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Buzzard Nerfed ?

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  • Agln

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Posted 6 days ago

Since the latest Grand Theft Auto Online I have noticed that the Buzzard seems to be nerfed. Not only me but also a friend of mine who uses the Buzzard a lot told me the same things.

We noticed two big changes :

1) The reloading time after shooting two rockets seems slower

2) The helicopter itself seems weaker and explodes way more easier than it did before


Anyone else noticed these changes ? Is it on the patch note ?

  • ragedandcaged


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Posted 6 days ago

I notice no difference.

  • REXX

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Posted 6 days ago

Seems identical to me and I use it pretty much all the time.

  • KWF1981

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Posted 6 days ago

No issues here, still an essential bit of kit in the inventory for a budding CEO/Gunrunner... Even Biker.

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  • AUScowboy

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Posted 6 days ago

You're imagining things.

  • Gaffa™


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Posted 6 days ago

Nope, no difference. Below image shows 1.39 Buzzard and Buzzard2 vs 1.40 Buzzard and Buzzard 2. 



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  • jazzbone


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Posted 5 days ago

I have not noticed any change with the Buzzard since the GR dlc and i use Buzzards a lot. The Buzzards have always been fragil as there is little to no armor. For example Headhunter is the same. Get too close to a target car with the aim bot guard with the smg that fires like a minigun and my Buzzard starts smoking and i take damage. Turning around to take out the target now on foot and aim bot guy may do more damage that has me soon needing a new Buzzard.

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