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This game is AWESOME!

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Earlier this year, I complained and cried like a bitch about Vice City.


I was wrong.


I hereby apologize to hardcore fans and to anyone who's feelings I might have hurt.


I have to admit I had great fun replaying Vice City from start to finish. I had a blast. In the beginning it felt depressing because it brought too many childhood memories. When I got to Haitians/Cubans part and biker bar missions - f*cking hardcore.


VRock - best videp game radio station ever. New wave this, pal!


Tommy Vercetti - one of the coolest video game protagonist ever.


Exceptional voice acting.


And talk radio is surprisingly mature and sophisticated. When I was a teenager I thought VCPR sucked but I couldn't understand the topics they were talking about. 


Plus, Vice City has surprisingly deep story.


I strongly recommend replaying GTA Vice City.


Replaying this game was a good time and tons of fun. I can now understand why it is some people's favorite game and favorite GTA. 

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  • Evil-Empire


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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Evil-Empire, 4 weeks ago.

Nice to see you love it.


I prefer GTA San Andreas. When I see someone doesn't appreciate a game I love I just think it's too bad for the person because she misses something great.

Rocking Shiv
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Posted 4 weeks ago

i replayed this game 6 or 7 times  


    The Vice City Coke Baron

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Posted 4 weeks ago

80s Miami Cocaine Cowboys alone deserved my attention. The music, theme, etc. Thats what got me. Congrats on the eye opening experience.

  • MrAlexVercetti

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Posted 3 weeks ago

im glad u love it :D it worths the playtime, and cheers to those who still plays this game!! im one of them who still plays this game everyday for 2hrs lol.

  • Nico

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I plan replaying VC this year, but dunno when, last time was on April 2015. The best game of the PS2 days without a doubt. Meanwhile III barely has a story (instead is just challenging) and SA is basically an incoherent journey for a gangbanger across the state, VC feels like an authentic crime game. Don't get me wrong, they're all brilliant titles, but in my opinion VC overshadows all the other GTA games of the PS2 days.
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  • GTAUrbanCamping

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Wish I had a console that I can replay it on. At my age it came out, I probably didnt appreciate it the way it shoulda been.

  • Evil-Empire


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Play it on PC, it's much better. You can't use mods or trainers on console except if I'm wrong.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Indeed it is. The only thing I'd chnage about it is the aiming because aiming in the 3D era is honestly sh*t. Other than that imperfection it's a classic. It's actually the GTA I have the most version of..






  • dzakyvclover

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Posted 2 weeks ago

i am one of them who still plays this game everyday for 4hours (with making the mod)

  • kaetsyth

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by kaetsyth, 2 weeks ago.

Started a fresh game two weeks ago, currently at 80% without using any help for the packages and jumps and 120 hours of playtime, been rocking SA before and I enjoy the simplicity of VC and the fact that it has a lot of III philosophy into a more colorful and evolved environment.

I think I have around 400 hours of VC in total and I have 530 hours on a single VCS save game. I really love the town and the 80s feeling of those games.

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