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What Features Would You Like To See In RDR2

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  • Gpack418

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Posted A week ago

-More heists and heist options.  I want more characters to be involved too.  I don't want to use the same guys over and over again. 

-being able to build up a ranch to create profit.  I would also like to have minimalist options to upgrade a huge gang safe-house which is where the heist planning is, gang members hang out, etc.

-more cameos and references to older games.  I love finding easter eggs and references that give fanboys like me pleasure.  For example, finding Packie to be a heist member was the coolest thing to add to GTA V.  I was so excited due to how many hours I put into GTA IV

-better interiors (even if that sacrifices detail in some outside areas)

-ability to recruit people to join my gang (this one is the most unrealistic in my opinion) but I want to go to a bar and find a loser, recruit him into my gang to be a body guard, but level him up via heist system or whatever.  That adds replay-ability because I would want to go through the game using different gang members.

  • mamos

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Posted A week ago

Blood drip from bullet wounds (not only red dot bullet wound like gta 5). And in fist fights bleeding on face (i think uncharted 4 has something like that).
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  • Safari

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Posted A week ago

I would really like to see Euphoria make a return this time around along with realistic bruises, wounds, and blood. Also It would be really cool to see exteriors fall apart as a reaction to dynamite and trees should take a less invisible approach in this game and they should be able to fall over similar to horizon zero dawn. Last thing I would want to see in RDR2 is NPC improvement so an example would be for NPC's to not always stare at you when your passing by, basically almost every NPC should have a different personality. 

  • PapaFuerte


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Posted A week ago

- Improved, crouching ability. ( more realistic in movement, slow, fast, dynamic )

- Dynamic weather

- dynamic cover system, ( if cover is low, you are on your ass, laying down, have to roll over)

- realistic camp. ( can leave camp, come back, etc,) - most reasonable feature.

- fighting, mechanics that allow you to dynamicly use surrounding material to throw adversary toward, hit, etc. like a chair or bar table if close those objects.

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