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The Best Vehicles for New Stunt Races

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 09:18 PM

If you are new to racing generally, I would highly advise checking out Broughy1322 on youtube to get a general feel for how vehicles perform. However, for choosing stunt vehicles, here is everything you need to know:

1. No car is king of every stunt race.
2. That being said, the Nero Custom is the best choice on the vast majority of the new R* stunt races and is a fantastic all rounder in general. If you can only buy one super and want to win stunts, get this first.
3. Here is a breakdown of the best car for each of the 15 new R* featured stunt tracks. This list is compiled from both extensive personal experience (I'm sitting at around 100 wins on the new stunt tracks, and have about a 1-1 win/loss on them in full 16 player races), and a critical examination of the top lap times on each track by the best racers (info which is available on the social club site- just note that you have to ignore the top of the leaderboards, as they are filled with people who hacked their times).

Lift-Off: Nero Custom
Green Machine: X-80 or 811
Wall Climb: Nero Custom
Big Drop: Shafter V-12
45 Degrees: Hakuchou Drag (at extreme high level, the Bati 801)
Plummet II: Nero Custom
Big M: Hakuchou Drag
Around the Docks: Shotaro
Spinner: Nero Custom
Trench III: Hakuchou Drag (at extreme high level, the Bati 801)
Raton: Nero Custom
Gauntlet: Nero Custom
Pier Race: Nero Custom or RE-7B
In the City: Lots of options (Massacro, Seven-70, Shafter-v12, Elegy)
Mountain Drop: Hakuchou Drag (at extreme high level, the Bati 801)

Again, note the dominance of the Nero is primarily in stunt races, and specifically this set of stunt races. It was also good in the original set of R* stunt races, but not as dominent. (In fact the Itali GTB Custom was a sleeper powerhouse in these races- its incredible acceleration is completely overlooked by Broughy, who never does races with jumps, but in jump heavy races where the jumps are cutting your speed constantly, the Itali's acceleration (the best in the super class) shouldnt be overlooked))
In regular races there is a greater variety of options in the super class, but in the highly technical races favored by racing pros like Broughy, the RE-7B reins supreme. This is due to the fact that it is incredibly good at cornering.

I hope everyone finds this guide helpful- best of luck on the new tracks!
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Posted 09 March 2017 - 10:38 PM

this is a nice post, however i think that x80 is better on lift off, and i've seen people get crazy quick times (2:22) on raton with it too.

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