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Little things that make you happy

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Posted 3 weeks ago

My sleep cycle is getting better recently. Able to sleep for longer uninterrupted which is nice. Waking up fresher is great too.
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Bruce Khansey
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Bruce Khansey, 3 weeks ago.

- A good beer with my friends in our favourite pub, with some good music in the background

- Playing with my two band

- Laying down on my bed, headphones on, listening to music I've never heard before

- Going to the movie theater

- Eating in company

- First warm spring days, driving on the highway, car window lowered, high volume music, sunglasses

- Watching one of my favourite movies on tv, in summer, on late night

- Realizing that the colleague/boss you can't stand is not at work that day

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Evil empire
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Going to the pub and playing billiards with friendly people of the self-defense.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Sanches, 3 weeks ago.

I think one of the best things that make me happy is a well made job. For example, when i work on an artwork/screenshot and finally finish it, i spent hours in total staring at it.

There's no better reward than well made job.


I also enjoy watching the bright red-ish sky at winter nights (only when there's snow around). Don't know why, but this always gives me cozy feeling. Also seeing a orange snow under the streetlights. I know this sounds wrong, but it is as it is.
And these summer after sunset moments, when sky is still a bit bright, but every object is covered in shadows. And you look around and see trees' and houses' dark silhouettes on the barely bright blue-ish sky background. Awesome.

And of course there was a time when chilling around with my friends were a good times, but now most of my friends moved away, changed their life view, abandoned me and some of them even died. Time well spent. But still there's a girl that i enjoy spending every minute with. If you found a person who shares your interests, you have to make sure that you will do everything it takes to keep them.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

peeing after holding it in for hours

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Arrows to Athens
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Finally getting to watch that porn video I spent hours trying to find.

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Posted 2 weeks ago


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  • anubis.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

When it's early in the morning and you catch a whiff of a girl who's just washed her hair.

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Posted A week ago Edited by spectre07, A week ago.

Sleep very comfy all day later of work in the night.

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ha! ha! ha!
  • ha! ha! ha!

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Posted A week ago

computer, smart phone, speaker, headphone, usb type charge-able battery, my small little penceil and so on...

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Posted A week ago

When nature defends itself against idiots:


"A South African pride of Lions have reportedly mauled to death and eaten a suspected poacher, leaving just the head, police say."



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  • trip


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Posted A week ago

Just happened on my commute home so I felt the need to share:

When I'm commuting home and have my music on random and this song comes on. No sh*t...I smile an honest smile of happiness.
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Posted A week ago

Some of the stuff that makes me happy:

-Hanging out with my friends

-Going to a local video store on saturday afternoon to rent a movie or two to watch during the weekend (I often rented movies from video stores back when I was a kid,so it's really nostalgic for me)

-Driving my car and hearing some song I like on the radio

-Riding my motorcycle on a warm sunny day

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Posted A week ago

This new herb i've been trying has me by the ass. In a good way though. Never felt so relaxed in my back yard while listing to Marley's gratest hits. Feels grate.
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Lucius M. Galloway
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Posted A week ago

1. Silence, I can't stand people making noise, but I can tolerate myself making noise. Nothing bothers me more than a child's voice, I know I was an annoying motherf*cker as a kid, but goddamn, the children in my neighborhood need to be sho...Silence allows me to say what I want, when I want, without feedback, allows my imagination to flow unhindered, and overall just makes me happier.

2. My dog's company. It's nice to have someone to talk to when I am alone, and people won't think I'm crazier than I already am. Just him being in my presence contributes to my happiness.

3. Being at home. People always complain about staying in, and getting out. I actually like being at home, it's where I focus, where I get my work done, can relax, and not completely bottle up who I am. Which brings me to my 4th one.

4. Being alone. I won't say that I don't completely like people, as I can tolerate a room of about 6 or so. 15? 30? 40? Clubs, social gatherings, sh*t like that, I avoid at all costs. Being alone saves me the trouble of stressing myself out.

5. My phone. I use my phone for research, this website, writing, and homework. f*ck Fakebook, Gapchat, all that trash. I dealt with enough poison in high school with all of the retards spouting nonsense with their social media vocabulary. They wonder why they can't spell or read, because tl;dr actually proves they can't read.

6. Videogames. I don't play videogames to relieve stress, or cliche sh*t like that. I actually don't know why I play them other than it being enjoyable. Just passes time, and gives me a good story telling or better life ( not that my life is bad).

7. Being alive. I enjoy existing simply, I don't care about politics, I don't care about you, or nobody else, I'm just me, so let me be me. I don't need no friends, no partying, no nothing, I take my dog, I go on a hike, and I f*cking take in the air, that's my high. I just like being. So my life isn't bad or anything, I don't believe in depression, made up orientations, etc, sh*t's all in your head. Existing, and not giving a f*ck about anything except myself, my dog, and my family makes me happier than anything.
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Posted A week ago

Taking money away along with the goods from someone who tried to scam me. Feels really good leaving them with nothing.

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  • GrudgefromSanAndreas

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Posted A week ago Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas, A week ago.

  • Having a cat in my house. She almost always makes me happy, she waits for me when i return from college, always wants to cuddle and she mostly doesnt mind if i dont caress (i guess its the right word) her too much, she sleeps and eats most of the time, just like the male cat i had before her, only difference he liked to play with a ball and she'd rather cuddle.
  • Making lists about what can i sell and/or recycle
  • Seeing people still using feature/regular cellphones
  • Duke Nukem 3d apparently available on PS4 so i can play it on my brother's ps4
  • At least some tourists visit my humble town with ancient heritage and Esseg/Osijek
  • Going to a bar where you can play Tekken for free
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Posted A week ago Edited by Mister Pink, A week ago.

6. Videogames. I don't play videogames to relieve stress, or cliche sh*t like that. I actually don't know why I play them other than it being enjoyable. Just passes time, and gives me a good story telling or better life ( not that my life is bad).


I don't want to be an antagonist but I'm not sure why you think videos games, like music or films or as one may describe "an escapism," being attributed by someone as a relieve of stress is cliched. It's very much a huge element of gaming for people. And it might be one element in a spectrum of reasons why people play games, including reasons you just mentioned such as "good storytelling," "just passes time" and "better life." And what fits in to "better life?" What is a "better life?" I know the absence of stress or an indulgement in stress relief like gaming or drinking or a pastime might be intrinsically linked in with "better life." :)


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- A dog's welcome. 

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