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Fugitive DLC with unique content

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Posted A week ago Edited by NefertitiThelma89, A week ago.

If you're here to shoot holes, feel free I don't give a f*ck. Bare with me it's a lot. Let's begin.

Though I'm cool with fashion, militia, nightlife, and cars, why not 1 DLC that encompasses all those things. I'd love a Fugitive DLC giving you the opportunity to travel from coast to coast seeking refuge in any GTA city (Liberty City, Chinatown, San Fieero, San Andreas, Vice City etc.) while evading multiple player bounties that can accumulate to $75K based on how many players you piss off. Picture all of those players you've pissed off collectively hitting you with a significant bounty amount. Granted you have to survive it for 30 minutes instead of 45 (with that amount any desperate noob would try immediately.)

This would open a wide array of new contact missions and coop/multiplayer survivals in which antagonist/npc try to have you killed. It could also kill ties with annoying game characters like Simeon (chance to betray him, stopping the phone calls), better interact with Johnny (before deceased), prolong Ashley's imminent demise/become one of her pushers as an extension to the Biker DLC concept, more jobs with Karyn Daniels for the pixel pervs and creepy Uncle Lesters), work with Maude the obese bounty hunter, or Luis in Liberty City (he can act as your Lamar/Malcolm welcoming you to LC).

You would be able to buy sh*tty apartments or highlife property in any or all of these places. You could also put that useless private gold luxor/nimbus/shamal/milijet to good use. With you being on the run, fashion is imperative. You'd definitely need to change your hair/face paint/clothes to affect how visible your bounty is to other players. The more you alter your character, the less likely you are to be identified with your bounty. I would like to see clothing options change from city to city. Going city to city could reintroduce cars from past GTA titles that we all loved. The militia aspect doesn't have to be tryhard outfits, just holsters, rappel equipment, camera drones (no guns attached), weapon attachments, and a dog per team for wall hugging npc gangmembers🤗

I'd even like to see the squad car computer criminal records come back from GTA4, allowing you and up to 8 friends to put feet through doors to neutralize npc fugitives/crime bosses/corrupt police chiefs. Imagine you and your team shooting your way up through the Merryweather compound, IAA building, Humane Labs, Union Depo, FIB, or just in a methhead's trailer to prevent a rape murder with worthy reward allowances (not that associates pay BS).

1 cargo plane/Titan 8 member gunship/10 rocket damage capacity
2 variety melee fighting styles based on visited GTA cities
3 pistol dual wield (excluding ap pistol) too OP but also functional in vehicle
4 besra with just cannon/paint job
5 the ability to sell (property,yacht,aircrafts)
6 coop action/single actions (hi five, booty slap, noogie, fart, keg stands, pass weed)
7 cage fighting (bet/spectate/fight)
8 any clothing combo (no more clipping)
9 building entry (Tequila la, O'Neill farm, IAA bldg etc)
10 shared property/business with crew/friend/team
11 movie editor (share/co edit) scenes
12 sentinel std from gta 4 (Benny's)
13 real hair and tattoo position option
14 functioning mansions (pool tables, brothel spots, in-home shooting range)
15 avatar body alternation (male/female) 😜
16 real female clothes/hair
17 survival editor
18 more contact missions>adversary modes
19 weapons gear (holster)
20 car customization receipts before actual purchase
21 ability to drop weapons that you can't drop (mafia rifle, musket, hatchet etc)
22 duffel bags
23 optional patches/bandage for scars
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Posted A week ago

Stick in here bud - http://gtaforums.com...wishlist-topic/

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Posted A week ago


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Posted A week ago

There's multiple things in there I've been asking for since launch (two of which we may possibly get with Gunrunning - Dual Wielding and Holsters), so I'm all in for it soley because of them.

But yeah, wrong section though :p

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Posted A week ago


There ya go bud, try posting in that thread.

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