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Name your top 5 favorite games of all time

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Posted A week ago

Spider-Man 2 & 3(ps2)
GTA 4, GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas
Counter Strike 1.6 & source
Enter the Matrix & Matrix Path of Neo (ps2)
Red Dead Redemption

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Posted A week ago

5) Driver: San Francisco


The only racing game I know of that you can play as an actual ghost. No seriously. The main mechanic of the game is called "Shifting", where you can posses any car on the road with just the press of a button, so you could be driving down the golden gate bridge, and then shift into a Dodge Charger involved in a high speed chase through down san Francisco just as my favorite song on the radio comes on, these are the moments that gives the game this spot on my top 5.


4) Metro: Last Light


This game was a f*cking trip. I love this game's universe and characters to bits. This game, while being a bit railroady (train puns lol) and linear, it makes up for it by being one of the most memorable gaming experiences out there. From taking down enemies with the dark one child, to watching a theater in a town made from the remaining bits of a train stations, and the final stand at D6. This game is a f*cking masterpiece.




I love GTA IV to bits. Niko's journey through the troubles of being an immigrant in Liberty City was a fun one, and there hasn't been one like it since. This game was the only open world that struck the right balance between realism and fun. The cars felt like they had weight, firefights felt intense and gripping, and the characters where extremely well written. I just hope GTA VI can strike the same chord.

2) Halo 1-3


Halo: CE took the FPS genre by storm, and there has been no denying the change it brought to the industry since it's release. These games are the pinnacle of FPS singleplayer, and also nailed their multiplayer while they were at it. I would pay anything to get bungie back on these games. 343's just don't feel the same.

1) Mass Effect 1-3


My favorite of all time. Nothing has, and probably never will come close to these games in terms of story, characters, and universe. I started out in ME1 being mildy interested in the games, and finished with it being my NO.1 of all time. No other game has nailed it's universe the way the OT trilogy has. From the Suicide Mission, to curing the Genophage, reclaiming Rannoch, romancing Tali, and the final run to the beam, this game is something NOBODY  should ever miss. Let it be known that Mass Effect 3 is the only game to make me cry ever. Period.


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Posted 4 days ago

Saints Row 2


Sonic Heroes




GTA V + Online


Midnight Club LA: CE

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