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Posted A day ago

Anyone Trophy Hunt here ?

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Posted A day ago

Anyone else have problems with PS4 randomly turning itself on and off? Mine has been doing it for months, at all times of the day. I will turn my PS4 completely off, then go to work. When I come home and turn it on again, it starts in safe mode saying that it was not shut down properly.

Now it starts in safe mode and says that the PS4 cannot be started and I need to download update reinstalation file onto a USB stick and insert it. I have done that and it still will not recognise the update file.

Seems these consoles are only built to last 2-3 years, had similar problems with my PS2 and PS3 and had to buy new ones after 2-3 years. Seriously considering getting rid of console all together and investing in a gaming PC.

Is it on an HDMI Switcher?


My PS4 is connected to my TV via an HDMI switch so my Cable Box & PS4 are both on HDMI 1and DVD Player is on HDMI2.


I have noticed that my PS4 will turn it self on if the HDMI Switch is triggered for whatever reason, So i switched it around and gave my PS4 it own HDMI slot and it stopped doing it

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Posted A day ago

Anyone Trophy Hunt here ?

Right here, started on a brand new account last month.

I'm guessing you're going to mention about the Sony Rewards for getting 10 platinums, 25 gold and 100 silver?

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