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Multiple Biker Businesses

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  • PSBruce99

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Can I buy more biker businesses of a same kind? Like two meth labs for instance? Seems logical to me that NO, but in the clubhouse laptop there are special tabs for each product type in "businesses you own" which is a bit confusing. Like you can have up to 3 businesses of a same kind. I really don't want to lose the old factory while buying a new one. Thanks a lot.

  • jyssys

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Nope, only one of each kind. Otherwise everyone would just buy all the cocaine businesses only. At least I would.

  • Oblaten62

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Posted 2 weeks ago

You can only buy one



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Posted 2 weeks ago

if you could i would have 5 coke labs lol

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