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Snap Battle Season 2 is now open! [Theme: Architecture]

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Posted 28 June 2017 - 02:26 PM



Welcome to second season of GTAF's snapmatic battle! 

So far you've been competing in many amateur leagues, building a reputation for yourself and your awful vertically taken snaps.

Time to step up the game and bring in all your photography skills, as you'll be in a fierce autistic, sorry artistic, battle for GTA goodies you can wear and display to impress your friends at work.

Battle layout:
Round 1: Staff creates a thread for each GTA V platform. eg: PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4.
Round 2: Voting begins, the best from each platform gets picked by community voting.
Round 3: Bonus round, gather as many votes as you can. Community gets to vote again on the favourites, use this round to share your   submission on social media and gather more votes for your snap! Each vote equals a point.
Round 4: Led-by's voting stage, every vote on your snap equals two points.
Round 5: Mod voting stage, every vote on your snap equals five points.
Final Round: Admin voting stage, every vote on your snap equals ten points.

- Do not use other people snaps, you'll be disqualified and your points will given at random to another contestant. You'll also be shamed for being a dick.
- You can take snaps on GTA V on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 both on SP and GTA:O.
- Each round can take a maximum of a week to be completed. 
- You can only participate with a single snap, you can edit your post as much as you want before the round ends.
- You're allowed to participate in multiple platforms.
- If two or more snaps from the same member gets picked for the final, only the one with the higher point count will be used. 
- Chat threads will be created for discussion and support, do not post off-topic on the submission threads.
- Snap editing is welcome as long it is within the game. e.g filters and R* editor.

- You'll get your snap featured for a week on the forums and GTANet's social media channels. We'll include links to your social media channels if you have any.

- A Sprunk Bottle from GTA V.


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