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Using of For

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Hello guys i got a big problem with for tag.I read many books bu couldnt understand....Can anyone give an example of for in a prigram and tell me in details about its uasge..Thanks it would be much helpful.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

For is a loop the will run for a set number of times.

For (int x; x <=10; x++)
//code between these brackets will run 10 times.  And each time you can read the value of x if needed.
A while loop will need a condition to be met before it leaves it s code block.
Random myRandom;
While (myRandom!=10)
//code between the brackets will run foreber until the value of myRandom=10.  

IMO loops and conditions are the core of "programming". Once you understand loops and conditions you can pretty much code in any language.

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