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Most nostalgic thing in GTA Vicecity

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  • vladutz8

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Posted 2 weeks ago

i'm nostalgic about pretty much everything in Vice City, but the biggest ones are the cars and the music on the radio, especially "The Pointer Sisters - Automatic"


  • Evil-Empire


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Posted A week ago Edited by Evil-Empire, A week ago.

Driving in Little Haïti at night, close to the Romero funerarium while listening to Crockett's theme.

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  • piko

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Posted A week ago

That music which plays in North Point Mall, something very nostalgic about it for me, probably from all those katana-massacres there and driving the Infernus over everyone there.

  • anthony


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Posted 4 days ago

Almost everything, what kill me is how the story was actually a story about crime and wise guys. Like a true crime/drama movie.

  • kaetsyth

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Posted 4 days ago

The colors, the setting, the vehicles handling, the characters, the mansion, the city itself, the soundtrack... even though it has been rushed in 9 months and the game is full of glitches and bugs and obviously lacks polishing, it remains my favorite GTA. Every time I'm playing III or SA, or even V, I miss or regret something in VC.

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