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GTAForums Weekly Issue 16

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Posted 02 July 2017 - 04:06 PM Edited by Android, 02 July 2017 - 06:52 PM.


Week of June 25th - July 1st



Welcome to the sixteenth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter! First off, we'd like to apologize for the delay in posting, we were a bit behind on production and some other work behind the scenes. You can expect the upcoming issue to be on schedule. With that being said, let's just get right into the news.. Let's start with the GTAF Snap Battle, as it's only fitting considering Season 2 is now live! Submissions across all platforms are now being accepted. For this season, the theme is "Architecture". In regards to what's at stake, the winner of Season 2 will receive a Sprunk water bottle, and of course their winning Snapmatic shot will be posted across GTANet's social platforms. If you're interested in participating, head to the Snap Battle sub-forum before it's too late.
Since our last issue, we've seen the return of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown, which is now in it's thirteenth week of being hosted. The Pegassi Monroe, which was the winner of Week 12, is going head-to-head against the Cheval Picador. It currently holds a slight lead at the time this is being posted. Click here to head to the topic and vote! Consistent content within the News sub-forum seems to be on a bit of a decline but hopefully it picks up again soon! 
GTAForums currently has a total of 14,906,736 total posts (+16.737 from last week) and 709,640 total members (+666 from last week) at the time this is being posted.



Welcome to the sixteenth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

GTA Online
As Independence Day looms in the United States, Rockstar has resumed their annual tradition of turning Los Santos into the city of patriotic fervor! This week, Rockstar has dropped the brand new Dewbauchee Vagner, the latest super-car in the collection. Featuring some sleek curves and a luxurious design, it's yours to grab at Legendary Motorsports starting today. A new Adversary Mode has also been released, “Dawn Raid”. According to the Rockstar Newswire, “two teams of up to six parachute into a combat zone in search of a transmitter hidden inside of a package.” The objective is to find this transmitter, and transport it to the evacuation zone without being eliminated by the opposing team. All of this is done at night, donning thermal scopes and night vision goggles, and using the oh-so-not-annoying Trackify app to locate the desired package. This new mode has a double GTA$ and RP bonus this week through July 10th.
Because it is Independence Day week, everyone will be launching their annual fireworks and causing fires, I mean, celebrating, so Rockstar has released a set of new liveries for the Mobile Operations Center and the Mk II weapons, with the good old Fireworks Launcher, patriotic outfits, the Sovereign, and the Liberator monster truck all available until the 10th, with a 25% discount. You can also unlock some brand new spankin’ shirts that debuted at the Rockstar Warehouse, sporting Rockstar’s brand new ‘noise’ logo, available at any store for free if you log in to GTA Online this week.
Independence Day week is also celebrated with a few more bonuses. With 25% off:
- The Pisces yacht
- All watercraft on Docktease
- Clothing and Tattoos from the Cunning Stunts DLC
- 30% off the Orion yacht
- 35% off the Aquarius yacht
- 50% off Yacht Modifications
Some premium races and time trials will also be enabled within the next two weeks, with the first one being the ones announced in last week’s Rockstar Central, the “Spinner” Premium Race, locked to Supercars and the “Fort Zancudo” time trial, running until the 3rd of July.
For the 4th onward, until the 10th, Rockstar announced two new challenges:
- Premium Special Vehicle Race – “Atmosphere”, locked to the Rocket Voltic
- Time Trial – “Storm Drain”
Rockstar General
This week, Rockstar released two brand new t-shirts in the Rockstar Warehouse, featuring the brand-new Noise logo. Inspired by the glitch art aesthetic, and made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort, you can find them here at the Rockstar Warehouse Summer 2017 collection. (Yes, now Rockstar Central is also a clothing advertisement section! If only I could be paid by Roc-…) The new logos have also been released as wallpapers for mobile, tablets and desktops in 4K resolution, which is something they hadn’t done for quite a few years! You can find them in the Downloads section.
Along with this, and to coincide with the Summer break, Rockstar is also having 30% discounts on a lot of Bully merchandising, like the Bully Dodgeball, the Logo tee, the Bullworth Academy tee and cap, iDevice cases and much more, which you can find here. These discounts last through July 6!
Rockstar also talked about the death of Prodigy from the popular rap group, Mobb Deep, in a small tribute on their Newswire, listing a few videos of his best performances and speaking a little bit about him. Check it out here.
Community Highlight – The GTA V Secrets and Mysteries Hunt
Rockstar has always been the one to go to when it comes to easter eggs and conspiracy theories among the player base. From Claude speaking in the end of GTA III, to the existence of Bigfoot in GTA San Andreas - the community never sleeps, and Rockstar takes advantage of it strategically.
GTA V took upon us a brand-new definition of mystery. From a very explicitly mysterious mural in Mount Chiliad, to actual UFO sightings, a Bigfoot/Sasquatch side-mission and side-missions pertaining to aliens, the community has never been so united to try to see what is going on this time.
With rumors of a cancelled Story Mode DLC involving zombies and aliens, to actual proof in leftovers in the game files, this thread, created by Eram in 2014, has since then gathered people together to discuss all of those mysteries. Speculation, proof, theorizing, actually finding things - this is the place for it. Especially with the recent finding of the alien egg mission in the Gunrunning DLC, meaning Rockstar is still teasing players with the mysteries from 2013!
If you want to discuss these mysteries and take part in sometimes very elaborate research acts, this is the place for you. Granted, it’s got some very interesting stuff on it…







































We caught up with the fast and sophisticated ~Tiger~ for our latest interview.

Android: You've been a member here for a bit longer than three years. What initially brought you to GTAForums?
Tiger: I originally came to GTAF shortly after the release of GTA San Andreas I joined but never posted much and often didn't even bother logging in. I often prefer to read rather than write! Over the years I forgot my username and password and only re-joined after the release of GTA V. I participated much more this time.
What's the history / context regarding your username?
It's been my nickname since I was a kid. I hated wearing shoes and used to creep up on people (because I moved silently) and my sister called the barefoot tiger. I used the name when I was in a band and it stuck all my life but of course nowadays I'm just plain old Tiger.
What do you enjoy most about the GTAF community? Do you hate anything about it?
I enjoy the diversity and the wide range of characters, individuals, personalities and cultures. I think it's great that you can chat to folks from all over the world about stuff that we all enjoy. I don't have much time for show-offs, bullsh*tters and try-hards though. If we all just accepted ourselves for what we are and accepted others for the same reason the world would be a better place.
Not everybody is aware that you're in Zaibatsu (an Official Gang here on GTAF), but how do you like it there?
Z is the gang I always identified with the most :)
What has your experience been like in terms of being on the GTA Series Staff team?
I've been moderating various internet forums since about 2002 and I've admined a couple too. I don't think regular members realise how stressful the job can be, especially when it's all kicking off in several places at once. Fortunately, I'm one of those people who thrive on stress and I love being able to jump in and help when things get messy. This is the biggest forum I've ever moderated and even though I'm only jointly responsible for a part of it, it is the busiest part and the staff here always work well together. We are an awesome team.
Are there any plans in store for the GTAF Snapmatic Competition?
We have just moved to the GTA Online section from V section so we are now welcoming new participants and new perspectives. The judging team is watching carefully how this move pans out over the next few weeks. We do have some ideas for how we can make the participants experience more rewarding though so stay tuned for that.
The competition has recently been revamped in many ways. What inspires you to keep it going?
The simple fact that members get genuine enjoyment out of taking part. There are no prizes, no rewards, but folks just enjoy the fun of participating each week.
Which forum member do you feel closest to?
I couldn't possibly single out one individual :)
Picture this; you've suddenly become an Admin here on the forum. What do you do first?
I'm a strong believer in not fixing things if they aren't broken. Besides, everyone here has a voice and is welcome to put forward suggestions. A forum admin has a lot more buttons to push but it is the community that makes a forum, not one individual or individuals.
What's your favorite Rockstar Games series or title?
Grand Theft Auto (predictably), and my favourite game is of course the Greatest Game in History... GTA San Andreas.
Do you have any other interests, hobbies, favorite music, and so on? Tell us more about the person behind your alias.
I have lots. Mainly creating art. I don't have a particular affinity with the 'art scene' in general as there is a huge amount of so-called art that is in fact, utter bollocks. I also admire good architecture, history, natural history and exploring interesting places. My musical tastes range from Rock, Rap, House, Trance-Techno and even classical. I don't have much time for Pop Music though.
Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
Keep keeping GTAF awesome!

We would like to thank Tiger for the opportunity & for helping to keep the community running smoothly!




Calvin Harris - Cash Out (feat. ScHoolboy Q, PARTYNEXTDOOR, D.R.A.M.)



Scottish electronic music producer Calvin Harris takes a different direction with his new album, deriving from the mainstream EDM sound he's mostly known for, and instead opting for a more chilled-out, throwback vibe. "Cash Out" features vocals from American rappers ScHoolboy Q and D.R.A.M., Canadian rapper and producer PARTYNEXTDOOR, and uncredited backing vocals from producer Starrah.


Album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Genre: Electronic/Nu-disco/Synth-funk

Release Date: June 30, 2017

Label: Columbia

Writer(s): Adam Wiles, Brittany Hazzard, Quincy Hanley, Shelley Massenburg-Smith, Rogét Chahayed




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Posted 02 July 2017 - 09:25 PM

Ooh, 666 new members...


Great post, as always!

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Always looking forward to the next issue as soon as I am done with the current one.  :catloaf:


Great read! 

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