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Posted 2 days ago

Gotta say this is a cool mod, however I partially ran into the same issue as Junior.

So most of the scripts I installed are inside the scripts folder while a few others such as ModLoader, SkyUI, Mobile Style Loading etc. are in the root directory. Once I installed MoonLoader, SkyUI couldn't find GInput anymore, even though it was installed. I moved GInput in the root directory and game worked fine at the menu, however once I started a new game, it was loading like the vanilla game, even though I have the Mobile Style Loading mod installed.

This made me realize that the scripts folder is apparently ignored when using this mod. I tried moving the mod's asi and the folder inside the scripts folder, along GInput, and this partially fixed my issue, however only a few mods were actually loaded, which I belive they are the ones that are loaded prior to this mod (SkyUI loaded, meaning that GInput loaded, which is loaded before this mod, however SkyGFX and SilentPatch weren't, which are loaded after this mod). Moonloader's scripts however worked fine (tested the BetterSkybox mod which uses Moonloader now)

Is it possible to make this mod less location dependent?

It's actually moonloader that is causing that,not letting asis from /script to be loaded.
Moving every asi to root folder fixes the loading for me.(Idk about asis in /modloader though, I usually don't put them there)

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Posted 2 days ago

Modloader is in the root directory, and prior to installing this mod everything worked nicely. The scripts folder is not inside modloader folder, though.

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Posted 2 days ago

osh*t I thought this was modloader's thread lmao.
But possible solution remains the same,move all asis to root folder.
Still is really weird that moonloader messes up the loading of asis, I wish they could fix that.
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Posted 16 hours ago

Yes, there was a problem in MoonLoader and it already fixed in v.024. Fix is published but not yet released officially, there was a few things needed to be tested before.

For now you can download v.024 from here or wait until v.025 will be released in the coming days.

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