startup_level" and "exit_level" previewable to menu's
 - added globalconfig.txt/[character] variables: 
   FootShadowFilename, FootShadowAlphaFilename,	FootShadowRadius			
   SingleShadowFilename, SingleShadowAlphaFilename,	SingleShadowRadius 			
 - added skeleton/[attributes] RightShadowBoneName = "Foot-R";
   LeftShadowBoneName = "Foot-L";

 - updated grenade bounce sound to be more recognizeable
 - reduced level_item pickup sound volume
 - added 1 hitpoint damage to bullet_m79 and grenade so they can be used to
   activate projectile collision triggers
 - changed the camerastart position X values to 0.12 (was 0.15) in skeleton.
   Now the framework won't give an exception when trying to use other
   skins than MaxPayne.

 - fixed most of baseballbat problems
 - melee weapons now play sound and particles when hitting a character
 - added baseballbat to "coder" alias
 - updated prefab levels
 - added a particle effect for grenade bounces
 - added a door kick for enemy_max_payne (customidle4)

 - checked in maxpayne skin and sniper weapons

 - removed all remaining mp3 files from database
 - updated database\graphicnovelpages.txt to play the (empty) story wavs
 - updated everything in sounds\story folder. There's now a placeholder wav
   with a correct name for all graphicnovel screens.
 - made some longest sounds in "ambient" category streaming
 - made all sounds in "camera" category streaming
 - fixed beretta weapon lods (was popping in/out)
 - added AvailableInDetailLevels variable to materials and
   #define ID_DETAIL_LEVELS_ALL				0
   as the values to assign to it

 - re-enabled loads of empty shells from Ingram weapons (for Olppa's
   content scalability)
 - updated ai_test_01 level
 - removed all .mp3 musics, changed musics.txt (and menu.txt) accordingly
 - added all musics and noise tracks as .wav files

 - fixed "berettadual.txt" weapon so that it hides the weapons when enemies die
 - moved sound statistics text up to have all maximum 12 channels visible
   at once [statistics.txt]

 - added an explosion camera shake to grenade projectile
 - added detail level multipliers to global config for projectiles
   and decals

 - changed ingram and dualingram (slomo) shootingFrequencyMultiplier to 0.
   Makes them not-so über weapons in slowmo combats.
 - updated all level_items
 - updated all weapons
 - updated all enemy_* weapon projectiles
 - removed all old *.kfs files from weapons and level_items. There's
   still a few in the projectiles left.
 - checked in all particle data after re-export
 - due to removing the MP3 codec from the sound system altogether, all MP3
   files have been replaced in musics.txt and story.txt
 - added [Startup] block to globalconfig.txt and StartupLevelName to it
 - added [StartupLevel] and [ExitLevel] to levels.txt
 - added Startup/ExitLevel = true/false to all levels in levels.txt
 - added MENUID_ITEM_QUIT to menuid.txt (can't use generic id because
   if skipStartup parameter is present we need to quit (hardcoded) 
   instead of playing exit level as normally  
 - changed menu.txt so that selectinf quit/yes will lauch exit level
   instead of sending quit message   

 - changed HudInventory weapon colors in hud.txt
 - commented out unused weapon slots in menu.txt

 - updated ai_test_01 level with a self-explanatory .doc
 - checked in maxpayne skin with adjusted footstep sounds

 - added two noice tracks

 - changed all explosion particle effects to have a 2 second timeout
 - added three mercenary_* skin_items
 - updated pause camerapath

 - removed all discard_* projectiles
 - removed WS_Animate messages from skeleton's discard animations
 - removed WEAPONANIM_DISCARD animation indices from all weapons
 - updated weaponanim.h indices
 - added WEAPONANIM_SHOOTNOEFFECTS index for ingram weapons
 - updated a gazillion files related to weapons, projectiles
 - added (placeholder weighting) Horne_Nicole skin
 - added (placeholder mapping and weighting) Punchinello_Lisa skin
 - added LookAtBoneName, LookAtPivotBoneName, LookAtHorizontalLimit 
   (degrees), LookAtVerticalLimit (degrees) and LookAtBlendTime (sec)
   to skeleton/[Attributes]
 - added ShowInverseHealth = TRUE; to hud.txt/[health]/[healthspecific].
   true = use "painbar", false = use healthbar   

 - updated Manor (P2L5) and enabled AI for it
 - added break_plant particle effect
 - fixed "Dicola_Mac" skin, was missing kfs files

 - added two noise tracks to music\mp3
 - added "Dicola_Mac" skin (dark suit mobster)
 - added painkiller key definition to menu
 - added [painkiller] block to globalconfig
 - added LevelName variable to levels.txt which is used for save game descriptions

 - added three noice tracks to music\mp3
 - changed most weapons' c_reload message to be sent at the same time in skeleton

 - added two new materials to materials.txt
   "laser" (character collision, draw polygons, no camera collision)
   "woodframe" (behaves the same as wireframe but will cause wood bullet effects)
 - updated "dicola_luciano" skin and variations (no more streched faces)

 - updated menu background, menu.txt and menu slider bitmaps
 - added observation 04 - laser mines
 - changed crosshair sphere radius to 1cm (this fixed some of the sniper shooting problems)
 - added fogging variables to levels.txt
 - updated testlevel_06 to have Olppa's fade testcase

 - added database\levels\autosave folder with 256*192 shots for all levels
 - updated Observation_03 level (an actual observation hasn't
   been sent yet, we're trying to reproduce it...)
 - added explosion shake to bullet_m79 projectile
 - changed sniper animations in maxpayne skin

 - added FPSExtPosition and AveragedFrames to statistics.txt
 - added ShowExtendedFPS alias to console.txt
 - added AimLowerMinDistance and AimLowerMaxDistance variables to skins
 - modified the menu.txt; Load Game shows auto & quick savegames and Save Game
   does not show neither of those.  Auto savegame has fixed slot id 0 and
   quick savegame has fixed slot id 1.  Although in menu.txt/Load Game the
   order is first auto savegame and then quick savegame, for convenience.
 - adjusted skeleton single/dual handed bone groups a bit, will help later once
   more animations are refined
 - added multiple idle_* animations for skeleton
 - added "scientist" skin

 - removed finitto_brother skins' custom ingram shoot modifiers
 - increased autoaim multipliers for easy and normal
   easy:   X = 3.0, Y = 1.5 (was 2.0 and 2.0)
   normal: X = 2.0, Y = 1.25 (was 1.0 and 1.0)
 - made graphicnovel background a bit darker, alpha now 64 (was 128)

 - changed leadpipe and baseball bat weapon script clip and pocket sizes to 1.
   It was causing ammo overflow in the game code to have them at 0x7fffffff
 - updated 82 pieces of "empty.dat" file to be 1 byte long instead of 0.
 - added sound category "bunker"
 - added data\database\shooting.h which is included to all weapons
 - moved crosshair attributes to the shooting.h file
 - added usesSniperCamera to weapons
 - added [sniper] messages to projectiles (sniper uses these to init camera
   path before moving projectile)
 - added globalconfig.txt/[camera]/SniperOffset (used instead of normal follow
   distance when in sniper mode)
 - added globalconfig.txt/[camera]/NoPauseCameraPathText (printed on screen
   using PrintInventory slot 3 when no pause camera path can be played i.e. 
   while in sniper mode)
 - added hud.txt/[inventory]/[PauseSlot] (used to print pause text when no 
   pause camera path can be played)   

 - Graphic novel update for notes before Subway:
   - updated the kf2 animations
   - added speeches to "story" sound category
 - removed sound category "fullscreen_images" (redundant, not used)
 - updated "mr_big" song
 - added "killer_suits" and "ms_valkyr" songs
 - multiple small skeleton fixes:
   - enemies now shootdodge almost properly
   - max's stand no longer snaps that bad
   - enemies dying with dual handed weapons drop two weapons
   - no enemy should do the "shooting without a weapon" death anymore
 - added "decal_blood" projectile, which makes a bloody stain on a wall
 - added current subway (part1_level1) as benchmark test level 2

 - added "invisibile" skin that can be used to target AI fire
 - moved the "shoot_mp5" sound to mp5 weapon (was in skeleton). It wasn't needed
   to be in the skeleton, as the mp5 shoots only one projectile in the shoot event
 - changed player's wounded reneration speed to double (from 0.5 to 1.0)
 - added a "reset" camerapath to player's skin OnInit (loading a saved game
   during a camera shake caused the screen to still shake after the load)

 - added [CrosshairAttributes]/ScreenSizeFrontLimit and -BackLimit to
   weapons (defined in meters. if crosshair is closer to camera than
   front limit, it's scaled to same screensize as if it would be at
   front limit distance. if crosshair is further than back limit, 
   it's scaled to same screen size as if it would be at back limit.
 - updated the default "dot.kf2" crosshair to have opaque polygons in the center

 - Updated Tenements B (alpha)
 - Updated Cold Steel
 - Updated Asgard A (bugfix)
 - removed obsolete globalconfig.txt/[character]/AutoAimHorizontalAngle
   and -VerticalAngle
 - added "enemies" prefab (still very much under work as the prefab goes)
 - changed skin "michelle_payne_dead" to "michelle_payne"
 - added skins:
   - young_max_payne
   - henchman_01
   - henchman_02
   - henchman_03
   - mercenary_sarge
 - added landing and rolling projectiles that create small dust clouds
   (content will needs adjustment still)  

 - updated Penthouse to a version that has proper exits (more framerate)
 - added "enemy_max_payne" skin that can be used in cut scenes
 - added bullethit-light_* particles (light meaning very few polygons)
   they are not used by any weapons yet
 - added character_land and character_roll projectiles, decals and particles

- updated all maps (batch exported)
- changed Max skin slowmotion values during shootdodge
- updated Asgard map 
- updated Penthouse map
- added skybox to Cold steel

 - updated Subway map (now with noise tracks in use)
 - updated 2_Crouch skeleton animation, not snapping anymore
 - new Obs_01 level, now with Ragnarock's big room and a use switch
   that makes 5 guys shoot with dual-ingram
 - enemies land slower
 - added ShootingFrequencyMultiplier back to skins (just multiplies
   the normal shooting frequencies)
 - moved globalconfig.txt/[cinematic]/ShootingFrequencyMultiplier 
   into sharedDB weapon. It still acts the same way, i.e. like this:
   values must be [0..1], when multiplier is close to 0, shooting 
   will slow down when time slows down. when multiplier is close to 1, 
   shooting will happen with constant speed when time slows down 
   this multiplier is applied only to playercharacter
 - changed the player death camera to go for stronger slow-mo (to 0.3 from 0.5)
 - added [shake_drugtrip] camera effect
 - updated drug trip map
 - updated weapon hud content
 - mphm_print text is now higher on screen so mappers can see it during
   widescreen mode...
 - changed one painkiller to give +20 health (was +10)
 - changed painkiller pocket size to 5 (was 10)
 - removed the "slowmotion thututuhum" sounds when player dodges left/right
 - removed all "enemy death gives health to player" from characters.h
 - added AutoAimingAllowed flag to weapons
 - added AutoAimTargetBoneName to skeletons
 - added AutoAimTarget flag to skins
 - added MENUID_TOGGLE_AUTOAIM to menuid.h
 - added [Toggle] with that id to menu.txt (under other settings)
 - modified globalconfig.txt to have AutoAimCapsuleRadiusMultiplierXX
   and AutoAimCapsuleHeightMultiplierXX for each difficulty level
   instead of AutoAimConeMultiplierXX

 - weaponid.h: SawedShotgun and PumpShotgun now share the same ammo
 - Updated Subway to a version which uses EnableExit messages

 - added globalconfig.txt/[cinematic]/ShootingFrequencyMultiplier 
   values must be [0..1], when multiplier is close to 0, shooting 
   will slow down when time slows down. when multiplier is close to 1, 
   shooting will happen with constant speed when time slows down 
   this multiplier is applied only to playercharacter
 - removed ShootingFrequencyMultiplier from skins, it can't easily 
   coexist with slomo shooting frequency multiplier and it was not
   used anyway  

 - changed crosshair cast lengths from weapons from 25 to 100
   because 2d aiming can't work w/o enough long casts (it's 
   very inaccurate to shoot to any distance above cast length)

 - added two police_car sounds to dynamic category
 - delayed Sniper2x and Sniper4x bullet inits by one frame, and the
   gamespeed is put to slow already in the previous frame. Now you
   should always see the bulletcam.
 - updated "peek left & right" camerapaths, also changed them to
 - added painkiller weapon, this affected quite a lot of files
 - changed "medipack_small" and "medipack_large" to give ammo for
   painkiller weapon
 - added 4 police_wail sounds to dynamic category
 - changed Sniper0x to behave like a normal 3rd person weapon
 - changed the hud for Sniper0x
 - removed bulletcam from Sniper0x
 - globalconfig: changed the LookAt distances to 5 (was 25)
 - updated Gognitti_Vinnie's run to a more limping one

 - removed redundant skins: bank_guard_dead, subway_mobster_dead
 - updated all Prefab levels with proper startpoints
 - added observation 07 and flagged which observation levels work
 - updated Max's House (stairs collision polygon problem)

 - updated all game levels an AI networks (except Asgard)
 - removed gravity from projectiles\bullet_beretta (none of the normal
   bullets should have gravity, makes accurate shooting impossible.)
 - changed AI reaction times to 0 (Samppa & Anssi's request)
 - Updated Restaurant level (bug fixes)
 - removed [Startpoint] from levels.txt and added PlayerStartingPlace to
   accommodate the new jumppoint/waypoint logic

 - added some .rps particle files, not in particles.txt yet
 - commented out the [DOExitMessages]
 - added "level loading" pictures for all game levels
 - Updated hud.txt and 2D prototype crosshair bitmaps to a small white dot
 - Added adultContent = true to [blood] in decals.txt

 - updated Restaurant
 - added several skeleton idle kf2 animations
 - changed MaxPayne skeletons camerapointoffset's  z from 0 to -0.12 
   so that camera prediction sphere collisions in front of max can be 
   avoided. That yields to better results than the error prone code 
   hack to ignore those collisions

 - updated Restaurant (part2_level4)
 - added sound category cold_steel
 - added sound category manor
 - added LOTS of level sounds
 - changed level item medipack_large to give 50 healthpoints (was 20)
 - changed level item medipack_small to give 20 healthpoints (was 5)
 - added damage_1m projectile (explosion with 0.5m radius)
 - updated damage_2m projectile (explosion with 1m radius)
 - added damage_3m projectile (explosion with 1.5m radius)
 - updated particles\explosion and particles\fire, now less smoke

 - increased pumpshotgun accuracy (from 175 to 125)
 - increased sawedshotgun accuracy (from 500 to 250)
 - increased sawedshotgun damage (for each pellet from 6 to 8)
 - changed sawedshotgun to reload both barrels always
 - enabled shootdodge for sawedshotgun (as it now can be shot "twice" )
 - updated sawedshotgun .rps, skeleton shoot animation and sound

 - changed Materials.txt default ID_MaxAngle to 30 degrees
 - added [parentallock] block to globalconfig and variables
   "AdultContentReplaceTexture" and "AdultContentReplaceAlphaTexture" which
   specify the texture that replace all adult content when parental lock
   is disabled
 - added adult_content.tga and adult_content_alpha.pcx under
   data\database\levels folder
 - removed "phone_mobster" skin (redundant for a while since the skins
   can now have custom idle animations)
 - changed Desert Eagle fire rate to be 1 shot per second
 - increased Desert Eagle bullet damage to 20 (was 16)
 - reduced Beretta bullet damage to 10 (was 12)
 - increased Headshot multiplier to 5 (was 3)
 - increased Arms multiplier to 0.75 (was 0.5)
 - added pause text, removed playercontrols, removed hud from pause camerapath
 - fixed one of the random death movements so it doesn't slide anymore

 - updated shoot_deserteagle.wav
 - reduced volume from "camera, cut"
 - added observation_06 level (menu.txt and levels.txt)
 - added PauseCameraPathName to [camera] block in globalconfig.txt
 - added [pause] camera path to camerapaths.txt (currently plays same
   kf animation as dying
 - enabled reconfiguring of pause in menu.txt (game commands menu)   
 - added AdultContent flag to graphic novels, particles, decals and
   projectiles.  AdultContent flag can be defined also for sounds in
   "Properties" block, but by default it's false.

 - adjusted sniper rifle fov's so the 4x zoom doesn't bug anymore. (Zoomed
   too close, and player character got out of viewcone...)
   This affected:
   - camerapaths.txt
   - maxpayne.txt skin
   - bullet_sniper* projectiles
 - added proper burningdeath, fallingdeath, shotgundeath to maxpayne skin
 - added [inventory] block to hud.txt

 - Added Levels\Loadingscreens directory (and loading_p0l1.jpg)
 - Changed the texture on first GN-page in Max's house (pt_0_lvl_1_005.jpg) to
   fit the first frame of the level
 - Updated Max's House level
 - Changed the graphicnovel default page to p0l1_002 (so that matches the intro)
 - added skins "Boris_Dime" and "Punchinello_Don"
 - updated observation_03 level to have a "invalid position" case
 - added ShootDodgingCameraPointOffset variable to skeletons
 - removed CAM_AnimateInPlace messages from max_payne skins shootdodge and 
   getup animations (using ShootDodgingCameraPointOffset replaces them)

 - Changed Observation_01 level into X_Files from Asgard (collisions)
 - Updated the Intro level 
 - updated hud\crosshair.jpg so there are no more thin white outlines...
 - added observation_05 level which has only the subway train
 - updated testlevel03 

 - Updated Intro_level (placeholder)
 - Moved the graphicnovel pickup messages from Menu.txt\StartNewGame to the 
   end of the Intro level
 - updated testlevel03 to include a "DO_Camera" test
 - updated projectiles damage_fire_4x4 and damage_fire_8x8
 - modified HUD note sprite to be crosshair and added crosshair.jpg (&alpha)

 - updated observation_03 (.ldb and .lvl)
 - removed some already defined #define's from database\sounds\ files
 - fixed desert eagle reload error message by moving c_reload to frame 14
   (was previously 24 but the animation was only 15 frames long)
 - added a "this->c_displaycrosshair(1);" to player's init messages
 - fixed sniper animation by using the same anim as mp5
 - added "resurrect" alias to switch off the console

 - updated all graphic novel pages to use 1024*512 resolution. sort of a
   compromise between loading times and readability.
 - removed "mp5burst" weapon. this affected a lot of files in various places.
 - increased shotgun bullet decal size
 - added (aka uncommented) "doubleclick speed" slider to menu
 - added widescreen to player's death camera
 - removed "load game slot 1" from menu's as that is used for "autosave"
 - made all player's deaths to revert to RANDOMDEATH1
 - reduced "water" footsteps volume
 - easy difficulty enemy reaction time increased
 - hard difficulty enemy reaction time decreased
 - increased shootdodge slow motion to 0.4 (from 0.6)
 - shootdodge slowmotion is stopped only once the player starts
   getting up.
 - reduced all enemy skin's collision radius to 0.31 (from 0.48)
 - globalconfig.txt:
   - increased UseTriggerAngle to 130 (from 90)
   - LandingTresholdVelocity reduced to 9.0 (from 10.0)
   - Pain flashes a bit more subtle
 - reduced "land" animation lenghts (player gets up faster)
 - increased player's forward jumping distance
 - increased player's airborne speed

 - fixed transit_cop skin's "subway control room" death
 - updated a boatload of graphic novel textures (now all are 1024*1024)
 - added easy, medium & hard difficulty levels into menu
 - removed rooftops part II from levels and menus
 - camerapaths.txt: after death, the last saved game is now loaded
   when you abort death-cam.

 - added sounds\rooftops.txt
 - removed frequencyscaling from mobster screams

 - changed dicola_ronald's lod value to be correct

 - Removed the input visualization from Gognitti skin
 - removed quite a lot of low LOD's from projectiles. Reduced E2 memory usage
   by about 200k.
 - removed the lowest LOD's from all weapons. Reduced E2 memory usage
   by about 250k.

 - Updated the Subway.LVL and .ldb files (no AI yet though)
 - Updated the Rooftops.ldb
 - Changed graphicnovel background alpha to 128 (from 32)
 - re-enabled "shootdodgekeys" and "doubleclicktime" slider from menu.txt
   now you are able to configure your movement keys to shootdodge when
   doubleclicking them.
 - added "medipack_large" and "medipack_small" level items
 - reverted all maxpayne skin's WALK animations to RUN. Eg, ("walking removed")
 - added shootdodge and shootdodge_getup camerapaths
 - minor projectile/weapon sound falloff & volume updates

 - Added dynamic/helicopter_near, medium and distant sounds
 - updated AI_test_02.lvl and .ldb
 - reduced "ActivateOtherCharactersRadius" to 0m (caused problems with
   scripted events when the radius was very large) for all skins
 - made the default crosshair more visible
 - made empty, leadpipe and baseballbat to use an invisible crosshair
 - updated benchmark_01.* files to work with current build (fixed the
   weapon related messages)
 - added missing OnInit messages to maxpayne skin
 - C_Use message is now sent in the beginning of the use animation
 - added console clear and toggle off to "resurrect" alias
 - removed weapons: flare, hairspray, smokegrenade, knife, throwingknife
 - removed redundant weapons from coder/god/getallweapons etc aliases
 - made the changes to:
 - removed 5 weapon txt files and folders
 - removed 2 projectiles (smoke grenade, flare)
 - removed 2 level items (smoke grenade, flare)
 - added difficulty level multipliers into globalconfig

 - added "Sam_Level_Restaurant_Street" and "Sam_Level_Manor_Outside"
   console aliases. They are for taking graphic novel shots.
 - added "Restaurant_Street" and "Manor_Outside" to levels.txt
 - added "Restaurant_Street" and "Manor_Outside" to testlevels.

 - Added Observation_2 level (.ldb and .lvl)
   Updated Music Box .wav
 - added "observation_01.lvl"
 - removed "transit_cop_dead" and "transit_cop_dead_table" skins
 - fixed the "damage_2m" projectile to actually die after it has finished
 - re-fixed "skybox bullethit" sounds and particles to be null for
   normal bullethits, grenade explosions and molotov explosions
 - added character custom death related particles (fire_death,
   electricity death)
 - updated one handed "Get_Damage" animation
 - enabled AI for Observation 01 from levels.txt

 - Updated Penthouse level
 - added "quit" button bitmaps to data\graphicnovel\bitmaps
 - added "returnToGame" button bitmaps to data\graphicnovel\bitmaps
 - updated "nextPage" button bitmaps to data\graphicnovel\bitmaps
 - changed all skins, level items and console.txt to use the new format of
   the following messages:
   * C_PickupAmmo()
   * C_PickupWeapon()
   * C_RemoveAllWeapons()
   * C_SetInfiniteAmmo()

 - Added Transit_cop.txt skin (from Samppa)
 - Updated Subway level
 - Updated Rooftops A and B .ldb and .ai
 - Updated Docks .ldb and .ai
 - Updated Villa .ldb and .ai
 - Added maxhouse.txt to Sounds
 	- Added baby_crying.wav
 	- Added michelle_screaming.wav
 	- Added music_box.wav
 - Added Camera.txt/[Cut] to sounds 
 	- Added camera_cut_01.wav
 	- Added camera_cut_02.wav
 - Updated Intro level 
 - added "Observations" test level category to menus
 - added Observation_01 level
 - added two camera shake animations
 - added a camera shake to maxpayne skin's pump shotgun and desert eagle shoot
 - updated soundid.h
 - updated Doors prefab level
 - updated projectile sounds (less variations in general, except the default
   bullethit sound)
 - added "falling death" animation
   and KILLER variations) into ai_ranges.h
 - added ActivateOtherCharactersRadius AI variable to all the skins
 - added MENUID_TOGGLE_CROSSHAIR to menuid.h
 - added toggle with that id to menu.txt (system configuration/other settings)
 - Separated MaximumSteepness in globalconfig to two different values: 
   MaximumDragDownAngle to and MaximumSteepnessAngle.

 - added WS_Hide(false) to character reload animations (fixes a problem that
   if you ran over a level_item at the same time as you ran out of ammo and
   discarded the weapon, your weapon became "invisible".)
 - reduced player movement speed by 1m/s
 - updated data for random deaths, and idle animations
 - molotov cocktail hitting a character instead of wall makes the character
   die burning
 - adjusted globalconfig falling settings so that falling from 5m is safe,
   but falling from 10m is leathal
 - removed redundant startpoints from RooftopsII (P1L4b)
 - adjusted character & player jump values to be closer to what they are
   supposed to be for playing through the levels
 - updated skeleton to use a better "death fire" and "death shotgun" anims
 - updated all shotgun projectiles to use a shotgun death anim when
   killing a character.
 - updated M79 bullet to not set characters on fire
 - changed globalconfig.txt [decal] AllocationGranularity = 100
   instead of 1100 (1100 was way too big, wasting memory)
 - added menuid.txt MENUID_ITEM_RESUME, because resume needs
   hardcoded availability checking in code 
 - added menu.txt [item] with resume id and a message that changes
   to gamemode. It's the uppermost item in menu, because it can
   be disabled (invisible) if game is not available

 - updated subway level to a version without any c_sethealth messages
 - increased hotspot & falloff for dynamic\chopper_blades sound
 - updated testlevel06 description in menu.txt
 - updated testlevel06 to have 8 enemies standing on a moving DO
 - changed CameraCollision to FALSE in CharacterCollision_NoDraw material.
   The material is used for the staircase slides.
 - added globalconfig.txt [cinematic] MouseSensitivityMultiplier

 - added "death_falling.kf2" and "death_fire.kf2" to skeleton animations
 - added console alias "DumpActiveObjects"
 - updated dead_body.kf2 (Kim's character killing stuff)
 - added DamageFlash* variables to global config
 - added DeathCause variable to all projectiles
 - removed CHARANIM_DEATH* from skeleton
 - added four idle animations to skeleton (CHARANIM_CUSTOMIDLE1-4)
 - added nine death animations to skeleton (CHARANIM_RANDOMDEATH1-4,
 - added new animations mentioned above to CharacterAnimID.h and
 - added "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_changefov( 1, 0 );" and
   "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_changegamespeed( 1, 0 );" to globalconfig's
   camera [DOExitMessages] block
 - moved WideScreenMultiplier from [camera][general] to [cinematic]
 - added [character] AutoAimHorizontalAngle and AutoAimVerticalAngle

 - added [camera][general] WideScreenMultiplier = float to globalconfig.txt  
 - updated levels and ai nets
 - added "maxpayne_gamemode->gm_setplayercontrols(1);" to globalconfig.txt's
   DOcameraExit messages.

 - added "empty.dat" for lately added projectile folders. It's a 0 byte dummy
   file needed for the 3DRealms version patcher to work.
 - changed "Snow" tesselation in materials.txt to be lower. It used the
   default which was causing quite high polygon counts in outdoor areas,
   where it's not needed.

 - started the changes.txt
 - added MessageFilter_LevelOnly console alias
 - added MessageFilter_Off console alias
 - changed default level gravity to -20m/s^2
 - removed redundant load_test_* from testlevels folder and levels.txt
 - TestLevel01: Added slopes, removed example materials, removed spotlights
   from the level dynamic lighting and replaced with a few point lights
 - P1L4 (Rooftops and Alleys) is now split in two. Made changes to levels.txt
   and menu.txt, added 
 - Updated most of the game levels to current ldb version
 - Added "high" camerapath for testing the cam_animateinplace( %s ) orientation

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Posted 2 weeks ago

young max payne? That's interesting. Unless they meant the one used in Prologue/3rd nightmare in which we kill ...Max Payne (wearing a suit).


That gravity part was interesting too. Max Payne did a great job with it's projectile physics, but fro what I can understand they wanted to make it even better by involving gravity in this? Damn. That would make the game even harder.

The Eddo
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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 2 weeks ago.

young max payne? That's interesting. Unless they meant the one used in Prologue/3rd nightmare in which we kill ...Max Payne (wearing a suit).

You are correct, the "young_max_payne" skin is the suit one.


That gravity part was interesting too. Max Payne did a great job with it's projectile physics, but fro what I can understand they wanted to make it even better by involving gravity in this? Damn. That would make the game even harder.

No, each projectile has it's own gravity multiplier ranging from 0.0 to 1.0, if the multiplier is close to 0.0, the projectile will be lightweight, and if the multiplier is close to 1.0, the projectile will be heavy.

The multiplier value is defined in each projectile's script file, bullet projectiles have their gravity multiplier set to 0.0 by default.


And notice how many things like the ability to use painkillers were added late in development :O? And there's a sh*tLOAD of content cut from the game.

So I suppose the only way to have a proper E3 2000 version of MP1 is to attack Remedy's offices? LOL :lol:, just joking :p! Let's dig in the PS2\XBOX files instead.

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All righto, anyone who has a copy of Max Payne 2 on PC go here for probably the best mod I made:




And yes, it's that mod I was talking about a few posts back, it's now properly done (actually, it was done months ago but I accidentally deleted it, so I had to remake it).

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Ever realized that Roscoe Bank doesn't have any guards? Well...


"Freeze, suckers! Roscoe Bank security!"






These textures have been lying in the game files but as you might have already guessed they went unused! I've been looking at 'em for a year or so and finally decided to reimplement it into the game last night, I took the Transit Cop model and simply made the model use the unused grey pants and the RB security jacket with the help of an excellent online hex editor known as HexEd.it.


I doubt if the guards had grey pants in E3, but hey, the pants look fitting with the jacket and the grey pants were probably unused too.

And according to the MP1 changelog above, this security guard skin was internally known as "bank_guard_dead" before it was cut, so when I implemented it in the game, I gave it proper internal names too! Note that I ADDED the skin, I didn't replace anything.


Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to edit .LDB files, so I guess the skin will be activated in the mod, but won't be used by any level.

But don't worry, I'll edit the Roscoe Bank level as soon as B_Smiles gives me the .LDB tools he was talking about and then I'll release the next update.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Judging by this trailer I have a strong feeling that initially maps were meant to be much smaller/tighter than they are in a final release (thank god). Couple of shots were taken in small alleyways, resembling these from first part of MP, when we were chasing Gognitti.




Besides, you think there is something interesting left in console versions of Max Payne? Or even mobile?  Although there's a possiiblity that there are plenty of hidden stuff in mobile release (just like GTA III for instance).

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 2 weeks ago.

Judging by this trailer I have a strong feeling that initially maps were meant to be much smaller/tighter than they are in a final release (thank god). Couple of shots were taken in small alleyways, resembling these from first part of MP, when we were chasing Gognitti.



Nah, they're just test levels they created, but who knows whether they are the BETA versions of the final ones, you could be right.

In the same video, a newsman can be seen announcing in the background that "Alex Balder was found brutally slain at the construction site" at 0:17, meaning Alex was meant to be killed at the construction site rather than the subway.


Interestingly, the "killing at a construction site" was reused in MP2, where Max kills Winterson in self-defense.

Also, at 2:14 in that video you added a link to, you can see Max killing Gognitti instead of leaving him alive, it was cut because Max wasn't meant to be a psycho.


At 1:43, the graphic novel cutscene where Frankie hits Max with a bat is shown, blood can be seen on Max and if you look closely at the speech bubble above Max's head, you'll realize that he's saying:


"Mona! What did you bastards do to her?!"


To which Frankie replies:


"You shoulda heard her, she was a real scream when the boys caught her trying to cap the don, he's (who is "he"?) gonna take care of that witch, for sure."


Meaning Max was meant to have a "bigger" relationship with Mona.

Also, there's no sign of Max's family in the pre-2001 E3 trailers, meaning Max was only out to avenge Alex and that's all? Or according to what I read somewhere once, Max was just a psychotic DEA agent sent by the mayor, but when Alex is killed, who was more like his boss instead of a friend, he is forced to kill everyone: Mobsters, junkies, Aesir Corporation bodyguards and even fellow DEA agents! Damn it Remedy, why cut out so many things?


Besides, you think there is something interesting left in console versions of Max Payne? Or even mobile?  Although there's a possiiblity that there are plenty of hidden stuff in mobile release (just like GTA III for instance).

There's basically nothing in the mobile version, I've seen the files personally, so let's check the console files instead.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Well, discovered this last year but posting it now :bored:, some of the cut animations are shown in this video and it's quite self explanatory:


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Damn, I hate to double-post, but what can I do? Anyways, here's some new progress:


* Implemented the PS2 credits theme as per George Costanza's "request", also timed it to play at the right moment.


I'll update the OP and download when I get enough time, the total file size is now 7 MB.

Now that I have my hands on a hex editor, I'm going to change the last level significantly, stay tuned for more updates ;).

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You know, the animations when Gognitti shoots with one hand makes it look cooler. I mean, why did Remedy had to change those animations? Also is there any way to replace the death animations with ragdolls?

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