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MOTW #61

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    Lazy to write here, Sorry.

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Posted 21 hours ago

DYOM site is still ridiculous with the upload limit, I noticed. I am unable to upload my entry to the DYOM site without cutting the sound or spend even more time to make the sound 8bit, so It won't be ''big size''

I am not going to cut anything now that everything is as I planned and wanted. To hell with the DYOM site and its limits.


Here it is: http://www.mediafire...3i2k/MOTW61.zip


Its a 20mb file. Sound is the reason for the size and I want it just the way it is and I'm not going to downsize or god-forbid cut it.

I have a super sh*tty internet connection and yet the size doesn't bother me, neither should anyone else.


Mission 1 ''Brothers in arms'' works like a standalone. And its the mission that is participating. This mission ONLY.

Also you will notice a 'bonus mission'. Like its name suggests its a bonus mission that DOESN'T participate in MOTW. I had an idea in mind and I wanted to put it in game. In order for it to be full and complete I had to make two (2) missions. I couldn't leave it at just first one. I like it too much to leave it that way. So I made a compromise and included both mission in a single rar.




Bonus mission is currently locked under a password untill the voting is complete so the voting is fair, and you will be voting for the first mission only. No one will play the bonus untill its all over so it won't affect anyone's judgment.

I will share the password when its all over and everyone interested will be able to experience my work fully.

I just hope you understood what I said.


Sorry bro, I'm not able to download and play your mission, as it's size is too big for me, as i don't use the unlimited internet service, So i think you should have uploaded your mission without sounds since it's very big, and added another link for sounds to improve gameplay

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Posted 19 hours ago

The fact that some people cannot afford to download 20mb surprises me.

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Posted 19 hours ago

Mission is just not the same without it. Creative me doesn't allow me to cut audio.

I could try that compression thing Andrej mentioned, and give 'yall alternative link.

Actually I'm going to try right now.

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Posted 18 hours ago

I promised, I delivered.


Here you go, a 'lightweight' version of the mission:



However. I still recommend the original version on the mediafire (20mb) for the experience I envisioned.


Lightweight version comes with cut loop ambience and slight compressions so its little under 1mb. Consider this a gift for you people with sh*ttier internet connection than mine. I also lived in times of limited internet, it was not pretty. Thankfully we got little modernised since then.


I tried out compressing the original file with both online services, VegasPro, Audacity and some random internet programs. I was not able to get a size under 5mb with everything included. (For you intrested it was 6-7mb. still too much for DYOM)

If file shortcuts worked on DYOM this wouldn't have been an issue. I tested that out in meantime and it didn't work.


I have not tested the missions with the lightweight version. (I already played them around 20 times, bear with me). It should however work fine, if it doesn't. You know where to find me.

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Posted 6 hours ago

Alright. I am not participating. Maybe next time

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