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The Crew 2 [2018]

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B Dawg
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Posted 3 days ago Edited by B Dawg, 3 days ago.

You know what killed The Crew? Three main things:

1. All big Cities and all small towns looked dead.

2. There where NO places to hangout like parking lots, well made gas stations, well made restaurants...

3. Playing with a friend online was a pain in the ass. So many time I would try me and my friend to connect and when we finally could, I could see his tag name but his car was invisible.

The rest look pretty cool.

What really killed it TLDR version:
- The grind;
- No incentive to use multiple vehicles in same category unless you want the unlocking of high level parts to take 2x as long;
- Poorly rewarding faction missions;
- No car level balancing;
- Crap netcode;
- Crap matchmaking/lack of actual lobbies/selection;
- Hardcore driving setting not being hardcore at all;
- Ability to create and race on custom tracks locked behind a DLC.
-What killed it (big post/in depth version)-


The way it was designed, it should have been a free 2 play title.

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  • SouthLand


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Posted 2 days ago

Anyways, been lookig at some reviews on The Crew 2 and it looks EXACTLY the same as The Crew 1. Same buildings and same town structures and stuff. 

  • Jason


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Posted 2 days ago

It's the same map I believe, just visually updated, or at least in areas. The map was never the issue with the first game IMO, it was the stuff B Dawg listed above. They've made some big improvements to the game here but it's still not quite all there IMO.


The general atmosphere of the game feels more like the TDU games the devs used to make and the addition of boats and planes is actually pretty cool but there's still the crappy tuning system - though the billion events scattered around the world that rewarded parts are gone - and the online is still limited to what feels like an archaic 8 players. I dunno, it still feels like a game that doesn't know what it wants to be so it's a mashup of Test Drive Unlimited, Forza Horizon and Need for Speed.

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Posted A day ago

The only thing in the map I imagine was changed was the rooftop of buildings since you couldn't fly a plane in the first game.

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Posted A day ago

I think the map is last thing to be worried about. The physics and online stability are the things to be looking at. The ability to make and share custom liveries is a nice addition also.

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Posted 14 hours ago

I hope The Crew 2 won’t have NFS: Paybacks card upgrade system or whatever you like to call it, that killed the game for me. I didn’t mind The Crews system the way I saw it the further you go from Detroit the better parts you’ll get, my car was always 20 levels above the mission requirements because of that.
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Posted 38 minutes ago

From the gameplay so far, it seems we still have that upgrade cards stuff again, except we get to choose what type of reward after completing something. Looks like a broken down Smart Loot system where it's to prevent you from jumping upgrade parts too far in one shot.

Most f*cked up thing in TC1 was that despite almost every single thing in the game pays, they still pay peanuts while cars and vehicle class cost fortune. And then when you unlocked parts through that freaking jackpot system, you will have to pay if you want to apply them on another vehicle you didn't unlocked them with. That was really some GTA Online bullsh*t grind level.

Again, from the gameplay, I saw a circuit racing nets us 15000 Bucks. Then we can directly buy a type of vehicle without having to buy the Full Stock first followed by the class upgrade. So hopefully there will be much less grind this time around.

What I'm worried is that a lot of players in this game are quite online open world typical. So with the colorful hipster theme, I expect this game to invite more f*ckwit rammers and airplane dive bombers in the free roam this time around.

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