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Goodbye :/

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  • kellne


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Hello guys. It come to this moment. My fathers financial problem make problems to me :/

Some guys are going to take my Phone, Laptop, PC and Tablet.

So I dont know what to do. I cant make anything now :/

So sad about this :/

I dont know when I will be back online because I need to buy new laptop or PC :/


I am glad that I could met all of you guys :) Have nice life :)


I cant make mods now. But I have every important program moved to USB.

So when I will get some PC or Laptop I will get back to making mods :) Dont worry, I am not dying, for NOW :D


Cya all of you guys someday later :) Hopefully.....bye

  • Motka

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Posted 2 weeks ago

See ya later man. Hopefully you can come back soon.

  • CJV

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Posted A week ago

Sure man you will be back!

  • Evil-Empire


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Posted A week ago

Good luck.

  • ACM-Jan

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Posted A week ago

wait, this ain't normal that some debts of independent guy affect his family and further more irrational that their debt gives creditors right to "rob" people who have nothing to do with the situation! I would like to know out of curiosity how could this happen? just peculiar situation for me. (since topic is about that i might as well ask)

  • Automan

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Posted A week ago

I also had to abandon from 2010 to 2014: They will come back better times! ;)

(Everybody should think that there is only one Earth planet and one human species, and it would be better...)

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