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Farming customized Sandkings

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Posted 2 weeks ago

If you have an office garage already, I would suggest to put your old 10-car garages to a good use
1) [OPTIONAL] Find the Sandking XL (4 doors) and store it as your personal vehicle
2) 9:00-10:00 AM: Navigate to the parking lot near the Sandy Shores Airfield and LS customs
3) Order your own Sandking XL or take any from the street.
4) Drive up to the hill and then back to the parking lot. 
- The path doesn't matter - the camera angle does. Make sure to  keep the camera AWAY from the parking lot, especially when approaching the road
- Use the radar to navigate
- Keep your speed low
5) Slow down before approaching the road and then turn the camera to the parking lot.
6.A) If you don't see the customized Yellow/Blue Sandking XL, repeat the process starting from 4; Try to drive further away from the road this time.
6.B) If you see the customized Sandking, DO NOT drive it to your garage
Instead - steal it and drive it to the Los Santos Customs, just ahead of the parking lot.
Buy a tracker for $2000. The car will automatically take a free slot in one of your garages.
7) Repeat the process starting from 4; Sandkings will stop spawning at 17:00
This method will get you roughly one high-selling Sandking per minute with no rank restriction and no effort.
Buying a tracker is the key here, you save a lot of time by NOT driving your car to your garage manually. Also, you don't have to buy a specific garage like other guides suggest you to do - you can fill all of your garages with this method regardless of their locations.
It's possible to sell one Sandking XL every 40 minutes (~17K-18K depending on the variant), you can do it within a mission cooldown.
Updated video demonstration:
Old video guide:
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Posted 2 weeks ago

great job , i do that plus i own the 6 car garage right down the street from larrys , i can call a frozen clock mission and grab 6 really fast if i'm doing other stuff and i'm running low, i only take blue ones turn around on the yellow ones

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by livejoker, 2 weeks ago.

I'm honestly surprised this is still a thing. I used to do that in like 2014 when it was real popular. I'm happy to see it's still a thing, though! It's a great way to stock up on Sandkings and catching up on Netflix shows. :p

I suggest doing the mission Chopper Tail as the timer is stuck to 12PM. You can farm as long as you want. Then finish the mission for easy money. I'm 100% sure that still works. Get a Sandking, find a NPC custom one, drive down the road across the street from that survival at the end of the airstrip and drive in. That's the one I use. Other garages nearer like the clothing shop is good. I would spend a day driving them in the city to my 10-car garages cause it was worth it back then. Now...eh....not so much, to be honest, but still a great way to make EASY money. It can get boring after a while but having a stock of cars to sell is always good.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

The only problem with sandkings is the distance to large garages to save paying for the tracker so it's not going to be worth your time. For me 15k.. It's never really been worth the effort.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

^ 15k for the 1 minute effort.

It's almost the same as Hostile Takeover in a less amount of time.


I really don't understand the complaints.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Yeah, this and the Sentinels, anytime I pass or fancy just plodding around on contact missions, I always nab one or 2, always reliable once you have a couple of tries... $14.5m in car sales so far, no dupes, only Ballers, Felons, and tuned NPC cars, a couple of bad purchases have been sold on too, but mainly tuned street/stealable cars... Certainly adds up...

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Posted 4 days ago

Best method, best customized vehicle. 100% guaranteed spawn if you're on your own in a session (nobody else to screw up the spawning unless you're in the same car). Even though I have millions, I still sell a sandking whenever I have the time. That 17-18K  is a nice bundle of cash that helps fund future repair costs of sourced I/E vehicles if I'm being sloppy.


That and sentimental reasons. That garage has been my I/E garage before I/E was even a thing. Can't shut down that business down now.

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