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Your gaming confessions

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Posted A week ago

I have a horrible sense of direction.  When I play games like Skyrim I get lost for minutes in caves trying to backtrack and find my way out.  If it weren't for in-game maps I'd be hopeless.

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Posted A week ago

Scarface was the best GTA clone before Saints Row 2 came along imo. They nailed it if you ask me. It even had a good story, a what if scenario that managed to take a new spin on the classic movie.

Customizing your villa, great soundtrack, city to take over, drug business, many good locations.. it was a great licenced game, a diamond in the pile of sh*t called PS2 movie license games. I haven't played any of the games you mentioned besides KOTOR though.

Blade Runner was and still is the absolute best game based on a movie imo. Looks and sounds exactly like the original movie (even though they didn't use Vangelis), excellent story that takes place at exactly the same time as the movie, and it even featured some of the original actors to voice their characters in the game. No other game has done it better, although Alien Isolation did come pretty close for it's atmosphere and 80s sci-fi tech. The game is not for everyone though because it is a point and clicker like Indiana Jones (which is also an absolute classic for someone like me who grew up playing adventure games).

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    GTA V: Huge improvement over snore (GTA IV)

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Posted 4 days ago

I always wish there was time where videogame graphic stop evolving. So you can play every latest videogame without needing to upgrade your PC

As a PC gamer, I always wanted to play most new videogames. Like Assassin's Creed Origins, Watch Dogs 2, and Mafia III but due my PC being not very good, I still can't play them. And I still can't upgrade my PC

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Posted 4 days ago

So true. The increasing demand for stunning visuals needs to stop at some point. There are still many players who really can't afford a PC that can run these modern games at optimum settings. A lot of these open world games don't different much in terms of gameplay and content either. So, what's the point in upgrading the PC? Graphics? Nah...
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