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Race Creator - Jobs not playable anymore HELP

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Posted A week ago Edited by Compressor-69, A week ago.

Hi Guys :cool:
Some job/race creator specialists in da house ??
Maybe somebody can help me out  - There is the following problem.
After the new 1.40 update - 
At the start of some stuntrace-jobs appears "The job can not be loaded because of invalid files - job must be re-created blabla". This problem also occurs with self-employed jobs (2 of 15 jobs of mine). This is, of course, very annoying, because some time was inverted.

If you call the job via the job editor, I notice the following:

- The maximum number of players is 32! (Although 30 players are max) ??
- When the spawnpoints are set new, the job is always reloaded in the editor. You can delete the SP but not re-set, because then you get into this loop and you have to restart the game.
- If you try again to release the route, you can drive it and update it and the route will be rebuilt again, BUT the errors will remain (The job now appears twice under "my jobs" "" - the job can not be loaded because of Invalid files - job must be re-created blabla"".

Any ideas ? thx for help

Regards from Hamburg
Compressor 69



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Posted A week ago



If this is your own race go into the creator and then go to edit and republish it and that should fix the problem, That helped when one of my job had some issues

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Posted A week ago

Hi mate :)


thx for your reply. Yes, it s my own job called "Operation Plummet El Toro". If you find the time, try to search and load/start it .

There can see the error what´s going on. Never seen or heard of this problem before :(


Sadly your suggestion didn´t fix the problem. 


When i go into the editor and load a.m. job, you can drive and edit the job - after testing you can also republish it.

BUT If you load the rebulished job again, it s the same mistake like before: "the job can not be loaded because of Invalid files".

Funny thing is that the rebulished job is now twice in your own joblist...tzztztztztz :(

All my other jobs are working 100%.


I have notived that GTA set the maximum players to 32 ! - but you can´t rise or lower the players. it is always 32 :(

Also tried to delete all spawnpoints - this works but with setting the first spawnpoint new on the track - GTA kicks you out and GTA is reloading the job in the editor again. Here we go again from the beginning - this is the loop ive mentoined before.


Hope you get me what i wanna explain to you

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