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Which GTA game has the best ,,gun fire'' ?

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Colonel _Cortez
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Posted A week ago Edited by Colonel _Cortez, A week ago.

This might be something lots of GTA players never noticed or didn't pay much attention to it, but for me it also gives a GTA game its own flair. Im talking about these ,,stripes'' or ,,lines'' which resembles the bullet every time you shot a gun.


For an instance:

GTA 3 and GTA Vicecity had these grey and smoky lines. I think you all know this smoke lines that appear all over your screen for a second during a shoot-out, especially when you use machine guns.


GTA SanAndreas tried to make it more realistic by replacing these grey, smoky line swith thin and yellow lines which looked more like yellow laser beams.


GTA Libertycitystories and Vicecitytsories also used yellow laser beams, but it was much thicker and more noticeable.


GTA 4 pretty much used the same yellow lines from GTA SanAndreas.


GTA 5 went old school and used smoke lines like GTA 3 (not as thick like GTA Viceicty)

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Posted A week ago

I really liked those thick smoke likes from III and VC, during a big shootout, the entire screen would be covered in them and it would give a "holy sh*t, I survived that?" feeling, and for some reason they remind me of The Matrix.

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  • Achlys

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Posted A week ago

VCS, the "laser beam" look was much thicker than LCS.

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Posted A week ago

I always knew about these, but never really cared until now.

I gotta say, i like the smoky lines better in general. But maybe the ones i enjoyed the most were those in III and Vice City, and maybe V.

I dont know why, but they give the feel that the bullets are actually travelling so damn fast.

Payne Killer
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Posted A week ago

Lol, IV used both. Shotguns had the yellow lines with badass shrapnel, Assault rifles/Pistols/SMGs used both.

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Posted 6 days ago

Vice City
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Posted 6 days ago

Either III/VC and GTA IV. The smoke trails are just too good to not have it.

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Posted 7 hours ago

III for sure.

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