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  • Gummy 

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Posted A week ago

Modloader needs 13AG's Ultimate ASI loader which has it's own dinput8.dll. GTA:LC has it's own and doesn't work with it.



I think..

Kurropt Antagonist
  • Kurropt Antagonist


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Posted A week ago

Rename the loader's dll (check the readme).

  • iFres0x

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Posted 3 days ago

Doesn't work for me


Exception at address: 0x004A69F0
EXE Version:         gta-vc.exe 1.1 US
Registers -----------------------------------------------------
EAX: 0x00000006 EBX: 0x0000000A ECX: 0x01100100 EDX: 0x00000006
ESI: 0x69E25378 EDI: 0x00C5C3B0 EBP: 0x69E25378 ESP: 0x0019FDFC
EFLAGS: 10000001010010011

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Posted 3 days ago

With so much hostilities towards RAGE modding by T2 and R*, do you think it's still worth continuing a project like this? I feel discouraged to continue additional work on modding.
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Posted 3 days ago

It is painful, but I wouldn't bother. At this point III/VC/SA era modding has nothing to do with R* or T2 and is solely from community for community.
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Kurropt Antagonist
  • Kurropt Antagonist


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Posted 2 days ago

space, you've done a tremendous job on this mod for a looong time now. If you need a break, take it. You don't owe any of us anything.
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