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Posted 12 June 2017 - 12:17 AM

Welcome To The Liberty City Police Department Roleplay Clan (LCPDRP)
Hello My Name is Captain BlaKe I, I'm the Commissioner of the Liberty City Police Department Roleplay Clan or "LCPDRP" We are a XBOX ONE & Xbox 360 Cross platformed Grand Theft Auto IV Police Roleplaying Community based in the idea of adding Police Roleplay & Realism to the Grand Theft Auto Community. Our Motto is "We see it all we know it all"! Our original Clan (LCPDRP) Was founded in Mid 2011, the original Clan had a member rate of 61 members and was labeled as the Biggest Law Enforcement/Emergency Service Clan on GTA IV Xbox 360 since GTA V Came out. We went inactive for awhile back in November 2015, as of April 3rd 2016 We started back up fresh! on GTA V, as of April 2017 we have made the jump back Home to As terms of leadership goes we've been through two other commissioners, the first one got banned from Xbox Live, the second one was a Poor Leader and got kicked out by his own Members. We have a high expectation of our officers to take this as realistic and as seriously as possible, while having fun at the same time, one thing about our Clan is that we are not like all these other Makeshift Roleplay clan's around the GTA Online Xbox Community, That try to act like they are Alaska State troopers or The Royal Canadian Mounted Police "Not the real Mounties Gaming", We Are what our name stands by, The Liberty City Police Department. We use Everything the in game Liberty City Police Department uses. like Vehicles, Weapons, Outfits and then use our own realism elements from real life New York City and New Jersey Law Enforcement and then add to it, in this clan the way we operate and do roleplays is doing something called a patrol, basically we start a team deathmatch lobby, and have one team have 1 or two crooks while the other team has all the other officers on it. Crooks will then preform Traffic stops, pursuits and other crimes, If you are interested in joining the clan, submit a formal application to the applications division and it will be processed/reviewed for further examination. Thank you and I look forward to patrolling with you soon. 


Want to join LCPDRP? 
© 2017 Liberty City Police Department Roleplay Clan LCPDRP All Rights Reserved


Commissioner Captain BlaKe I



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Posted 17 July 2017 - 12:38 AM

How do I join on Xbox 360

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 01:58 AM

I would like to join Xbox one

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