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The Vanillaworks

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Hell yes!

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Posted 2 weeks ago

2.0 version of the Vanillaworks Extended Pack is now available on GTA5-Mods: https://www.gta5-mod...d-other-modders
- Added support for the latest game version (1.0.1290.1 - Doomsday Heist Update)
- Added an optional mod package called "Vehicle Data Tweaks" (Can be found in the "Options" folder)
- Added over 70 new vehicles
- Added over 30 new liveries for various vehicles
- Added multiple new NPC modified vehicles that have been made from the vehicles included in the pack
- Changed the modkit IDs on all vehicles that used one (IDs from 993 to 1024)
- Fixed the issue where aircrafts/bicycles were replaced by random traffic vehicles
- Remade all of the NPC modified vehicles
That is just a quick summary of some of the things that have been changed, for the full changelog please see the GTA5-Mods download page or the .OIV package.
Also, I'll update the screenshots on the mod page whenever Menyoo is updated. I started taking new ones with Simple Trainer and very quickly came to the conclusion that I rather wait for Menyoo to be updated :p


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I've just discover your work and this is trully amazing!! great job on the various livery guys!!

  • Danny-Vain


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Posted 23 hours ago

Would anyone be willing to do a realistic handling mod for Vanillaworks? I love lore friendly vehicles but unfortunately cant find any mods that replace the handling with realistic speeds for Vanillaworks.

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