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Yakuza Kiwami

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 02:56 PM Edited by fashion, 29 August 2017 - 02:56 PM.

After the first hour, I'm very satisfied. The story is interesting and it kicks off well and it's just impressive and good to see how Kiryu and the rest have developed over the years. Kamarucho seems to be a tiny bit grittier and money doesn't fly around when you kick someone's ass. The econimic boom is over and I can't wait to see if it affects the substories as well.

Core gameplay is exactly the same as 0. Don't go in expecting a revolutionary sequel here. Although there's one very important new feature: you can save from the options menu.
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Posted 31 August 2017 - 06:01 PM

Saving from the menu is a useful addition, the running to a phonebox to save while avoiding fights got a bit tiresome.
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Posted 05 September 2017 - 06:59 PM Edited by fashion, 06 September 2017 - 06:34 PM.

Just made it through Chapter 5. The best chapter so far. Holy sh*t.
At first, I thought the story was very good, not quite as good as 0 but still damn good. I doubt it will top 0, but it's incredible nonetheless. If I hadn't played 0, I'm not sure I'd enjoy it quite as much. Knowing the background of the main characters, especially Majima and Nishkiyama is a major plus.

I'm really glad we got Yakuza 0 first before Kiwami. Without 0 it wouldn't be the same.

Majima is one crazy f*cking psycho. That's what I call character development. Majima Everywhere is fun too. The highlights of this mechanic are the scripted events but when you randomly meet him on the street, it's pretty much Mr.Shakedown 2.0. A shame the dialogue often repeats itself when meeting him randomly.

Substories are still great, but I noticed there are way more serious ones rather than wacky ones. Many of them are short too. Still, I enjoy the tone of those substories. Don't get me wrong though, there's still a bunch wacky ones.

If you played through pocket circuit in 0, make sure to follow this substory too. Protip: check out the karaoke songs for a small surprise..

Loving it so far.

Edit: Did a couple more substories. There are certainly some outstanding wacky substories too.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by fashion, 3 weeks ago.

So, today I've finally finished the game and most of it's side content. I did everything I wanted before heading for the final battle. What I did:

- finished the game (no sh*t)
- completed the coliseum
- settled the score with Majima
- finished every single substory, including the hidden last one
- finished pocket circuit again (more on that later)
- played a good amount of minigames. Mastered billiard table this time, gambled a bit, did some karaoke, ect ect

It took me a total of 47 hours on normal difficulty. Yakuza 0 took me 78 hours to finish almost everything. I'm not going for 100% in Yakuza games though.

Where do I start?

The combat.
Yes, it's the same as 0. Move on to next point, right? No. I actually think it's improved, not only because of the Kiwami finisher addition but because of a better XP progression and sense of progress.
In 0, I mostly went with the Beast style but in Kiwami I actually had to switch up a lot and ended up using Rush the most, followed by Brawler and Beast. I like how you don't buy skills with money anymore.

Kiwami also feels a bit harder than 0.

But then, around chapter 9 or so I started using Dragon of Dojima a lot more until it was the only style I ever used. GodDAMN it feels good. I love this style.

At the beginning, this style is pointless but you have to progress in Majima Everywhere to unlock more and more. I recommend to everyone to unlock as many abilities as possible. It feels so badass to beat sh*t up with a maxed out Dragon of Dojima. It's good. There's one move that literally can brake the game if you overuse it. It takes half a health bar away, which can be helpful once you get tired of Majima.

I love how this style evolves, the progression is so well done that I have to say, I prefer Kiwami's combat than 0's. You get stronger than the OG Dragon of Dojima later on and even learn hidden techniques such as the overpowered Tiger Drop and even some of Majima's moves. It makes sence that Kiryu picks up some of Majima's style.

Majima Everywhere (gonna call it ME)
The good? Majima is f*cking awesome and I loved most of his appearances of the game. He either jumps you from above, below, behind and everywhere in-between. The highlight of this are when you either rank up so he calls you to meet up for battle or when you meet him inside stores and.. clubs.
He can challenge you to do minigames and do other crazy sh*t to piss Kiryu off.

The best moments are when he plays dress up. Cop Majima, Goromi (won't spoil this one), Hannya-man, Everyone's Idol and so much more.

The bad? The grind. Don't get me wrong, I loved this mechanic up until rank S. It was well paced. Every 1-2 chapters you could progress 1-2 ranks in ME which was just enough to not get you bored. The mechanic definetly has its moments and is worth doing to max out Dragon of Dojima and see the crazy sh*t Majima is up to.

Still, it's a grind sometimes. It got a bit tedious after rank S so I just used Tiger Drop against him in most battles.

The other bad? To finish ME, you need to have ALL the Dragon skills. I had to look them up how to get the remaining ones. Had to go through Pocket Circuit again to finish this sh*t (yes, Majima battles you in pocket circuit)

The story
It's very, very damn good. I slightly prefer 0's story because of how deep and complex it was but Kiwami is pretty damn close.

Gonna put this short and spoiler free, the story is a tiny bit more straightforward and easier to keep track of. There are still some HUGE and jawdropping revelations with a significant inpact, but they happen later on. The first few chapters were okay but the story truly picks up.

Glad I played 0 first. So good to see how the characters have evolved. The new characters are also great. It's still a Yakuza game at it's finest and left me with the same feeling of emptiness as 0. What the f*ck am I going to do now before Kiwam 2?

I actually prefered Kiwami's final boss and chapter than 0's. Crazy, right? Slightly prefer it. The ending was so well done and so much unexpected happened. It was crazy. I loved it.

Just as good as 0. At the beginning I thought they weren't as good. Many first substories you run into are Kiryu being robbed/conned/attacked and ended fast but there are indeed many memorable substories too.

There's a handful of substories that directly tie-in to the story and reveal some background information, answer the unansweree questions. Some of them even have cutscenes and voice acting so it's an improvement.

I don't want to spoil anything, might post my favorites later.

Final thoughts
I f*cking loved it. So glad I hopped on the train with this series. 9/10.

One last thing though, Kiwami could have been a full priced game if they introduced a second playable character: Nishki. That would have been so damn awesome to see what he was up to. The game already did that in form of cutscenes but if he was playable, Sega would have made more money.
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Luna 51, 3 weeks ago.

A shame the dialogue often repeats itself when meeting him randomly.

Mr. Shakedown is like that too when you beat them 5 times each of the 4, but except it's always like that

Spent 30 hours or so, finished up the story the other day, might try to get 100% completion if I can put up with Batting, Koi-Koi and Mahjong

Also, you get rewards for completing the Climax Battles for PA, I don't know what the rewards are but they're there since I only completed the Mad Dog battles so far

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by DisCrafted, 2 weeks ago.

Bumping cause we've been blessed with these goodies:

Kiwami 2 Story Trailer:



Kiwami 2 Gameplay Trailer:



Hokuto ga Gotoku Trailer (Fist of the North Star & Yakuza Crossover):


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I never completed this game but unloved it when it was out. Picked it up and enjoying it so far.

The nostalgia alone is worth it
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