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Sports Classic Stunt Race Proposal

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  • PttyBlue43

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Seeing as we are expecting two "new" vehicles in the form of the:


Grotti Turismo Classic



and Pegassi Infernus Classic



The Sports Classic category does not have it's own Rockstar created Stunt Race so I would like to take the opportunity to do so. 


My color theme would be in line with the colors most associated with Vice City: Light Blues, Pinks, Oranges. My start location will most likely be around he beach, around the canals. Nothing crazy. 


I just need ideas for the track layout. Any elements I could add because I'm creative but not super creative if you catch my drift. Thanks

  • REXX

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Your best bet is to create it around Vespucci using palm trees to get that Vice City vibe.
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Tails Prower
  • Tails Prower

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Posted 5 days ago

I would agree with REXX that Vespucci is probably the best area if theming around Vice City.


Perhaps you could make use of the canals areas as part of the race and have the stunt track go through the canal tunnels there as I am thinking

of doing a similar style race myself but still drawing it out at the moment.

  • Sov47

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Posted A day ago

One of the special vehicle stunt races (rocket voltic) took place at night on an elevated track through the downtown area. The neons, tall buildings (some with neon lights) gave me a nice retro vibe and I couldnt help but imagine racing an Infernus through it.


Specifically, the appartment on integrity way has this rocket-shaped something on it that glows neon pink at night.


Just food for thought

  • iLikeDrivinInMyTruck


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Posted 22 hours ago

I really expected them to release sports classic stunt races with these cars...

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