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This is the only place where GTA IV is popular

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Posted A week ago

gta IV is classic so i can't say this is the only place this is popular, but gtaForums is where the most die hard fans of the series are so it is no surprising people that most care about each installment write their opinions here

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Posted 18 hours ago

It's just a hate bandwagon. People want to be apart of the popular opinion because they don't want to be isolated. I used to be like that too until I stopped giving a sh*t about what people think. But I swear, ever since that "GTA IV is better than GTA V" video dropped, I've been seeing more people appreciating GTA IV.

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Posted 9 hours ago

Sadly it seems that we are the only one who loved this game, I always been a fan of GTA 4 since I have bought my ps3 and GTA IV when I was 10 years old. Loved the more "realistic" approach but I never truly appreciated this game until I replayed it several times when I finally managed to understand he story better.

The majority of GTA casual players still hates this game because it's simply not GTA online but like others said, I'm glad that I started to see more people liking GTA 4 after that video.
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