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Missing bullet holes

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Colonel _Cortez
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Colonel _Cortez, 3 weeks ago.

Did it bother you back then that there wasn't really a damage model in GTA SanAndreas?

Cars could deform when you crashed against something (which wasn't really a great improvement from GTA Vicecity), boxes, fences and hydrants could break and the ground turned black after a explosion, but thats pretty much it. Bullet holes went missing completely and if you look at games like Mafia 1 or Half life, which got released years earlier, then you notice that this was a pretty a big lack of technology.


I could imagine that they couldn't bring this feature since GTA SanAndreas was a massive game for PS2 standards. Still, i always felt like something was missing when my car didn't show any physical damage after taking hundreds of shots during drive-bys.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

It never bothered me.

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  • anthony


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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by anthony, 3 weeks ago.

It never bothered me neither, maybe because at the time I was younger and didn't cared too much for that kind of stuff, in fact back on PS2 I've never thought of it.
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Posted 3 weeks ago

Many mods fix this issue, but really it's not a huge deal. GTA SA is such a massive game for the time, and I'm sure the developers decided to make the game huge not pretty. Sometimes you have to sacrifice these things. Whether it is because lack of technology, or time constraints, SA is still a fun and massive game nonetheless.

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