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Times you've cried during a Videogame

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  • anthony

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Posted A week ago

When I was young, for CS:S, crying like a bitch because of losing.
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  • Candy_Licker


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Posted A week ago Edited by Candy_Licker, A week ago.

Mafia for me as well, TWD and TLOU beginning, Khalid dying in BG2, Jade Cocoon petrified village and I'm sure there's tons more as I'm a huge crybaby.

Khalid? Boy was I glad when he died (except for Jaheira) Dynaheir was more of a loss


I never cried during a game, but not because I wanted to pride over my masculinity and all that cliché sh*t. Is mainly because I never found a story in which I could feel identified enough with the characters. I'm not too much of a "traditional gamer" anyway, as I'm currently being driven away from traditional games with storyline, levels and bosses.

On the other hand, several songs give me goosebumps sometimes when I listen to them.

Same. But I can't even cry in This Is Us with it's sweet sentimentality, and I like the show and the characters.

RDR was great with the goosebumps. The tragic end really moved me as much as a videogame could. But the scene going to Mexico with the song and especially the one where you ride back down from the mountain as you killed you know who.... wow that was goosebumps.

I'm more the melancholic guy who reflects silently what he's seen, instead of crying.

I got really melanholic in Witcher simply because it's such a wonderful game, feeling sad because it would finish sometime. Slightly offtopic now but I often have this feeling when a beloved tv series/games ends.
In tv shows, I sometimes can't even watch the final episodes when I do a rerun, and that's as close as crying as it gets for me.

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Posted A week ago


The moment were snake shoots and the moment Otacon talks about him as being in the past....first time i came at that part...man...being a follower of the series in general since mgs1....that was sad.

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  • ProKiller93

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Posted A week ago

Never did

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  • ΣΓ

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Posted A week ago Edited by ΣΓ, A week ago.

I got a few tears in my eyes when I watched one of the clips from Quantum Break. Burke (one of the good guys in the game) confesses to his wife that he did some terrible things because of his job (~21:00). The emotional part is when he said "if you will just let me protect you one last time". It's a powerful moment for guys who know what it's like to really love a woman and that means that you would do everything in your power to protect her.

  • Stormingz

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Posted A week ago Edited by Stormingz, A week ago.

I've only ever come close to tears, never cried, nonetheless Dom's death in Gears of War 3, got me a lil' teary.

  • LiangHuBBB

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Posted A week ago

that was like 20 years ago when aeris died in FF7 :(

  • thatstupidbug

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Posted A week ago Edited by thatstupidbug, A week ago.

Saints row THE THIRD  ... "what happened to my favourite series???? YOU MONSTERS!!!"



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Posted A week ago

Trevors death in GTA V and Trevors drugs getting seized in Series A made me frown. Cant think of any others right now but damn are there hella spoilers in this thread

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  • Vaulttec

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Posted A week ago

As many others have said the last of us made me cry when Sarah is shot and killed by the marine was heartbreaking. Also the alternate reality timeline in life is strange made me tear up as well.

  • ZillKentornoes

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Posted A week ago

Never cried from a game but Shadow of the Colossus nearly had me in my feelings. Beautiful game

  • jrl51592


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Posted 5 days ago

Never cried from a game but Shadow of the Colossus nearly had me in my feelings. Beautiful game

This. Thinking that you are doing a good deed by killing the Collossi to bring back your girlfriend but by the time you get to the ending, you find out you were not doing good deeds. As others have mentioned, John Marston's death in RDR. I never actually shed a tear but I got choked up when he was killed. But boy, did it feel good to finally kill Edgar Ross. Been wanting to ice him since the moment we first meet him. Also, The Witcher 3. My god that game really gets you invested into the story at an emotional level. Shadow of Colluses, Red Dead Redemption, and The Witcher 3 are my top three favorite games ever because of their stories are magnificent. They are all masterpieces in my opinion.
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JF Prodigy
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Posted 4 days ago

Beating GTA IV for the first time after 200 hours in 2010.


The ending in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness after you are erased from time after defeating Dialga. Seeing my partner learn to be brave on their own was what made me fight the tears.

  • Matrelith

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Posted 4 days ago

Ah yes I almsost forgot about Valiant Hearts. It was free for psplus users I think. Finally a game not about badass war superheroes but actual people stuck in a war. Didn't make me cry but it was emotional.

Yeah, throughout the game there are some sad moments, but nothing that got the ol' waterworks going. But for some reason the ending, with the music and the monologue, always gets to me. 

  • Fuzzknuckles

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Posted 2 days ago

Last of Us intro gets me teary and choked up, but not full on crying. 


RDR got me pretty emotional at points too, but not crying. 


The only thing that's made me cry in the last couple of years was the second trailer for The Force Awakens, but I was ripped to the tits on sedatives as I'd had an operation a few hours before. 

  • Journey_95


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Posted A day ago Edited by Journey_95, A day ago.

I didn't cry but Mordin and Anderson's deaths in Mass Effect 3 were sad as hell. ME3 gets a lot of flak but it absolutely nailed the emotional moments (and its a great game overall, apart from the ending).


Marston's death in RDR, that was executed so well too. 


Anyway regarding LiS, maybe I should give it another chance? The dialogue was just so cringeworthy that I never bothered to play it after Episode 1

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  • HaythamKenway


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Posted A day ago

I wish they didn't cut Anderson's speech in the released game. The full version might be a bit cheesy, but goddamnit, they've earned that melodrama by that point. The last goodbyes you exchange with your squadmates in London also always choke me up. The whole mission is a let down, but the interlude at the base before the final push is one of the series' strongest sequences.


But the biggest tearjerker in the whole game is, for me, Thane's farewell in the hospital.



No shame in admitting that ME3 soared every once in a while too.

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Posted A day ago

Trevors death in GTA V 


I cried for a different reason. Not out of sadness, but out of joy that such a sh*t and poorly written character finally got what he deserved.:p

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