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GTA SA (android): Can't use rocket button on armed aircrafts because of another excess firing button covering it

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Posted 28 June 2017 - 02:09 PM

I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android version 7.0 and GTA SA version 1.08.
To begin with, when I'm in an aircraft with a singe gun available (like the Sea Sparrow and the Rustler), I have two firing buttons instead of the single one needed and I can only shoot with the one on the right, while the button on the left doesn't trigger the gun. And when I press the right button, the left one disappears but when I press the left one-the one on the right stays.
When I enter a vehicle with 2 weapons available (the Hunter helicopter for example, it has a machine gun and a missile launcher), that same excess firing button appears and stays over the missile button-blocking it. The only way I can use it is by firing the machine gun (as I said above, when I press the button on the right, the left one disappears) and while doing that-pressing the missile button which is now available after that firing button disappeared. It's very uncomfortable, since the game only lets me to press 2 buttons at a time and I can't control the aircraft while trying to launch those missiles.
The worrying thing is that I saw that people have written to Rockstar on their Customer Care website, talking about the same problem, which also appears on IOS devices AND THAT WAS BACK IN 2014!!!
I'm wondering, should I write to Rockstar about the problem or I should write to War Drum Studios, the people who developed GTA SA for mobile?

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