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Dragscoping & Tryhards

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Posted 5 days ago

Good morning to all, I have been really curious to how tryhards can kill in one shot all the time, even without BST. They just cannot be getting me in the head every single time, not with how fast I strafe etc, it's just how some of these tryhards take me down so fast I am curious if there are any secrets because enough is enough now and something is not right.

So I have been watching some YouTube videos and my latest discovery is "Dragscoping" and this really makes sense as to how they can pull of hits without fail all the time (in the videos you can see and hear the fire of the sniper and then they quickly drag the scope over the player and this registers as a hit, there is definitely a split second delay of the shot and where they drag the crosshairs over the player.

I've gone on to test it out right now and it does not work, so so I am wondering if it has been patched? I am doing exactly what they are doing in videos but it just doesn't seem to work.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any secrets about tryhards, yes I am one myself but I am not the type to go griefing low levels and if someone gets annoyed with me killing them, I will just leave them alone. As for tryhards I encounter, ones who are impossible to beat, I politely ask them for tips and they are just simply big headed, not nice people who either reply with telling me to go die in real life as well as loads of other sick, disgusting things, I have just really had enough of most people's attitude online, finding decent, polite people seems very rare these days and it's not nice at all.

So anyway guys, I know about using BST, using first person to strafe like crazy, obviously aim for the head etc, but I just cannot work out how some Tryhards are just undefeatable, is this all just simply down to lag? I put it down to lag before but there seems to be a big secret as they are just so fast, I promise I am not bigging myself up but I can admit that I am a rather skilled player, something just doesn't seem right at all with some tryhards.

Any tips at all or experiences etc will be seriously appreciated.
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Posted 5 days ago Edited by Tonguegirl, 5 days ago.

I've wondered the same thing. 


Here's a thread I did a while ago which might help.




The best explanation I can come up with, as you've already figured out, is LAG. My rule of thumb is; if I'm getting sniped quicker than seems possible then there's some level of LAG at play, either 'natural' or deliberate. I've been in loads of sniper battles where it's simply not possible for someone to get a bead on my position, aim, and get a headshot in one bullet in less than 2 seconds. That's LAG.


Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of players out there who are absolutely top-notch at sniping, but no-one's that quick despite what many blow-hards would have you believe.


Hope this helps.

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Posted 5 days ago

This is why I go passive when sniper rifles are af work or leave the battle/deathmatch, got no time for trying to win a loosing battle.

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Posted 4 days ago

maybe they are using a different (auto aim) gun than a sniper rifle.

that would explain why they hit so quickly and precise.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by spukin, 4 days ago.

They just use bst with heavy sniper or marksman but this is not a one hit weapon. Also fpp alows you to have different setting so its easier to aim. There is not much to add here they just spend a lot of time i fm fights and play other games with sniper rifle a lot. Oh and u aim to the body not head when u have bst

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Posted 20 hours ago

Big Thank You to all the tips guys, I am greatful and just know it is down to lag now!
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