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Fight Net Neutrality, Save the Internet!

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Posted A week ago

Everytime a dictator makes a coup one of the things he always does is taking the control of the medias, never forget it.

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Posted A week ago

Which country do you live in?
The problem isn't capitalism but the concentration of powers.

Indonesia. In my opinion, things can called capitalism if there have high price but that thing are important to get. What do you think if you must pay extra to access youtube or this forum for example?

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We're almost there, We only need a few republicans who actually care about the people they represent and fall out of the party line and vote with the democrats like they did with the repeal of Obamacare


It is true that the vote would go to the House and even if it passed there would likely be vetoed by Trump. Still, I think it shows that the public outcry and demonstrations against the repeal have made some effect. Fingers crossed that the pressure to reverse the ruling continues!

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