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New setting or back to LC?

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Posted A week ago

LC has been done to death but at the same time I wouldn't want to see another rehashed/remade old map and would prefer something new.

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Posted A week ago

Has to be Vice City in the 80s the first Vice City game was set in 1986 and VCS was set in 1983 I think..so it could be 81,82,84,85 or whatever. But it has to return to Vice City to give it the send off it deserves in HD...if GTA 6 is in Vice City set in the early to mid 80s around the cocaine cowboy era it be f*cking deadly.

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Posted A week ago

isnt there likely to be a full country ith all previous cities in it? Like LS, VC, LV and LC?

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Posted A week ago

VC with these returning characters:


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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Mister Pink, 2 days ago.

Liberty City or New York is one of my favourite cities and that's why I don't want GTA to go back there for a while. In order for GTA to go back to Liberty City it would have to be drastically different. I would love a 1980's New York when crime was at an all time high.. There's a great film called A Most Violent Year and documentary as well about 1981 in New York because it was statistically the most violent year in New York.


Setting it in the past would add an extra bonus of IV not looking like a new GTA in Liberty because of the time difference. Also, it would help eliminate any staleness due to two games being modern in a GTA like III and IV. 


But yes, look up 1981 in New York. Hip Hop was relatively new, break-dancing, graffiti, turntables and MC battles, apartment blocks got burnt down in The Bronx for insurance purposes, street gangs that inspired The Warriors roamed the streets, graffiti was all over the place, hustlers at Times Square, prostitution, porno shows and the rise of crack cocaine. The places was a filthy cesspool of crime, murder and many other things before the city was cleaned up in the 90's. 


Back on topic, I would rather see a new city. Why? Because Liberty City was new to me when III came out in that game-form. Vice City was new to me, Los Santos was new in San Andreas as well as Las Venturas and San Fierro. Since 2004 we haven't had a GTA city that hasn't been done in GTA before in 3D/HD. 



Great feature film called A Most Violent Year..



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