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AFK Money Making Method - Earn Money While doing nothing

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Posted 5 days ago

Thanks Dexiovi. :-)
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  • Aznknight

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Posted 3 days ago

It's gtaforums you fool... Anyone can post their opinions on others in a public forum, don't like it, don't read further... Don't like opposition to a flawed idea? Don't put it out there... Get over it! We don't care lad, just find it pathetic, weak-minded and feeble...

Well, I find you lot pathetic, weak-minded, and feeble for even playing GTA Online. So what OP is doing does not bother me.

Just my opinion of course.
Those are called 'insults'. Have you been taking your meds?
That comment is 'disrespectful' and 'insulting', especially to those who may actually rely on said meds and are embarrassed and ashamed of it.
All of you just knock it off with the constant circle jerk. You're derailing a perfectly fine and helpful thread. Go be cry babies elsewhere.

There are actually a lot of people who leave their GTA on 24/7 even when not present. I know of at least 10, a couple who I shared this with. This isn't a "flawed idea". OP isn't suggesting you should go out of your way and stop playing to do this. It's for the people who do keep GTA on and frequently step away from the game. That is who it would benefit. Who gives a god damn about how much electricity is being used... you're not paying for it, so why does anyone care so much? Oh that's right, criticizing makes you feel better about yourself! How could I forget, silly little me.

Thanks Rep for sharing this. Even though it's not for me, I know others will appreciate and benefit from it.

"You're not paying for it"

Our generational motto, where responsibility and accountability are strangely both absent and present in. It's 'disrespectful' to people who care and 'insulting' to players who play. See how opinion works? Get used to it.

It appears that you have been offended by the 'meds' comment. It's evident by the tone and structure of your response. You probably believe it has afforded you rights. It hasn't. You called us 'cry babies'. I, too, now feel insulted and disrespected. Moreover, you made a comment about 'circle jerking'. What if I am embarassed by my after hours activities? You see how your eggshell mentality works?

You believe providing a structured, properly relayed criticism makes us feel better about ourselves? No. It makes us disappointed that players resort to dumba55 tactics to achieve a goal where playing with someone for 20 mins would achieve the same results.
His idea was both wasteful and stupid.

It looks to me you do the same. I know NO friends/associates/acquaintances/enemies who do this. You know 10.

Due to the above noted circumstances I have concluded with the following enquiry:

Have you taken your meds?
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Posted 20 hours ago Edited by KWF1981, 17 hours ago.


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