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PS4 Video Shoot - Recreating the PS4 trailer, with a twist

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Posted 17 March 2017 - 09:26 PM

The concept-

The PS4 announcement trailer was a beautiful showcase of the enhancements made to GTA V's graphics for the next generation of consoles. But the thing that always stood out to me about it, is how calm and peaceful everything seems. 


I aim to correct that.


I was thinking... what if each of those scenes used in the trailer were filmed in a 30 player GTA Online lobby? It would be chaos, surely. And you know what? There's absolutely no reason why it can't be done.


What I mean is, imagine each scene of the trailer, with some form of GTAO chaos happening in the background, or foreground. It could be pretty funny.


So that's what I want to do.. but I can't do it alone. I need help. 2, 3, 4, even a dozen other players to help stage scenes. No voice acting, nothing precise and demanding like GTA movie acting, just focused chaos around a specific area at a specific time.

Still with me?


Watch the trailer for a refresher.


Ok, now let's break it down, scene by scene, so I can describe what I envision.. note that each scene will be filmed in the original location with a camera angle as close to original as possible, set to the same music.


1. Waves crashing over the rocks; Lazer or Hydra shooting down a Buzzard in the background.

2. Deer in the tall grass; Player with animal masks having a fist fight

3. Sharks swimming in the ocean; one player stabbing another in the water

4. Mountain Lions running up a mountainside; player in a Rocket Voltic boosting up the mountain.

5. Train passing the logging mill; Players on the train shooting at cars driving alongside it.

6. Dump drives out of quarry; Dump runs over NPC's (if available) or players/players cars.

7. Aerial shot of power plant; plane crashes into wind turbines in background.

8. Shot of billboard next to highway; two player cars chasing each other down highway.

9. Trevor standing up in tall grass on the mountainside; player walks through doing the "thrust" action

10. Aerial shot of parking lot of Sandy Shores bar; Player car meet getting blown up by another player

11. Night shot of traffic on highway; Player Ramp Buggy plowing through traffic

12. Semi truck enters dock area; Player jackknifing semi truck because they can't drive it for sh*t

13. Aerial shot of bridges; player flying under bridges, successfully or not

14. Hobos standing next to fire barrel; player axes one of them from behind

15. Cop car drives by; player runs away

16. Aerial of Grove Street area; players shooting it out in the street

17. Franklin waxing his car; player doing the jerk action in front of a chrome adder

18. Franklin walking past gangsters with Chop; player getting shot to death by gangsters.

19. Aerial of Del Perro Pier; explosions and fighting going on on pier

20. Aerial of Michael's neighborhood, shooting and explosions in the streets

21. Michael doing Yoga, Player doing the "freak out" action

22. Michael drives away in a Felon; player drives away in a Felon and runs over another player (who hits the windshield)

23. Michael in a police chase; player in a police chase with cop cars exploding behind

24. Long aerial pan of highway traffic; explosions, shooting, jets firing machine guns, Titans crashing into the ground, all manner of chaos happening in the back ground.


Each of these scenes can be shot individually at any point. I'm not ALWAYS available, so any interested party should PM me so we can work out a day and time to get online together and try to knock out one or more of the scenes.


Hopefully we can put something together!

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