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Black and Latino Motorcycle Club

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Posted 24 July 2017 - 07:25 PM Edited by shawnrevfit, 24 July 2017 - 07:39 PM.


(South Bay Dragons is a fictional role playing Motorcycle Club in the world of GTA inspired by one of the oldest black based Motorcycle Clubs, the East Bay Dragons MC from Oakland California. Membership is open to all regardless of race or gender but in game character must be black or latino. This is also a community for people of color players who are MC enthusiast but feel like the current role playing MCs on GTA don’t provide a space for them.

Also the East Bay Dragons MC are in no way connected with this fictional crew nor is this history an interpretation of this real life MC. All props to East Bay Dragons and all the cool work they do for the community.)
The Dragons are the first Black and motorcycle club that fights against prejudice, stereotypes and the right to live the outlaw biker lifestyle.
Formerly part of more “traditional” motorcycle clubs, Dragon founders felt like they needed to create a home for bikers who were traditionally excluded from most clubs because of their race. The goal was never to reinforce some “backward prejudice” but rather to give a space to bikers where they felt at home. 
There are way too many MCs in the GTA world who are simply handing out patches to their clubs because they are desperate for members. But we understand that true loyalty and friendship is built over time. Our prospecting period insures that not only we get to know who you are but you get to know who we are as a club.
Full Club Name: South Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club
Nickname: Dragons MC
Club Colors: Yellow (primary) Red (Secondary)
Motto: Ride as a Dragon!
Territory: South Los Santos (also control Port of Los Santos) 
Club Uniform: Denim Jacket (traditionally) with club patches
Vehicle: Choppers (but also many avid muscle car collectors)
Here is the process of becoming a Prospect for our club and eventually earning that Patch
1) Unlike many MCs in the GTA world we do not have a separate charter for our prospects, for two reasons. a) we don’t want people to feel like being a prospect is some kind of separate entity from the club and b) we want our prospects to really meet and get to know other brothers and that can only easily be done if part of the same active crew in GTA.
2) When you first apply to our club you will be admitted technically as what is called a “hang around”. Someone who is kind of checking out our club but has no real affiliation with us. Once you meet a few patch members and hang with them you can ask for them to become your sponsor.
3) Your sponsor is basically a full patch member who is teaching you what it means to be a Dragon and making sure you get connected with the rest of the brothers. You can have only one sponsor.
4) In addition to your sponsor you will have a Prospect Manager who is assigned to you. In addition to your sponsor they will be monitoring your progress and making sure you are getting taken care of. In some instances your sponsor and prospect manager may be the same brother.
5) This prospecting period has to be a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks. If you do not fulfill the requirements for patch consideration after 4 weeks, you will be kicked from the club.
6) Never asked for a patch, your sponsor and prospect manager are observing your actions and that is what should be proving you are deserving of a patch. Earn your patch through dedication, loyalty and respect, there are no short cuts.
Some things to consider when prospecting
- Be very active on the Social Clubs club page, and the Kik Chat, this is where you will be easily noticed by leadership
- Play with leadership as often as you can
- Ask questions of your sponsor and prospect manager, they can point you in the right direction for development
- As a prospect you cannot wear a Patch but you should rock the club colors (but remember you are still a biker, so dress like one), ride club approved motorcycles, attend club functions and carry yourself as a brother.
- You cannot be part of multiple MCs, so make sure you set the MC to your active crew and are recruiting others to join the ranks.
- Don’t kiss ass, trust is earned through genuine relationships, not through ass kissing your way to a patch.
We are currently recruiting our founding 13 members, so if you join now you do not need to probate!
Ride for brotherhood, Ride for loyalty, Ride for respect...Ride as a Dragon!
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Posted 18 August 2017 - 10:44 AM

Much respect for choosing EBD to model your club after! SF native here, and President of the online MC, Black Diamonds MC. What system are you guys on? Also you "APPLY NOW" button doesn't work, fyi.


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