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Annoying LJT

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  • bobo_lave


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I shut down my weed business and pitched down Lester(LJT) is still calling me and talking about nutrients and how i have to resupply. Is there any way to turn this off?

  • Action_Andy


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Posted 2 weeks ago

You have to do one or two supply runs until the bar is green. Then you can shut down the business and he finally shuts up :)

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  • FreefallRLC

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Posted 2 weeks ago

THAT´S helpful info! Was getting on my nerves too :lol:

  • tommyguns

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Posted 9 hours ago

I sent Rockstar some suggestions and one of them would be a BIG help to business owners, i think it would be good for as many people as possible to send the same suggestion to enhance the chance of them doing it.


Introduce a Open Road app for presidents phones, the app would allow you to check your exact supply and stock level & start resupply missions.


This would mean LJT's calls were no longer needed, you would not have to visit the business just to check your supply/stock levels, and starting supply runs from your phone explains itself.


It would make running the business easier, cut down on the amount of travel you need to do, and mean those LJT supply calls were no longer needed given you could check your exact levels in literally a couple of seconds.

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