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What are your PC Specs?, Are you planning to upgrade soon?

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Posted A week ago Edited by stretchx9, A week ago.


You can have that and still have oc, when you oc rightly you don't have unstability and with that cooler you will still have a silent pc.. but suit yourself.


at 1440p i doubt he would see any improvement from overclocking at all, the "bottleneck"  are the 3.5GB VRAM, if you call it that


Well said. Yet in GTAV, a 970 manages quite well with the last 512 mb of VRAM running at a slow clock rate. Give me 2 1080's to mount in SLI and I'd still have to leave certain game settings on "Normal"  It's just the nature of the game.  

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Posted A week ago

Currently I'm playing in [email protected] with V-Sync on half, grass on normal (IMO this setting doesn't add anything useful, and just wastes FPS), FXAA, and frame scaling on 2/1.

Grass is definitely an FPS killer but the amount of foliage it adds is a lot of eye candy that is easily noticeable when disabled.

I've generally seen a maximum of Very High setting to be apt, ultra seems a bit redundant unless you have the extra horsepower to bother running it (which I'd like to think you have with a 1080 that you're using to to play at 1080p + 2/1 Frame Scaling). The normal setting makes the country side look extremely unfinished imo :p

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Zeta87, 6 days ago.

CPU: i5 3570K @3,8GHz (with Turbo Boost )


Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-M


Video Card: Vapor-X TriX R9 290


RAM: Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1600C9 2x4 GB 1600 MHz


PSU:Corsair V700 


HDD: Western Digital Black Edition 4 TB 7200 rpm


Monitor: Asus VG278HE 27" 1920x1080 144 Hz 


Cabinet: Cooler Master HAF 912 Black


Yeah, sure, i want to change PC, keeping the HDD and possibly the cabinet  (and the monitor).


I have the budget (1800 euro), i'm just not sure what i should buy.


Probably a Ryzen 1700, a B350 Motherboard, at least 16 GB of RAM, a GTX 1080 ti (or a RX Vega) and then enjoy it? :lol:


Yeah, i know, you probably think a GTX 1080 ti is overkill in FullHD, but not so much if it have to push 144 fps at high/ultra settings, right? :monocle:

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