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Ps4 custom race tester

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Posted A week ago

Hello everyone. About a week ago i tested a users custom tracks and i really enjoyed testing them and giving feedback and id like to do this more ... If you have a custom race on ps4 you would like played / tested and would like feedback on it leave a link to the race below ... Something to keep in mind is when i give feedback im purely giving my opinion on whats good and what could use improvement ... So let the testing begin!

Ray's Occult Books
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Posted A week ago

Test the SA cannonball Run
My crew made on PS4

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Posted A week ago

Can you leave a link too it?

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Posted A day ago Edited by kailomonkey, A day ago.

I have a long PS3 track if you are able to play it on PS4 (I managed to confirm it comes up in both console searches). I haven't played in a long time as no longer have any hardware but if you like long freeway races I think mine has its own personality enough in checkpoints to be enjoyable :p If you could get a video of it at all I'd appreciate it, preferably with lots of competitors who will also enjoy the 15 minute challenge


Format: originally PS3


OutRun 15stg Long Freeway


VERY Long Freeway inspired by OutRun (1986 SEGA Arcade) TARGET TIMES: Super 15 MINUTES. Solo 14 min. [START]- Battle-Road USA (1-5), Route A (5-11), Actua Bridge* (11-15), Downtown Madness* (15-23), Vinewood Beach (23-25) -[ONE THIRD]- Emerald Coast (26-27), Ridge Racer (27-29), Passing Village (29-31), Specific Highway* (31-32), Heat Wave (32-33) -[TWO THIRDS]- Route B (34-39), Bunki Junction (39-50), Route CDE (45-56), Le Mans Dawn* (56-59), TurboX-1* (59-1)-[FINISH] *alt

Players: 1-16

Laps recommended: 1 (15 minutes)

Vehicles recommended: Super (custom with boost)

Time recommended: Current (to enjoy the change of atmosphere)

Weather recommended: Clear

Link:  http://rsg.ms/9741ea7


If you do video it a link sent to email would be helpful [email protected]

Back when I did have my PS3 I used to add random races regularly and try them out, I really enjoyed doing my bit and would really appreciate the same being done for me now!

On PS3/PS4 job search it's the top result for tag search #outrun

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