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Posted A week ago

If I start a heist say in one of my stilt apartments.

Then if I drive to say Eclipse Penthouse and launch the 3rd setup for said heist.

Would Eclipse now be where my heist would launch from? Or would it default back to the stilt apartment?

  • Sagrawa


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Posted A week ago

It should launch from the last place you started a Heist. But I'm talking from when I tried it two years ago, could've changed since.

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Posted A week ago

Did a heist with a friend..

It started at his stilt house, after that setup, he accepted the invite from Lester.. He got put into his apartment. Guess it varies if someone owns both..

Honestly prefer apartment over stilt house where with stilt houses..your car gets parked like a block away.. Pain in the ass with a heavy vest having to jump like an idiot to your car for the first 30-60s.
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  • godtrams

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Posted A week ago

My experience - you can start where you want and continue whereever you want - as long as you own the property and it has a heist board, ofc.

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