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Official GTA V Appreciation Thread

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Posted A week ago

Wow, I was just watching The Cable Guy (starring Jim Carrey), has anyone ever realized that Ending B seems like a homage to the ending of The Cable Guy? The setting, the death/fall, the "It's alright, I understand now!" line? It would fit in line with Michael's/GTA V's whole "living a movie" theme.

Payne Killer
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Posted A week ago

I love the skydiving in this game, they actually improved GTA SA's physics and made it feel much more fun, only thing I actually liked doing in this game.

  • SabreGT7

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Posted 5 days ago

I think the Dialogue is superbly written, there is just so much quotable & memorable Dialogue in the script.



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Posted A day ago

GTA 5 is actually one of my favorite GTA games. The main reason was it was released around the time of my 30th birthday. Some of the songs from Non-Stop Pop FM I haven't heard since middle school and high school and it made me remember not all of my childhood and teen years were bad. It reminded me of the times I was happy growing up and that feeling of joy that was missing for some time (college and working got in the way). In fact, I made a lot of life changing choices while playing it.


I also like the various nods to the 3d universe in the game along with identifying with the three main characters in certain aspects. I identified with Franklin in trying to get ahead, Michael in sometimes staying in the past (except I liked being in the 1990's and Trevor for me being more blunt with people.


I also respect that you couldn't do the things you did in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas due to the different engine.


Something that I always liked what Rockstar was parodying American culture through the Grand Theft Auto games.

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