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Which GTA Game Do You Think Had The Hardest Missions?

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  • SuspensionXD

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Posted A week ago

After playing the trilogy, GTA LCS, VCS, (but never finishing), GTA 4 and all of it's expansions, and now finally GTA V, I have to say the game with the hardest missions is a tie between Vice City and Liberty City Stores. I'm not sure why, but on my first playthrough of VC, I always found myself dying during that one bank heist mission, and other various missions. As for LCS, I remember just having the hardest time ever on some of the missions on Staunton, (but this was many years ago, currently planning on doing another playthrough on the android port). Which game in the series did you guys find having a difficult time with and why?

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Posted A week ago

GTA 3. S.A.M., Payday for Ray, Espresso 2 Go, A Drop In The Ocean and The Exchange are all pretty difficult, while later GTA games became a lot more straight forward, 3 as well as VC often required the player to experiment with some trial and error to figure out the best strategy to get the missions done.

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  • SmokesWithCigs

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Posted A week ago

vice city and gta 3 can't play those without cheets better yet all the 3d gta games
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  • Achlys

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Posted A week ago

GTA 3.
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  • Yinepi

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Posted A week ago Edited by Yinepi, A week ago.

I would say GTA1. With lack of proper aiming, no respawning, no checkpoints, often not many health pickups, no mini-map, plus a timer for most missions, makes missions more tedious than need be.


GTA 2 was little bit easier, but still quite difficult.


GTA3 seemed difficult because of the low amount of health and overpowered weapon damage, but was easier than the previous two.


VC got a bit more streamlined, but still had a few difficult missions.


San Andreas is when Rockstar made the game hold your hand. Likely because video gaming was in a phase of becoming more "mainstream" medium at the time and they [Rockstar] were trying to attract larger audience.

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Posted A week ago

GTA Online.
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Posted A week ago

V had the hardest ones. It took me seven weeks to finally beat "Boiler Suits".
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  • Jeansowaty

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Posted A week ago

I had the most problems with San Andreas, but I haven't played GTA1 at that time...

  • VictorVince1239

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Posted A week ago

I still haven't beaten GTA 3 or Vice City. That's how hard it was for me so I choose those 2 as a tie. 

Cluckin' Bell
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Posted 6 days ago

GTA London 1961. Don't play it unless you like timed missions.

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  • bananaking13

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Posted 6 days ago

III, followed by SA and then Vice City. V was the easiest. GTA 2 and IV I only played a few missions so I won't say anything.


Asuka Kasen's missions in III was basically the game sh*tting on you, and Ray/Love's missions were scary too. I started Love's mission where you kill Kenji and because you can't achieve 100% when you do it I had to restart and it took me a week to continue from where I left off. SAM made me break my computer and A Drop in the Ocean is actually easy. The van mission was very easy but it was very annoying so I just sat on top of the van, took a break and finished the mission.

Decoy was incredibly hard, I don't think any GTA mission got you 5* other than in VC or V.


For SA, I got nightmares from Freefall. It took me a week to finish it, and jumping outside of the plane... Heck. The Los Santos (1st missions) were very hard for me, I was stuck on every strand at least a mission. For Big Smoke, the train mission, for Cesar, the lowrider race, for Ryder, Robbing Uncle Sam, for Tenpenny, Burning Desire and for Sweet I used to get stuck in Cesar Vialpando on the first time I ever played the game (I was 5) I thought you used the arrow keys. Disasterous. My cousin played the game for me so everything was easy after that until Jizzy, for some reason it was very hard. I finished it once and was like "Wow, it's the W logo on the radar!" I didn't know who on earth Woozie is. So I played his mission and the game crashed so I had to restart because I didn't save. The Driving School was hard but it didn't take me long, the Flight School is cruel, It took me about a year to finish it. Literally. Well, I'll admit that I didn't play SA for like 8 months.


Next up, VC. Nothing special, same with V. I finished the storyline really quick. V had hard heists while VC had the asset collecting as it's hard missions. Also Sir, Yes Sir! was hard.

  • SuspensionXD

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Posted 6 days ago

I'm surprised everyone had a hard time with III. I found III to be not all too challenging, but nothing too difficult. I don't know, maybe it's because I did early Hidden Package hunting.

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  • RafaeSheikh

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Posted 5 days ago

GTA III by far... in comparison to the others at least. As a standalone game it's not too bad.

  • LincolnClay

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Posted 5 days ago

This is gonna sound really silly but I found that one mission where Victor Vance has to control a hoverboat thing around the sea and pick up cocaine really hard. Never finished the game because the controls were just...weird.

But that's nothing compared to some of III's missions. F*cking hell, I spent hours as a kid trying to complete that game to 100%. Never did. Because I didn't have the patience to find all the hidden packages, mostly.

  • DIze


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Posted 5 days ago

I find gta V & TBOGT as hard as steel.
Others are easy & I've completed those without cheats.

  • joyrider00

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Posted 5 days ago

Vice City and GTA 3 had some tough missions largely thanks to piss poor shooting controls on PS2

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Posted 5 days ago

III and San Andreas.

  • crooky369

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Posted 3 days ago

Probably VCS. 


That damn mission moving the moonshine in the warehouse burning down was just so fiddly.  Also the mission which starts with so much promise and one of the best mission starts ever with It's Like That by RUN DMC playing as you speed through the air turns into a very tricky mission that required extreme accuracy. 


Off the top my head also the mission on San Andreas shooting down the toy planes was probably the hardest ever. As an honourable mention when Bulgarian comes to kill you on TBOGT is by far the hardest mission of that game. So many enemies with powerful weapons at so many levels was really tricky to live with. My PS3 certainly couldn't and the framerate tanked making the mission even harder... 

Johnny Spaz
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Posted 3 days ago

San Andreas only because it took me a month to pass N.O.E.

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