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Hardest mission in the entire game?

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  • Sumitaser

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Posted 2 weeks ago

VCS was pretty hard as well. It had its own share of hard missions. Which mission did you feel was the hardest in the entire game. For me it was High Wire and Unfriendly Competition.

B Dawg
  • B Dawg

    It was mine, Cactus Wine!

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Posted 2 weeks ago

The one where you get ambushed by snipers and you have to snipe them all within a time limit.

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  • Achlys

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Posted 2 weeks ago

For me it was Boomshine Blowout, now I can easily pass it.
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  • Wolff

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Probably 'Turn on, Tune in, Bug out', mission where you destroy Police station towers. After the one in Downtown the police chase become quite hard and the gunners standing at the roadblocks can roast your car within seconds.

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  • M0rk

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by M0rk, 2 weeks ago.

that one mission where you have to shoot all the niggas with a sniper rifle before ricardos goons die, i still couldnt finish it. the aiming sensitivity is too low on psp  

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Still Madd
  • Still Madd

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Posted 2 weeks ago

jesus christo u ragedy ass niccas


the mission's name is the exchange and yea it results hard asf in psp

  • Platybus


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Posted 2 weeks ago

For me it was High Wire and Unfriendly Competition.

I was thinking exactly in these missions. By today these two are the only ones I would lose in a new run.

  • gluserty

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Posted A week ago

The missions named here are all strong contenders, and all missions I've failed multiple times in the past, but I'll bring up 'Jive Drive', due to the first part being a rail shooter type of deal, then suddenly in the second part fighting to protect both Lance & Victor while being surrounded by Cholos. I feel it's one of those missions that is a drag to fail since the rail shooter portion lasts quite awhile and there's no checkpoint, so for me the burning desire not to fail sometimes causes me to shoot poorly.

Actually, in thinking about the question, there aren't a lot of easy missions in this game, they just become easier if you come up with a strategy for them (like in the 'Turn on, Tune in, Bug out', to blow up the final antennas I land the helicopter on the building in front of the police station, then fly to my nearest empire site, land on that building, jump down, and drive a short distance to that Pay 'n Spray. That's making it easier, but I still wouldn't call the mission easy).

  • BrentMcGonagle

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Posted 6 days ago

High Wire for me too!

  • universetwisters


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Posted 6 days ago

The one for Diaz where you have to meet with DEA guys and snipe some dudes and escape with trucks. The hardest part was escaping with the trucks and making sure they don't blow up while you're being attacked by merciless drive-bys.

Also I remember "Hose the Hoes" being really hard for me when I was younger.

  • Zello

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Posted 4 days ago

This sh*t

wtf were they thinking?

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