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  • Cmajor

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Posted 3 weeks ago

After replaying gta sa, i've noticed that alot of the missions are near impossible, e.g Zero's stupid plane mission and the plane school. Do you think that this could be the most difficult gta, and if not, which one do you think is harder?

Leone Family
  • Leone Family

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Posted 3 weeks ago

No I don't think the game is difficult. As for the plane school I totally ace it so I don't see how people could think it's difficult. But when I was a kid back in 2004 then yes I tought the game was difficult because there were missions that I couldn't complete and when I would complete them there would sometimes be random events during unskippable cutscenes that would screw up everything and would force me to start over again, like for example a car once hit the district attorney during the cutscene at the end of "555 We Tip", completely screwing up the cutscene which would never end. Also I couldn't complete the mission "Madd Dogg" (I learned in 2014 that it was actually caused by a very rare game breaking bug). But now I know that it's not because the game was difficult, but rather because I must have been the most unlucky player of GTA SA for having that much game breaking glitches and unfortunate events in my very first save file. It's almost like the game knew I was too young to play that game so it made sure I would never complete it until I give up and try again years later just to see that it was just a case of astronomically extreme bad luck x)


Maybe the save file is cursed or something?  :lol:

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Steezy., 3 weeks ago.

Nah, GTA 3 was the hardest
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B Dawg
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Pretty much only GTA 3.

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  • DOUGL4S1

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Posted 3 weeks ago

GTAs III and Vice City were hard, but I'll go with Vice City for the hardest.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

V. I've been stuck on Boiler Suits for the past three years.

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  • DimitriFaustin

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I'd say London 1961 as you have to be perfect and precise with all the missions, not a single one of them isn't timed if memory serves me right.

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  • jaljax

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Zero's missions were really easy.   i'd say all the 2D Era Gta's & Gta 3.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Spadge, 3 weeks ago.

GTA 3 was tough, destroying the coffee/stores or whatever it was when you had to go through Saint Marks with all the mobster shooting at you with Spaz12's

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Cluckin' Bell
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Nope. London 1961 is difficult, unless you like timed missions, of course.

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  • Achlys

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Posted 3 weeks ago

GTA 3 ftw.

  • ProKiller93

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Posted 3 weeks ago

gta games arent that hard tbh but I'll say San Andreas

  • Spadge

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Well the top down titles were in a different league, we should split them up for the sake of this topic, because there's no comparison there.

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  • VictorVince1239


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Posted 3 weeks ago

GTA 3 and Vice City. I'm thinking Rockstar toned the difficulty down in the games after those because of complaints. 

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Richie Makyura
  • Richie Makyura

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Posted 2 weeks ago

GTA 3 is the Hardest!!!! o_o  FBI and the Army no have mercy with you, in 5 seconds, you are wasted :v

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  • EkaSwede

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by EkaSwede, 2 weeks ago.



One hit kills you. Body Armour blocks 3 hits

Cops only have to touch you to instantly bust you. Killing a cop gives you 3 "wanted heads" out of 4.

There's no indication of when a car's about to explode. It can be a collision away from explosion without you knowing it.

Machine guns absolutely wreck cars

You can't save while in a level.

You can't replay a mission you failed.


EDIT: And wanted levels NEVER go away on their own. Have to use a pay 'n spray IF you know where they're located.


Still a fun game, though.

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Ghost Pulaski
  • Ghost Pulaski

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Posted 2 weeks ago

III is the hardest

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