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Posted 02 August 2017 - 09:47 PM Edited by OrionSR, 02 August 2017 - 09:58 PM.

Are all 1.06+ mobile saves really identical? I've been trying to map each known data point within save and it looks like as far as players are concerned this is true. There used to be issues with a slight offset difference in the object flags that would lead to liftable windows at the Burning Desire house or other stray objects that get glitched by resume saves if iOS and Android players mixed their saves. But it looks like that issue was resolved with the 1.06 patch. So as far as I can tell at this point, players shouldn't notice any difference when sharing saves. 


But if I load an iOS save on Android, resave, and compare the saves byte by byte a lot of data changes drastically. Which is always true but I've got things mapped well enough that I can usually tell the difference between data and garbage. I think I've managed to isolate some memory pointers and the values in the Android save have much larger values than iOS. My hypothesis is that Android is using global addresses when iOS is using local offsets. I have few known iOS saves to work with and no known examples for... Remastered? Windows Store? I got the impression from the conversation that Remastered was the commonly used term these days.


This research is leading towards a tool that can safely remove glitched objects from mobile saves, so any contributions will go towards helping the larger GTA community. Still , I apologize for the off-topic conversation. I just wasn't sure where else to look for Remastered saves. SnP can't tell the difference, yet.


Added: Feel free to continue the conversation here


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Posted 04 August 2017 - 01:58 AM Edited by SMACKED!, 04 August 2017 - 01:59 AM.

Is there anything wrong?


I've finally managed to get OM0 when I'm supposed to be OM1 but everytime I look foward to start a mission my phone automatically rings before I enter the market and I go confused and things go messed up for me.


Is it possible to the phone to ring before entering a market when you get OM0? If so, what am I supposed to do? Enter a car to evade the call and continue forward?

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 06:36 PM

Smacked, I recommend you inform yourself more about om0.


Perhaps you use a Steam version, then you should downgrade or deal with severe limitations.


This tutorial is quite well made:







Does anyone have old Windows Store versions? I am looking for instapasses at the moment. What I need is the version number and the main.scm and script.img (game folder -> data -> script). There is a slim chance that an older version has a spectacular instapass, like Taxi or Paramedic.

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 08:57 AM

When became the winstore version new? I bought a version one or two years ago.

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 09:04 AM Edited by Ghost Pulaski, 08 August 2017 - 09:07 AM.

When became the winstore version new? I bought a version one or two years ago.

I think the Remastered version was added on the Windows store when Windows 10 was added. I bought the Windows version a year ago and it's the Remastered version.

Also I read this topic a bit and this is very epic! How do people find this stuff? I saw in the first post that you can keep the boxes from Deconstruction, can you also do this to keep the crack factory intact which you destroy in Yay Ka Boom Boom??

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 09:23 AM Edited by Lennart -, 09 August 2017 - 12:56 PM.

I just watched this and is there maybe another way to get OM0 on Wear Flowers in your Hair for instant 100%?



It works, easy 100% is possible now. You need ~5 temp. blips or you cant pass interdiction.

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 07:23 PM Edited by blantas, 09 August 2017 - 07:29 PM.

There is a way to get OM0 for Big Smoke on remastered. You dupe Les Sepulcros with 8Track. This executes New Game script. The game after that doesn't seem to crash. You get Intro and Sweet thread missions reset but other active missions and some stats before dupe stays the same, for example you keep old gfs, territories. So, since you have a girlfriend, it's not that hard to get a call from her and prepare an OM0 call (Burglary+Property). I also noticed, it might be pretty tricky to progress after that, since some previous stats didn't get reset like calls answered (this needs to be checked). I didn't get a call after Cesar Vialpando (but this might have happened because I already completed it before dupe?)
So, this ^ gives more options (and pain) to combine (and check what we could achieve) missions like Big Smoke, Ryder, TUT, etc with the ones you unlock later in LS.
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Posted 13 August 2017 - 11:40 PM

If you want you can keep the crack factory as well! And it is much easier than the portables from Deconstructuon. Both are recommended to get though
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Posted 21 August 2017 - 03:18 PM Edited by Patrick1994, 27 November 2017 - 01:47 AM.

^ Just dupe Toreno's Last Flight to skip Yay-Ka Boom Boom. Kappa
Some words about instapasses.
Rhans has found a trivial one: Start Puncture Wounds during Blood Bowl. I have made my own video optimizing a bit:

I have written about it in more detail here but it should be unnecessary to read for non-speedrunners.
I fell prey to obsession again and looked for instapasses for all missions after The Green Sabre where I had hope an instapass could save time - just by gut feeling, tbh. ^^ I have found ---- none. :D Hurray, all that work without results.
That is a lie. I have found one but I could not find a setup mission to "fix the stack" - technical stuff I won't bother talking about. Since it is an interesting instapass, I still want to talk about it. :D
Instapassed mission: Firefighter.
Setup mission: Amphibious Assault
Mission to fix the stack: unknown (does not exist?)
Basic description:
Prerequisites: You need to have the Patriot model ("blue-print" so to say - what the game needs to create Patriots without crashing^^) loaded as well as an LS cop (who seems to be always loaded? not sure).
How to: You need to start Firefighter in the cutscene where CJ jumps into the water, during the time where the camera descends.
0) Start the unknown setup mission.
1) Take a Patriot (out of your garage for example) and park it outside the garage
* that makes sure that its model is loaded until it despawns 3 minutes later
2) Take a Firetruck.
3) Start Amphibious Assault
* if you do not have enough lung capacity, you get the cs telling you to get it in one instance (mission ends, om=0) and in the other one you get to do the mission since it skips past all that. ^^
* if you have 2 lung capacity upgrades, you need to die now to get rid off that instance.
4) Drive the firetruck to the checkpoint.
5) Take a phone call.
6) Enter the checkpoint.
7) Enter the firetruck.
8) Start Firefighter as soon as the camera descends in the cutscene.
9) Rush to your Patriot so that it does not despawn. :D

[2:39 AM] Patrick: Update on Firefighter instapass attempts: It turns out that - surprise - you need to have models loaded to reach the part that allows the instapass (CJ jumping into the water).
[2:40 AM] Patrick: So when stack fixing - dying to get rid of one instance (the one with the bad stack) - those are released: they could unload -> crash.(edited)
[2:41 AM] Patrick: I have talked about getting rid of the "bad stack instance" by it ending with "not enough lung capacity" - the other instance skips the check so you get to do the mission.
[2:41 AM] Patrick: However, then the models are never loaded.
[2:41 AM] Patrick:
1495222   387`   0247: load_model #DNB1 ;
1495226   391`   0247: load_model #DNB2 ;
1495230   395`   0247: load_model #DNB3 ;
1495234   399`   0247: load_model #TROPIC ;
1495239   404`   0247: load_model #AK47 ;
1495244   409`   0247: load_model #KNIFECUR ;
1495249   414`   0247: load_model #A51_SPOTBASE ;
1495254   419`   0247: load_model #A51_SPOTHOUSING ;
1495259   424`   0247: load_model #A51_SPOTBULB ;
1495264   429`   04ED: load_animation "DAM_JUMP" ;
[2:42 AM] Patrick: DNB = Da Nang Boi? :smile:
[2:43 AM] Patrick: https://gtagmodding....anandreas/peds/Da Nang Boys Gang Member 1
[2:44 AM] Patrick: mission cleanup releasing them:
1521592 26757`     0249: release_model #DNB1 ;
1521596 26761`     0249: release_model #DNB2 ;
1521600 26765`     0249: release_model #DNB3 ;
1521604 26769`     0249: release_model #TROPIC ;
1521609 26774`     0249: release_model #AK47 ;
1521614 26779`     0249: release_model #KNIFECUR ;
1521619 26784`     0249: release_model #A51_SPOTBASE ;
1521624 26789`     0249: release_model #A51_SPOTHOUSING ;
1521629 26794`     0249: release_model #A51_SPOTBULB ;
1521634 26799`     04EF: release_animation "DAM_JUMP" ;

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