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Blood Drive on Syfy

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Posted A week ago



Blood Drive is set in the dystopian "distant future" of the year 1999, after the "Great Fracking Quakes" have literally split the United States apart, with a giant ravine called "the Scar" being formed roughly along the route of the Mississippi River. A mega-corporation, Heart Enterprises, exploits strange discoveries from the bottom of the Scar to become ubiquitous across American politics, society, and the economy. Meanwhile, as a result of environmental decline, water has become scarce and gasoline prohibitively expensive.


The series features Los Angeles Police Department officer Arthur Bailey (Alan Ritchson), aka Barbie, being forced to partner up with Grace D'Argento (Christina Ochoa), a dangerous femme fatale who has an agenda of her own, as they take part in a death race where the cars run on human blood - the titular Blood Drive, whose master of ceremonies, Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham), is secretly a Heart employee. As they make their way through the Blood Drive, Arthur and Grace realize that Heart has been involved in their own pasts, as well.






I am hooked on this ridiculous show. It's chock full of over the top death race action, camp and gore. I'm actually pretty surprised a show this severe made it onto regular cable. If you're into grindhouse, dark humor, ultra violence and dystopian themes, this series is for you. Every episode is like a mini grindhouse feature.

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Posted 6 days ago

Lol the premise, i could never come up with this sh*t.

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