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Why grief?

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Posted 3 hours ago


its the most fun you can have playing gta with your pants on!

ruining people is 50% of freemode, its what makes the game fun, imagine if the whole game was just driving back and forth delivering crates and cars and drugs.. thats boring!

griefers add the chase, the anxiety.. knowing things can go wrong is what makes things fun, they dont doit for money they doit for the fun of it, theres nthing more tense than being chased down by a crazed lunatic while youre trying to make a big delivery, and nothing more satisfying than destroying someones cargo

griefers cant exist without normal players and they know and respect that, but normal players have to understand that their playstyles cant exist without griefers either

I guess greifers don't know how to spell either, eh?






Love it.  Thank you for your sacrifice.

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Posted An hour ago Edited by ragedandcaged, An hour ago.

If a person messages me something insulting I don't view it as griefing.  Just ran FL.  Blew up a random.  He said come get me noob.  Killed him 3 more times with the Ruiner.  Than many times on foot.  End of story it was 29 to 2.  Then I checked.  Rank 39.  He bit off more than he could chew.  




Part of it is smarts. I wouldn't message a crew of rank 800's in jets and insult their mothers.  I don't want to have to rpg my feet every 2 seconds.

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