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GTA: SA crashes after a while of playing

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  • ACMDogfight1997

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Posted A week ago Edited by ACMDogfight1997, A week ago.

I don't why this is happening, but every time after a while of playing of GTA: SA, the game would crash for whatever reason. It seems it would happen just about several minutes into playing the game, and can happen just when I'm about to complete a mission. I haven't really haven't seen this happen often before so I'm wanting to know what the deal is.


I have been using several mods and I don't know if any of these are causing the issue:


Silent's Patch


HD menu

Las Venturas object fix


Mobile version shadows

HD Radar Map 3D

Cheat Menu

First Person v3.0

New Weapon Pack

Draw Distance x10 Multiplier

Memory Fix


I have uninstalled some of these mods and tried some fixes but it still happens.

Richie Makyura
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Posted A week ago

Maybe Its too much Memory, Textures Edited and too many mods. Remember See the Issues or Glitches can Happen when you are using the Mods (if the Download have a read me for a description of the Script).

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Posted A week ago

Most likely the first person mod (might be in conjunction with the cheat menu).

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