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[WIP] GTA: Universe

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Posted A week ago

I remember when we were making Steinach for SA and it was doable because there were a lot of tools available for getting your own map into SA. Then out of the blue you kicked that project to the curb to work on this thinking that it's gonna be the next big thing because it's gonna be for V, and then you run into this setback.

I guess the take away lesson from this is that, regardless of how talented modelers are at what they do, it's all for naught if the game they're modding is as user friendly as a rabid dog.

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Posted A week ago

Thats good to hear that you are organizing. And no, im not telling you to give up.


I told it again not for only you, but for people in general. That is a common advice.


Try not to trust in just one's word. GTARandom said you something, but you will never know how true it is if you do not check it for yourself. Try to convert it yourself something.

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Posted 6 days ago

I predict we get something really soon... really soon. Not R* kind of type soon.

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Krox, 6 days ago.

Since we still not found someone regarding importing and i was pretty busy this week, here is a screen of the bite Interior Model in Creoul Pass.
The Textures will be revealed as soon as Creoul Pass gets released.
Some things should still be unseen before release :p
Sry for the noise btw. I did not finish rendering the picture, otherwise it would cost me several hours.



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